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Play CanaboltCanabolt Game

Plays: 15738
Category: Sports
Tired of dying ? So Canabolt is the solution, run 1500m before the music ends and stay alive !
Play ParkourParkour Game

Plays: 10620
Category: Action
He always keeps his eyes on the prize. No matter where the bones are, he will get them with supreme efficiency. Play as a „Parkour”, the friendly dog from next door whose objective is to collect as many bones on his journey as he possibly can, while jumping above the obstacles.
Play Wait 4 MeWait 4 Me Game

Plays: 8025
Category: Action
The final flight is within your reach. Run as fast as you can and avoid incoming meteors. Collect as many relief goods as possible.
Play Cave RunCave Run Game

Plays: 7203
Category: Action
rendition of the very awesome Canabalt , featuring extremely simple gameplay with an Indiana Jones-esque theme.
Play Chase Goose 2Chase Goose 2 Game

Plays: 5513
Category: Action
Run away from the monster, don't look back and hope to god you find the right keys on your keyboard.
Play Turbulent TundraTurbulent Tundra Game

Plays: 5222
Category: Other
A one button, arcade game with an addictive nature. Help the penguin escape the collapsing ice flow! Will you keep control as it gets faster and faster?
Play Raptor RampageRaptor Rampage Game

Plays: 5057
Category: Action
Collect eggs in your jumping journey!
Play Action Turnip!!!Action Turnip!!! Game

Plays: 4990
Category: Adventure
The illegitimate vegetable offspring of Canabalt and GunRun, served with a dollop of Eversion and a speck of Silent Conversation.
Play Brave Hussar Chinese MobileBrave Hussar Chinese Mobile Game

Plays: 4787
Category: Action
Play Brave Hussar ChineseBrave Hussar Chinese Game

Plays: 4016
Category: Adventure
Play The Brave Hussar 2The Brave Hussar 2 Game

Plays: 3864
Category: Adventure
The brave hussar returns to deal more damage to the orcish army. Now the dragon riders, archers and swordsmen of the Orcish kingdom are in full force trying to stop him.
Play The Brave HussarThe Brave Hussar Game

Plays: 3656
Category: Action
On his perilous journey, aided only by his trusted horse and spear, the brave hussar must overcome the difficult terrain and slay any orcish warriors that tries to stop him.
Play ringo the lizardringo the lizard Game

Plays: 3597
Category: Action
a cool running game, features Ringo the lizard. Run your way avoid giant Snake and go as far as possible!!!
Play Brave Hussar 2 ChineseBrave Hussar 2 Chinese Game

Plays: 3390
Category: Adventure
Play Brave Hussar 2 Chinese MobileBrave Hussar 2 Chinese Mobile Game

Plays: 3242
Category: Adventure
Play Nightmare RunnerNightmare Runner Game

Plays: 3027
Category: Action
Escape an endless nightmare haunted by monstrous creatures.
Play The Brave Hussar MobileThe Brave Hussar Mobile Game

Plays: 2935
Category: Action
On his perilous journey, aided only by his trusted horse and spear, the brave hussar must overcome the difficult terrain and slay any orcish warriors that try to stop him.
Play Bzoonk - The Pub CrawlBzoonk - The Pub Crawl Game

Plays: 2647
Category: Action
Run, crawl or slide through as many pubs as you can and grab some beer while you're at it. Just don't stop or, you'll fall asleep!
Play Giant Walking EyeGiant Walking Eye Game

Plays: 2345
Category: Action
Invade the Earth. Upgrade your walkers. Destroy humanity. This distance runner puts you in a an alien eyebot strider through 25 of the world's major cities. Use your lasers and missiles to fend off the human's pathetic attacks as your claw harvests their flesh for the good of the alien species. As you pick up speed, you'll gain a powerful shield, protecting you from tanks, bazookas, and helicopters.
Play Cave RunCave Run Game

Plays: 2301
Category: Adventure
Another rendition of the awesome game Canabalt featuring extremely simple gameplay with Single Player and Two Player modes. Get the highest possible score or play with achievements at Tremor Games. Obstacles may help you by slowing the game down but may also lead to your death!

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