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Online cannonball Games
Play BlackbeardBlackbeard's Assault Game

Plays: 22248
Category: Puzzles
Blackbeard is back with more cannonball exploding fun! New features include all new power-ups, faster gameplay and a new story mode. Help Blackbeard avenge his father and defeat the sea serpent and his Ninja master. It's time to set sail for the open seas in this highly addictive action puzzler.
Play Johnny Crash Does Texas VTJohnny Crash Does Texas VT Game

Plays: 12059
Category: Action
Johnny Crash™ is all about fun and pain. Your goal as Johnny is to perform crazy stunt flights as a human cannonball. Fly inside a thunder cloud and be electrocuted by a lightning or find yourself from the middle of a bird flock.
Play Monkey TreasuresMonkey Treasures Game

Plays: 9459
Category: Shooting
The hunt for Monkey Treasures. A cute game of collecting treasures in the sea. Featuring treasure lovin' monkeys and also pesky pirates. Arrgghh... Use your treasure grabbing skills to collect gold coins, treasure chests, jewels, pearls, and more. Hurry and collect all of the treasures before Pirates attack! 10 Levels with various backgrounds. Have fun in day time, sun down, or night time treasure collecting.
Play Cannon BallCannon Ball Game

Plays: 7971
Category: Action
Shoot at the right time to achieve your best distance.
Play CCCPiratesCCCPirates Game

Plays: 4806
Category: Puzzles
Avast! In this physics-based game, your goal is to send as many treasures as possible into the water with a single cannonball. Cap'n Karl will then pick them up with his mighty pirate crane. Don't spill toxic waste in the sea!
Play Captain CrustyCaptain Crusty's Cannonball Capers Game

Plays: 4447
Category: Shooting
Shoot your cannonball as far as you can, aiming for the highscore! You can buy several upgrades to make it even more fun!
Play CannonBallCannonBall Game

Plays: 3248
Category: Shooting
Use arrows to adjust the direction and force of the shot, and click on the cannon to shoot. You need to get into prepared boxes.
Play Cannon BlockCannon Block Game

Plays: 3211
Category: Puzzles
Destroy the bricks to advance calculate the distance, and fire. The futher away you click the more power it will have.
Play Doodle BallsDoodle Balls Game

Plays: 2755
Category: Action
Shoot the red balls with the cannon and catch them for points in this peggle style physics game! But don't catch the black cannonball, or you will lose points!
Play The Pig EscapeThe Pig Escape Game

Plays: 2632
Category: Sports
Pig is stuck in jail and needs your help to break out! Can you meet the challenge and sling him to safety?
Play Air BattleAir Battle Game

Plays: 2461
Category: Action
Mid-air cannonball fights with hot air balloons.
Play land_survival_dkland_survival_dk Game

Plays: 2435
Category: Shooting
shoot them up all the explosive materials that are falling on the top. Don't allow them to pass or strike your ground. Your goal is to protect your mainland. Cool graphics, easy game!
Play CannonBobCannonBob Game

Plays: 2010
Category: Puzzles
CannonBob is a mouse-driven game in which the objective is to set up a cannon - changing its position, angle and power - to launch a human cannonball and burst as many balloons as possible. There are 25 levels of increasing difficulty, each with the aim of achieving a target score by setting up the perfect shot.
Play FrogFrog's Panic Game

Plays: 1660
Category: Action
Help the frogs to avoid cannonballs through 10 challenging levels! Collect bonuses to increase your score!
Play The Lost CannonThe Lost Cannon Game

Plays: 1335
Category: Action
Help to this little Cannonball the find the way to home.
Play Zombie HolidayZombie Holiday Game

Plays: 1091
Category: Shooting
Aim and shoot the zombies before they get you!
Play Raelum SkywatchersRaelum Skywatchers Game

Plays: 752
Category: Action
Fly like no cat has ever flown before in this exhilarating cannonball flight game. Can you help our hero achieve the ranks of a Raelum Skywatcher? Show off your love for kitties and physics through fun-filled stages in the game. Raelum, a distant planet civilized by cats, is facing a crisis! Guide Taron through his flight-filled journey to find his father and save his planet!There are many equipments and upgrades available to try out. Be sure to unlock all achievements.
Play Cannonball AdventureCannonball Adventure Game

Plays: 701
Category: Action
Shoot the ball from cannon to cannon. Avoid enemies.
Play Cannonball RaceCannonball Race Game

Plays: 658
Category: Action
This crazy ride will be loaded with speed, action and a whole lot of fun.
Play Halloween CannonHalloween Cannon Game

Plays: 657
Category: Action
You have three shots at the level. Destroy as many as possible and the most scoring pumpkins. Get enough points for the level and advance to the next. Avoid the skulls. Collect bonuses.

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