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Play Santa HangSanta Hang Game

Plays: 6489
Category: Other
Keep Clicking by throwing santa and adjust ur Eye and Hand co-ordination for a perfect click!
Play JennyJenny's Concert Game

Plays: 5636
Category: Puzzles
Jenny needs some special musical instruments for her concert. Please try to collect as many musical instruments as possible for her so that she can perform a perfect concert.
Play The Sequence EscapeThe Sequence Escape Game

Plays: 4826
Category: Strategy
New Escape game developed
Play MusiMimicMusiMimic Game

Plays: 4387
Category: Puzzles
Simple "simon-like" game featuring four music genres: Country, Hip Hop, Rock and Techno. See how far you can make it in this demo, the full version features score submission that makes you eligible for great prizes like Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band, iTunes Gift Cards and more.
Play Modern Kitchen - Hidden ObjectModern Kitchen - Hidden Object Game

Plays: 3946
Category: Puzzles
GamesNovel's new type of Hidden Object game.
Play Birds  Puzzle Room  EscapeBirds Puzzle Room Escape Game

Plays: 2773
Category: Action 's new escape game for everyone.
Play Music MemoryMusic Memory Game

Plays: 2536
Category: Rhythm
Can you distinguish each and every music note you hear? In this game, your task is to listen to the notes played by the computer, then replay them in the same sequence. You will be given 7 color buttons, namely do, re, mi, fa, so, la and ti from left to right. Before the game starts, you may press the buttons to familiarize yourself with their pitches. Press the Start button under the buttons when you are ready, and the computer will start to play some notes. Listen carefully as you will be asked to click the correct buttons after the computer has finished playing. You will start the game with 5 lives, as indicated at the top left corner. One life will be deducted if you click a wrong button, and if all lives are lost, the game ends. Take the test now and see if you possess the ability of absolute pitch!
Play Green Nature Hidden ObjectsGreen Nature Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 2280
Category: Action
New hidden object game developed by
Play Girls Study Room Hidden ObjectsGirls Study Room Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 2268
Category: Adventure
GamesNovel's - Hidden Object Game.
Play Happy Valentine - Match the tilesHappy Valentine - Match the tiles Game

Plays: 2259
Category: Puzzles
Games Novel - Valentines day game.
Play Happy Valentines day - Hidden ObjectsHappy Valentines day - Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 2199
Category: Action
Games Novel - Valentines day special hidden Object game.
Play Drum BeatsDrum Beats Game

Plays: 2063
Category: Education
Wanna show off your musical talent? Get your hands movin' and follow the Drum Beats! In this game, your goal is to repeat the rhythm played by the computer. You will be given a set of twin drums, and the computer will start playing the beats. Watch and listen carefully as you will be asked to play the beats along with the computer. Use the left arrow key on your keyboard to hit the drum on the left, and press the right arrow key to hit the drum on the right. A bar at the bottom of the screen will display your remaining chances, and if you cannot hit the drum at the same time with the computer, a chance will be deducted. You lose the game when the bar reaches its end on the left. Unleash your inner rhythmic spirit now!
Play Star Christmas EscapeStar Christmas Escape Game

Plays: 1794
Category: Action
Games Novel - New Christmas Escape game. Try to escape and celebrate Christmas.
Play Christmas Special - Hidden ObjectsChristmas Special - Hidden Objects Game

Plays: 1676
Category: Action
GamesNovel- new type of hidden object game.
Play Escape From Enemy BallsEscape From Enemy Balls Game

Plays: 1664
Category: Strategy
Games Novel - Orange Ball is the thief and blue balls are police! Don't let the blue ball catch you!
Play Valentines Day Memory Match GameValentines Day Memory Match Game Game

Plays: 1635
Category: Puzzles
GamesNovel - Puzzle matching game.
Play Pink Puzzle Room EscapePink Puzzle Room Escape Game

Plays: 1434
Category: Adventure
Games Novel - now started to publish escape games again. plan and enjoy well.
Play Butterfly Puzzle Room EscapeButterfly Puzzle Room Escape Game

Plays: 1338
Category: Puzzles
GamesNovel - Now develop games for clients at low cost. If you need any type of games contacts us through [email protected]
Play Country Tour BusCountry Tour Bus Game

Plays: 1273
Category: Dress-Up
Country music is popular everywhere! With the good feelings and the heartache, the folksy songs can make you smile or make you cry, but you can be sure that this girl in her cowboy boots, floral dress, and cowhide hat is sure to give you a tune you can hum along to.
Play Restaurant  Puzzle room EscapeRestaurant Puzzle room Escape Game

Plays: 1224
Category: Puzzles
GamesNovel - Now develop games for client. We mostly develop the girls and puzzle games. If you want contact us through [email protected]

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