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Play Robba ManRobba Man Game

Plays: 13073
Category: Action
Robba Man - Rob banks without getting caught
Play Hell CopsHell Cops Game

Plays: 74109
Category: Action
Hell Cops on the way for fresh doughnuts. Crash cars, vans, trucks, run over pedestrians. Nothing can stop hell cops from completion of this important mission.
Play The ChaseThe Chase Game

Plays: 39953
Category: Driving
The chase is a high speed driving game where you have to weave through traffic to escape the police. The more distance you get the higher your score will be. In addition, you can multiply your score by how many cars you shunt.
Play Run Run FuryRun Run Fury Game

Plays: 17945
Category: Shooting
Shoot the cops before they run you over. Gain achievements the more you play the game!
Play Call of BieberCall of Bieber Game

Plays: 17835
Category: Action
Call of Bieber is a funny shooter game where Bieber goes on a rampage killing cops.
Play Water Balloon Drop Hit Water Balloon Drop Hit 'n Strip Game

Plays: 14461
Category: Action
You live in a dark, seedy part of town. Working late each night, you've come up with a secret potion that makes unsuspecting victims lose a piece of clothing. In Water Balloon Drop Hit 'n Strip, the object is to get your targets down to their skivvies as fast as you can. The more you hit them, the more clothing they lose. Don't become too confident, you'll need to avoid a pesky black bird, a remote control plane and the cops which will be on full alert. Water Balloon Drop Hit 'n Strip is sure to serve up some wet and wild fun
Play Fast N FuriousFast N Furious Game

Plays: 9373
Category: Driving
Cops are after Saurabh. He is driving fast for his life. Guide him to dodge the pesky cops. It sounds a bit anti law but at times it feels good to go against the rules.
Play Police strikePolice strike Game

Plays: 8196
Category: Driving
Drive police supercar and destroy bad guys.
Play High Speed Chase 2High Speed Chase 2 Game

Plays: 8143
Category: Action
Be the next super agent.
Play Helicops!Helicops! Game

Plays: 8049
Category: Action
Take to the air in the meanest Helicopter brawl around. Deliver your own patented brand of Justice to the criminals who have invaded the skies of your fair city. Well. Not on your watch. You are the best of the best, the bravest of the brave, you are a HeliCop. DO YOUR DUTY.
Play SmugglersSmugglers Game

Plays: 6617
Category: Driving
You're a get-away driver of an Arms Smuggling gang! Drive your jeep, pick up cargo and deliver it, while avoiding the cops.
Play Escape FastEscape Fast Game

Plays: 4482
Category: Action
You're a thief who was duped by his partner in the last robbery. Your objective is to chase him and escape from cops. Drive fast, avoid obstacles, pick up coins, avoid cars, drive through narrow roads and of course, DODGE THE COPS!!
Play FWG PursuitFWG Pursuit Game

Plays: 4380
Category: Action
You've just robbed a bank and your objective is to race around the city streets in your hotrod and to drop the money off at key check points (money bags). After the money has been stowed away safely get to your hideaway before the cops catch you. Look out for things that will help or hinder your escape from the police.
Play Miami OutlawsMiami Outlaws Game

Plays: 4080
Category: Action
Get ready to lock ‘n load…
Play aMaze ThiefaMaze Thief Game

Plays: 4031
Category: Adventure
You are a thief who wants to become rich. Your recent task is to crack a security system and rob the vault. It’s not as easy as you think; there are Laser Security Systems, Cops and Security Cameras, that you have to be careful off. Collect a few tools on your way to crack the safe. Let’s see if you are a skilled thief and do you become rich…
Play The big EscapeThe big Escape Game

Plays: 4016
Category: Puzzles
A great jail escape game! Try to escape the jail by yourself and in the next version with 2 player mode!
Play Brain BuffetBrain Buffet Game

Plays: 4015
Category: Action
Have you ever wished to become a zombie, and eat everything on your way? Well here's your chance! Select the sickest zombie and take over the world with a multitude of civilians, cops and soldiers to eat. Upgrade your zombie and eat all the brains you can !
Play Justice HeroJustice Hero Game

Plays: 3747
Category: Action
You are the Justice Hero, a brave police officer who's job is to catch the bank robbers, recover the stolen money and send the criminals to prison. When somebody robes a bank you are the one who's called to solve the case and you must do your job as good as possible! Follow those robbers on the road by driving your police car as fast as possible and catch them as fast as possible! Try to avoid the traffic and don't hurt the other people on the road! Good luck!
Play Chase CaseChase Case Game

Plays: 3732
Category: Puzzles
Fun board game with cops, thief, robberies and chase! Toon-style graphics and good AI. You’re gonna like it!
Play Prison Brake: TNPPrison Brake: TNP Game

Plays: 3696
Category: Action
The idea of this game is that you (main characte) have beeen kidnapped and sent to jail. Problem is though the people who kidnapped you are cannabols! so your gonna be next if you dont hurry. Dodge all the cameras visions and cops bullets, and just dont touch anything! and mabye you'll survive! This game contains a main game and a level select. This is my first game i have ever made, and first game ive actualy stuck with enough to finish it! if you find any glitches tell me and i'll glady fix them. also you can't right-click play to pass the level hehehe. that will stop cheaters :) P.s i am not making fun of cannabols. i just needed a story line, thanks.

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