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Play Hexiom ConnectHexiom Connect Game

Plays: 12116
Category: Puzzles
Hexiom is back, with a new twist! Rearrange the tiles to light up all the color coded connections.
Play Hexa ConnectHexa Connect Game

Plays: 11638
Category: BoardGame
A game of connecting hexagons. Overtake the entire game field with the least amount of moves in this color swapping game.
Play Truck Launch ManiacTruck Launch Maniac Game

Plays: 11465
Category: Action
Upgrade your truck, then launch it and try to get all of the achievements! In this game, you start off with a slow truck with hexagon wheels, and try to launch it off a ramp. The further you get, the more points you get, which can be used to buy upgrades such and round wheels, a better ramp, or even fireworks and rockets for a boost. These upgrades will help you complete all 8 achievements, upon which you will unlock a super mystery prize.
Play Abel1Abel1 Game

Plays: 11061
Category: BoardGame
!MAX 20 PLAYERS AT TIME! Abel1 (abalone) is a two-player strategy board game in which each player is represented by marbles of opposing colors. The objective is to push six of the opponent’s marbles off the edge of the board. The board consists of 61 circular spaces arranged in a hexagon, five on a side. Each player has 14 marbles that rest in the spaces. Play alternates between the players one move at a time, with the red marbles moving first. For each move, a player moves a line of one, two or three one space. The move can be either in-line (parallel to the line of marbles) or broadside (not parallel to the line of marbles), as illustrated at right.
Play Hexagon Planet TDHexagon Planet TD Game

Plays: 10092
Category: Action
Year 2222. People invented a portal - the technology making the movement of objects at any distance available through the use of the so-called mole hole. Self-supporting ships with the portal on the board are sent for the search of habitable planets to every corner of the universe... Year 2281. The first habitable planet is found... it's colonization is made through portals.. it turns out that humans are not the only sentient race in the universe ... and the other sentience is not friendly at all.
Play The Siren of YinYangThe Siren of YinYang Game

Plays: 6817
Category: Puzzles
Long time ago, there were four elemental gods. Together for the balance of the world, they create a siren powerful enough to rule the world. You are chosen to help the gods power the symbols of siren.
Play MonstagonMonstagon Game

Plays: 6470
Category: BoardGame
Another all-time favourite retro game!
Play Hexagram 2Hexagram 2 Game

Plays: 6135
Category: BoardGame
Match three hexagons to destroy them. Match four to get a special super-hexagon with the same color. Match this special hexagon again to get extra points. Match five hexagons with the same color to create the unique black hexagon. Swap it with any hexagon near it to destroy all hexagons on the board with the same color.
Play Hex WordsHex Words Game

Plays: 5530
Category: Puzzles
Fly your hexagon spaceship through the universe by spelling out words!
Play Virus 3Virus 3 Game

Plays: 4685
Category: Puzzles
Take over the entire playing area by spreading your virus. Choose a color from the lower left area and watch your virus grow. Try to infect the entire board before you run out of attempts. Multiple ways to play = Multiple ways to have fun.
Play Hex VexHex Vex Game

Plays: 4537
Category: Puzzles
Hexagon-based puzzle game with 18 levels to master.
Play Sweet Shop SwapSweet Shop Swap Game

Plays: 4130
Category: Puzzles
Satisfy your sweet tooth for puzzles with the super-sugary match three game!
Play HexokuHexoku Game

Plays: 3729
Category: BoardGame
You have to complete the table with the pieces. You have to choose the place for each piece in a way that each one of the 19 interior hexagons of the "big hexagon" has inside six colors - or six numbers - with no recurrence.
Play Hex-ItHex-It Game

Plays: 3700
Category: Puzzles
A unique style match game where you buy hexagons to make as much money as possible!
Play HexagonHexagon Game

Plays: 3431
Category: Puzzles
Tired of all the match-three puzzle games and want to try something new? Hexagon is a new type of puzzle game that brings match three to an all new level! Try matching 6 blocks at the same time!
Play OTTF:hexlandOTTF:hexland Game

Plays: 3407
Category: Puzzles
OTTF (One Two Three Four) - a logic game where it is necessary to open cells in hexagon board, as shown in the game map. Full game with 40 levels. Pleasant music.
Play Hexagon of WormsHexagon of Worms Game

Plays: 3150
Category: Puzzles
Replace all the hexagons on the board with one and the same element. You must do this in a limited number of moves! There is 18 levels of difficulty.
Play CollectivizationCollectivization Game

Plays: 3148
Category: BoardGame
A fun strategy game, that is easy to learn yet a challenge to play.
Play HexagonHexagon Game

Plays: 3060
Category: BoardGame
Mission: Grow your colored Hexagone so it fills all the cells before you run out of attempts.
Play Hex-BHex-B Game

Plays: 3030
Category: Action
Bring the Bee home after a hard day working with this quick and challenging puzzle that will make your brain and reflexes work hard.

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