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Play Electric BarElectric Bar Game

Plays: 8400
Category: Action
Guide the bar through the Black & White Wire Maze without touching anything!
Play Diamond FrogDiamond Frog Game

Plays: 4144
Category: Action
A diamond loving frog. Futuristic and electric!
Play Birds on a wireBirds on a wire Game

Plays: 84914
Category: Puzzles
Make them noisy birds go away in this fun match-three shooter.
Play Dream Guitar BuilderDream Guitar Builder Game

Plays: 22482
Category: Customize
Custom build your own dream guitar in this virtual electric guitar builder.
Play Electric Guitar DecorElectric Guitar Decor Game

Plays: 9134
Category: Customize
??????????????,??,??????????? ??????????,?????????
Play Freedom Tower 2Freedom Tower 2 Game

Plays: 9084
Category: Action
Second installment of Freedom Tower - The Invasion with 6 new worlds, different weapons, allied troops, powerful bosses and much more. Our planet faces danger once more. Human military forces have come back. During the past 100 years they have studied our technology and now they are as strong as us. Fight through 6 different worlds, command allied troops armed with powerful lasers and destructive rays, upgrade your weapons, unlock electric mines and homing missiles and destroy everything in your path. New enemies, new weapons, 4 new bosses and more additions that make Freedom Tower 2 an incredible epic battle to defend our homeworld.
Play Kaleidoscope Series 1Kaleidoscope Series 1 Game

Plays: 8863
Category: Puzzles
Electrifying logic game where you match adjoining sides of colorful shapes in a variety of formations.
Play Witch Girl RikittyWitch Girl Rikitty Game

Plays: 8319
Category: Action
Help Rikitty use her flying broomstick & magic wand to defeat the evil witch!
Play WeZapWeZap Game

Plays: 5770
Category: Action
Bob’s Rocket is on fire and he can’t stop. Clear the way for him by zapping obstacles.
Play DonDon't wake up the girl Game

Plays: 5557
Category: Action
Protect the girl from the bugs
Play JaneJane's Realty Online Game

Plays: 5120
Category: Puzzles
Jane is coming back again! Now you are able to build your own city with the help of this successful young woman. However, this time you need not only build some houses, but begin from constructing all the city's infrastructure first, such as electric power stations, water towers etc. Hire the best workers, use the most modern technical equipment to create the city of your dream and make all citizens happy! Follow your dream with Jane in new Realore Studios game - Jane's Realty!
Play clingcling Game

Plays: 4761
Category: Action
Welcome to cling! Your goal is to help Edgar the electric spider to the goal at the end of each level. Use the hooks to pull Edgar there! Watch out for hazards such as falling, poison, and spikes! After you've beaten all the levels cling has to offer, make your own in the available level editor!
Play The Electric SnakeThe Electric Snake Game

Plays: 4746
Category: Action
The Electric Snake is a cool new take on the original Snake game. 3d Graphics, time penalties and falling obstacles all combine to make this a very addictive game. Have fun.
Play Electric Box 2Electric Box 2 Game

Plays: 4729
Category: BoardGame
Play the sequel to the world's most electrifying puzzle game!
Play ElectroElectro Game

Plays: 4629
Category: Puzzles
An updated version of the classic "Hangman" game. Guess the word or phrase to survive.
Play ElectroSpinnerElectroSpinner Game

Plays: 4213
Category: Puzzles
Do you want to try yourself in the role of an electrician? ElectroSpinner will bring you to the wonderful world of electric contacts, printed circuit boards and high voltage! Your job is to catch the escaped electric signals and bring them back to their sources. Sounds simple, but don't do hasty conclusions. Each circuit board has a unique set of components, some of them will simplify your job while others will make it almost impossible to complete. And the only thing you have under your control is a small spinner. So, prepare yourself for a challenge, this game will require both - your brain and your speed of reaction.
Play Electric BoxElectric Box Game

Plays: 4066
Category: Puzzles
It's time to think outside the box. Connect power from the power supply to the set target. Use the mouse to move your inventory. Click the left mouse button to drag it to the grid.
Play Museum of Science FictionMuseum of Science Fiction Game

Plays: 3380
Category: Action
After visiting the Museum of Science Fiction you find yourself 50 floors underground in a secret lab. Every disaster imaginable unfolds as the lab becomes a battle zone. You must fight your way through bloodthirsty lab zombies, anti-technology robots, and the mysterious five sisters as you try to reach the top floor. Can you make it out alive?
Play Tiger MothTiger Moth Game

Plays: 3354
Category: Action
You play the part of a light crazed moth. You must hit as many light bulbs as possible before the lizard climbs to the top of the wire and short circuits the whole house. Be careful not to hit the UV Lights, as they pack a large jolt enough to kill a moth. Hitting a bulb sends a small electric shock to the lizard causing him to drop back down the wire a short way. Try to get the 100 Watt bulbs, they give more points and knock the lizard down more. Good luck and don't hit any blue bulbs!
Play Zombies Ate My PhoneZombies Ate My Phone Game

Plays: 3351
Category: Adventure
Battle your way through zombies, werewolves, mummies and more in this action packed adventure, Zombies Ate My Phone. It's time to choose which friends you save and which friends you don't! Visit the shop to unlock and upgrade your selection of weapons, including exploding teddy bears, electric guitars, and even a few classic vinyl records to help clear your path.

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