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Rio Solitaire Game608 playsCards12/29/2014
Minions Solitaire Game698 playsCards12/28/2014
Dream Farm Link Game809 playsCards7/28/2014
Pyramid Solitaire Express Game1092 playsCards7/26/2014
Klondike Deluxe Game791 playsCards7/25/2014
Blackjack Game898 playsCards7/19/2014
Magic Pond Solitaire Game845 playsCards7/19/2014
Blackjack Vegas Game785 playsCards7/19/2014
Butterfly Mahjong Game1291 playsCards7/15/2014
Solitaire 13 Game1169 playsCards7/12/2014
Taj Mahal Solitaire Game8241 playsCards7/9/2014
Three Gates Solitaire Game1101 playsCards7/7/2014
Spider Solitaire 1 Suit Game9081 playsCards6/3/2014
Pou Solitaire Game968 playsCards5/23/2014
Baker`s Dozen Solitaire Game7880 playsCards9/10/2013
Gypsy Solitaire Game11077 playsCards9/10/2013
Crazy Quilt Solitaire Game29315 playsCards9/10/2013
Demons and Thieves Solitaire Game12260 playsCards9/10/2013
Aces and Kings Solitaire Game10193 playsCards9/10/2013
Alternation Solitaire Game12628 playsCards9/10/2013
Cruel Solitaire Game9977 playsCards9/10/2013
Osmosis Solitaire Game11861 playsCards9/10/2013
Penguin Solitaire Game9110 playsCards9/10/2013
Double Freecell Solitaire Game11443 playsCards9/10/2013
Lucky Card Game8685 playsCards9/10/2013
Disney Princess Mahjong Game3132 playsCards7/19/2013
Jasmine Solitaire Game1331 playsCards7/16/2013
Sofia the First Solitaire Game1476 playsCards5/17/2013
Smurfs Classic Mahjong Game4561 playsCards4/8/2013
Hello Kitty Solitaire Game1881 playsCards2/4/2013
Minnie Mouse Solitaire Game1618 playsCards2/1/2013
Ben 10 Solitaire Game1388 playsCards1/20/2013
Garfield Solitaire Game1854 playsCards1/6/2013
Pokemon Solitaire Game2333 playsCards12/22/2012
Dora Solitaire Game2325 playsCards11/22/2012
Ninja Turtles Solitaire Game2315 playsCards11/8/2012
The Simpsons Solitaire Game2938 playsCards7/18/2012
Deuces - Solitaire Game2524 playsCards5/22/2012
Breakwater - Solitaire Game1701 playsCards5/22/2012
Streets - Solitaire Game1854 playsCards5/22/2012
Poker Square Game17320 playsCards4/30/2012
Russian Solitaire Game23969 playsCards4/30/2012
Solitaire card game Game799 playsCards2/18/2012
Smurfs Solitaire Game3880 playsCards12/23/2011
Black Jack Puzzle Game5823 playsCards11/8/2011
Lady Jane Solitaire Game67165 playsCards9/7/2011
Eight Off Solitaire Game26517 playsCards9/7/2011
Yukon Solitaire Game26692 playsCards9/6/2011
Tri Peaks Solitaire Game32213 playsCards9/6/2011
Terrace Solitaire Game28570 playsCards9/6/2011

Newest Cards Games Page 1

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