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Play Rainbow Spawn DefenseRainbow Spawn Defense Game

Plays: 7484
Category: Strategy
Rainbow Spawn Defense combines color-based strategy with tower defense creeps which spawn copies of themselves. There's an entire blob army to defeat, and your towers are all gray. Set 5 different targeting orders for each of your towers, and enjoy 6 different upgrades. Try to get the highest score in all seven difficulty modes!
Play BlobbeezBlobbeez Game

Plays: 69244
Category: Puzzles
A growing population of Blobbeez have overrun part of an underground sewage system. Stop them by matching pairs of Blobbeez of the same color. Use power ups appearing regularly throughout the game to aid in your task. Hurry before they escape into the city! Fun and addictive game play for all ages!
Play Sticky StuffSticky Stuff Game

Plays: 26896
Category: Action
Drag your green blob to collect as many blue balls that fire out of the turrets as possible. Avoid the sticky red balls!!
Play Bubble BustBubble Bust Game

Plays: 19350
Category: Puzzles
This game is very simple, control your blob with your mouse and try not to get hit by the other expanding bubbles.
Play SquirtSquirt Game

Plays: 14074
Category: Puzzles
You control Squirt, a cheeky little blob with a massive mouth and a penchant for mixing colours! Your job is to keep clearing the Jelly Beans from your mate Gobble’s tummy because he’s eaten too much. Thing is, he keeps on eating! You’ll be fighting a rising tide of coloured blocks, matching three or more in a row to clear them.
Play Bubble BlobBubble Blob Game

Plays: 14038
Category: Puzzles
A crazy under-the-sea match three puzzler. Can you make the biggest catch?
Play Blob Tower DefenceBlob Tower Defence Game

Plays: 11699
Category: Strategy
The blobs are in trouble again! This time their land is being attacked. Help them build a tower to keep off the bad guys. Try to survive as long as you can and reach the highscore list!
Play Blob In SpaceBlob In Space Game

Plays: 10437
Category: Puzzles
Mouse over as many blobs as you can with your mouse.
Play Blob BallBlob Ball Game

Plays: 8973
Category: Sports
Blob it out in a fun volleyball against a friend or a smart comp.
Play Blob WarsBlob Wars Game

Plays: 7551
Category: Puzzles
Blobs are always fighting, and your job is to command your army of blobs and take over the board. Use tactics and cunning to change your opponent's blobs to your color, and finish the game with the most blobs to win. One or two players, and multiple board layouts keep the game fresh.
Play Marvin the Magic MarkerMarvin the Magic Marker Game

Plays: 6985
Category: Action
Marvin the Magic Marker is on a quest to collect the mighty paperclips of justice! However, the evil pentagon of mayhem will not allow such an achievement to occur. Use your drawing skills to dodge and destroy his swarm of terrible paint blobs while also trying to navigate away from the flying scissors of doom! How long can you last in this world of dark art madness?
Play A BlobA Blob's Progress Idle Game Game

Plays: 6793
Category: Customize
Life is rough for this cute little blob. All he wants to do is follow his dreams but he needs money to do so. Watch and help as this adorable little blob begs, works, and tries hard to become more than just the normal blob. You will love watching this splendid character amount to everything he has ever wanted! All he needs is a little company and help! Have fun!
Play Blob WarpedBlob Warped Game

Plays: 5362
Category: Action
Catch the blobs using warp tool.
Play Lama GlamaLama Glama Game

Plays: 5328
Category: Action
Fight against hordes of genetically modified sheep coming from outer space. They killed your friends, you must stop them... c'mon llama, spit'em all
Play Alchemist 2Alchemist 2 Game

Plays: 5207
Category: Action
As an alchemist select the correct color of the blob to fire at the attacking enemies, and kill them all.
Play Flix BallFlix Ball Game

Plays: 4902
Category: Action
Play Pong with the Flix an elastic blob and the hero of the game with the same name. For one or two players.
Play Blob and Blocks Level PackBlob and Blocks Level Pack Game

Plays: 4689
Category: Puzzles
Blob based on Gish physics! Guide this cute green blob to the green grass. Click blocks to remove tham.
Play Blob BotBlob Bot Game

Plays: 4394
Category: Action
The platform game is under attack by a bunch of Blobs! Use the Anti Blob Bot to Defeat them all before they take over all of the levels! Explode the Blobs by shooting at them before they reach the ground.
Play AvoidTBallsAvoidTBalls Game

Plays: 4111
Category: Action
You are a poor InkSpot on a desk top. Avoid the EVIL INK BLOBS for as long as possible.
Play Blob FiveBlob Five Game

Plays: 4044
Category: Puzzles
Move a piece to a blank grid by mouse, and three pieces will be automatically added to the board; Making five same pieces in a line to remove them and get scores!

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