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Move My Plane A Free Driving Game
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Move My Plane Free Game

Plays: 8922
move my plane if you think you can! I dare you to a perfect-parking game
18 Wheeler 2 A Free Driving Game
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18 Wheeler 2 Free Game

Plays: 8909
The sequel to the amazing 18-wheel truck driving game is now here! It has a ton of new features! Play 18 wheeler 2!
Long Drive After Rain A Free Driving Game
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Long Drive After Rain Free Game

Plays: 8908
Rain has gone. Just pick up your favorite car and take it to your preferred race-course. Just knows that how accurately and how long you can drive. It’s a game with the power of fun, simplicity and challenge.
Moto Stunts A Free Driving Game
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Moto Stunts Free Game

Plays: 8855
Chinese version.
Mini Games Ultimate A Free Driving Game
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Mini Games Ultimate Free Game

Plays: 8825
The ultimate collection of mini games
Heavy Load Truck Parking A Free Driving Game
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Heavy Load Truck Parking Free Game

Plays: 8778
Did you ever dream about driving a big truck? You can try it now. Imagine you driving that big truck with that big load behind. In this game you need to park the truck with the load. But be careful you are not allowed to hit anything! If you succeed you get bigger loads. Game starts real easy so u can get used to the controls.
Seagull Flight A Free Driving Game
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Seagull Flight Free Game

Plays: 8764
Seagull Flight is a game about seagull which dreamed to fly like falcon. Make his dream come true.
Monster Truck Racing A Free Driving Game
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Monster Truck Racing Free Game

Plays: 8729
Race massive big wheeled monster trucks over 4 courses. Design your monster truck and try and unlock all the courses and cars. Extra bonus car for coming first on every track, it's fast so use it to go for the best times.
Obama Rider A Free Driving Game
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Obama Rider Free Game

Plays: 8728
President Obama is late for his G8 meeting! Help him ride his special presidential chopper across London super quick!
rc-copter A Free Driving Game
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rc-copter Free Game

Plays: 8725
A very addictive game in which you must drive a helicopter for as long as you can without crashing!
New York Taxi License A Free Driving Game
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New York Taxi License Free Game

Plays: 8688
Time to earn your taxi drivers license. Follow the instructor and drive safe in order to get your ticket to a new job.
Distraction Dodger A Free Driving Game
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Distraction Dodger Free Game

Plays: 8620
Welcome to Distraction Dodger! In the pizza-loving city of Little Moots, people buy pizza the way people in other cities hail a cab. They go to the street corner, upload their order, and the first pizza truck that arrives with a fresh pie gets the business. They can do this because pizza production has gone mobile. Vendor vehicles drive the streets, making pizzas and delivering them where needed. You have just bought a mobile pizza delivery vehicle, known as the Lotza Mottza Pizza Truck, and you want to become the pizza king of Little Moots. However, the city of Little Moots has become concerned about the number of crashes that seem to be occurring, especially with the pizza trucks. They have brought in a team from the ITS Institute’s HumanFIRST Program to monitor the drivers and see if they can figure out what’s going on.
Motorbike Rider A Free Driving Game
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Motorbike Rider Free Game

Plays: 8589
Ride your motorbike like a champion. Collect stars to get extra scores. Drive as fast as you can to be the 1st.
Hit N
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Hit N' Run Free Game

Plays: 8538
Hit people with your car to score points.
S.W.I.M: in snow A Free Driving Game
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S.W.I.M: in snow Free Game

Plays: 8409
You have 90 seconds to cast as much snow onto the 7 DriftBoards as possible. Scoring is based on the total amount of snow cast on each board, multiplied by the amount of DriftBoards you hit. Cast as much snow as you can onto each board, but if you touch a DriftBoard while drifting, your score will not count.
Redlight Race A Free Driving Game
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Redlight Race Free Game

Plays: 8336
Racing in the redlight city is sure fun and exciting.
Police strike A Free Driving Game
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Police strike Free Game

Plays: 8313
Drive police supercar and destroy bad guys.
Truck Dodge A Free Driving Game
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Truck Dodge Free Game

Plays: 8307
Arcade racing game in which you need to avoid trucks on the road as you go faster and faster over the game's levels.
FGC2- Gold Catcher A Free Driving Game
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FGC2- Gold Catcher Free Game

Plays: 8288
This game is for Scion Driving Creativity Contest. 1 month ago I knew nothing about Actionscript….now at least I know this much. You are FGC (Flying Gold Collector). Your job is to collect the debris raining down from the sky from the mid-air explosion of a freighter. Some of the debris is very valuable….some increase your fuel’s power, and some (the chemicals)… damage you. Special Thanks to ParagonX9 (for his song Chaoz Fantasy played on the short game), DJ-VIZ for his awesome song- Raver’s Fantasy [Viz Revamped Club Mix]- which was played in the menu, level selection, and the normal game, and finally Mundhir Werner (syphonmax) for his song Code Lyoko Theme (Edit) (which was played in the long game, and extreme game levels). All these song artists were from Newgrounds! Instructions Arrow keys to move, (more instructions are in-game)
Park my truck 3 A Free Driving Game
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Park my truck 3 Free Game

Plays: 8282
Your task is to park the truck in a special place, but on the way you will be faced with different obstacles.What's new in the third part of the game: Improvements in truck. Now there is a choice of 3 types of difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.In addition you have to drive crane truck, bus, train, ship and helicopter, and there will be also night mode. Now, there would not behints of what must be done before you park your truck and you have to think yourself how to do it. In the easy version of the game you will have four tips that you can use at any level.

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