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Inspector Kloo 2 A Free Adventure Game
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Inspector Kloo 2 Free Game

Plays: 23464
You have to point and click on right places to collect some things and solve puzzles in order to find the gun.
Disruptive Ride A Free Adventure Game
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Disruptive Ride Free Game

Plays: 23448
The Earthquake is chasing you... Drive your SUV as fast as possible and get out of the city and highway.
Superhero Clinton A Free Adventure Game
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Superhero Clinton Free Game

Plays: 23229
On 4 Aug 09 when Bill Clinton met North Korea President, and tried to think some way to save 2 Korean female journalists with US citizenship. Help Clinton to save them through a negotiation with President North Korea. You can choose either Logic, Occasion or Story card to beat your opponent. There are 3 types of bonus card which will appear randomly to help you win. Your opponent's live bar will reduce as and when you beat him until you ultimately accomplish your mission.
Ancient Ship Escape A Free Adventure Game
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Ancient Ship Escape Free Game

Plays: 23225
Escape from the ship where you have get trapped by using the objects found inside the ship.
Space Jump A Free Adventure Game
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Space Jump Free Game

Plays: 23111
Ride the space crafts using the arrow keys. However, you must collect all the blinking stars before exiting.
wipeout with ed edd n eddy A Free Adventure Game
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wipeout with ed edd n eddy Free Game

Plays: 23085
Its a fun game to play with your friends.Its a multi-player game where you can play up to 3 players all together on the same computer.Although the game can be played in the single player mode but its fun to play in multi-player mode. game characters are ED EDD and EDDY.
Bullet Train Escape A Free Adventure Game
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Bullet Train Escape Free Game

Plays: 23040
Escape from this speeding bullet train as fast as you can. Check every bag and compartment to solve the puzzle of your entrapment. Use every tool you can discover and find a way to escape the rooms of this train.
Super Strawberry Clock 2 A Free Adventure Game
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Super Strawberry Clock 2 Free Game

Plays: 23014
A fun adventure game. Save your clockfriends from the evil crows! Play as Strawberry Clock. Features a level editor!
The Chimaera Stones A Free Adventure Game
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The Chimaera Stones Free Game

Plays: 23005
You find yourself travelling through the Barony of Berg on your way to a tournament being held by the Baron himself. After a long day`s journey, you seek shelter and rest at Woodlodge, a hostelry in the middle of a forest. When you awake next day you find the whole building in a state of uproar. It seems there has been a sudden plague of enormous, aggressive rats... Arndt, the Landlord, is worried that the animals will drive away his guests and needs your help. Does the rat plague have anything to do with the ancient mound to which he sends you? *** Create a three man Group of heroes to discover the secret behind an ancient artefact, hidden since the Wars of Magic! Fight different foes: wild animals; grim faced robbers and creatures of darkness! Develop your characters: there are seven sorts of weapon; over thirty different pieces of magic and many Skills to learn. Take part in another quest in the realm of Avael!
Transformers roll out A Free Adventure Game
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Transformers roll out Free Game

Plays: 22881
the speed key will be ours! not so fast, decepticons! race the decepticons to the speed planet key. build up speed to transform into truck form automatically
Ozee A Free Adventure Game
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Ozee Free Game

Plays: 22750
In this physic based platformer, you can interact with the world however you want. Join Ozee in his jurney and explore exciting land of puzzles.
Happy Valentine
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Happy Valentine's Day Free Game

Plays: 22749
Pick as many roses as you can for the girl in the park. Be careful for the gardener.
Bakugan Smack Match A Free Adventure Game
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Bakugan Smack Match Free Game

Plays: 22707
Bagukan SmacK Match is an advanced memory match cards game, you can submit your best time score, enjoy !!!!!
Kingdoms: Nobility A Free Adventure Game
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Kingdoms: Nobility Free Game

Plays: 22647
A highly immersive online city builder strategy game. Construct and manage your city as you aid in it's development. Watch as your townspeople work around your town, chopping wood, farming, putting out fires and much more! Play in free play mode or play the five part campaign!
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Anika's Odyssey Free Game

Plays: 22476
Anika’s Odyssey is a magical adventure deep into a lush and enchanted land. Break away from reality to enter a mystical world inspired by Aotearoa, New Zealand, as you meet the curious spirits and exotic creatures that inhabit this wondrous wilderness. Anika’s Odyssey is an enchanting point-and-click adventure game, full of a surprises and charm. Help Anika explore her colorful landscape as she journeys to reclaim her beloved friend.
Diamond Penthouse Escape A Free Adventure Game
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Diamond Penthouse Escape Free Game

Plays: 22476
You awake to find yourself stuck in this penthouse apartment. Can you find a way out and leave with all the diamonds?
Batman Difference Detector A Free Adventure Game
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Batman Difference Detector Free Game

Plays: 22364
Find the difference between the two images. Features scenes from the episode "Game Over For Owlman"
Flight of The Hamster A Free Adventure Game
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Flight of The Hamster Free Game

Plays: 22244
Fly the hamster as long as you can
Sarah Quest: The Pharaoh
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Sarah Quest: The Pharaoh's Trap Free Game

Plays: 22227
Join Sarah Quest on her first adventure as she works her way through the tombs of Egypt to discover treasure and save her family's legacy! Packed with only a bag of dynamite and a personal mission, Sarah must work hard to bring down wall after wall of traps -- set by the craftiest Pharaohs in history! If you like Super Collapse, you'll love Sarah Quest.
Dynamic Hidden Objects - Noah
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Dynamic Hidden Objects - Noah's Ark Free Game

Plays: 21938
Hidden Objects game based around finding objects in Noah’s Ark. Dynamic Levels, so every time you load a level, the objects location change. Objects are hidden in the scene. An outline of the object to be found is show in a column to the bottom. Find 10 objects to unlock the next level. 3 Lives to play. Each level gives you additional points for every correct click. Incorrect clicks give a fixed penalty. Amount of time is fixed for the entire game. So it becomes truly challenging. Play as much as you like. Four fun levels of hidden objects. Try to get the best score.

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