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Play Pieces of HorusPieces of Horus Game

Plays: 7400
Category: Education
Beyond the endless deserted sand sea lies an unseen Pyramid , the Chamber of God and Pharaoh , Where 15 of extremely rare treasures are hidden .In here too, all of Kirara, your lover’s Life & hope is at stake . Now the only option you have is to explore the truth and menace of that pyramid , to save your only soulmate.
Play Colour TrapColour Trap Game

Plays: 3780
Category: Puzzles
Will you be tricked by the mixture of colors, words and color terms? In this game, your goal is to select the correct writing colors of the given words. At each level of the game you will be given a color term at the upper part of the screen, but its writing color may be different from the term itself, for instance, you may be given a word "red" but it is written in black color. Then You need to pick the writing color of the word from a number of choices at the bottom of the screen, and in the example above, you need to pick the word "black" regardless of its writing color. A timer at the top of the screen will show the remaining time, and when time is up, the game ends. Think carefully to avoid the delusions!
Play Mind trainingMind training Game

Plays: 2712
Category: Other
Train your visual memory matching cards with the same image.
Play TheSecreatPathTheSecreatPath Game

Plays: 2640
Category: Puzzles
The Secret Path is an interesting puzzle game of helping a small fish to reach its home.
Play Picture Puzzle EscapePicture Puzzle Escape Game

Plays: 2520
Category: Action
GamesNovel's - New Puzzle escape game.
Play KidsSudokuKidsSudoku Game

Plays: 2297
Category: BoardGame
Kidz Sudoku is a triple pack of wonderful puzzles
Play PuzzleOutPuzzleOut Game

Plays: 2288
Category: Puzzles
PuzzleOut is a game of discovering the objects !
Play ProveItProveIt Game

Plays: 2266
Category: Puzzles
Smart? Got what it takes to PROVE IT? Solve these mind games and bring it!
Play Puzzle Craze - Rose GardenPuzzle Craze - Rose Garden Game

Plays: 2182
Category: Action
Games Novel - Now release the valentines day games.
Play Bridge CrossingBridge Crossing Game

Plays: 1991
Category: Puzzles
Your village is under massive attack from a hostile country. As the leader of the neighborhood, you need to protect and escort the villagers to hide in the mountains. You come across a dangerous bridge at night, but your oil lamp can only last 30 minutes. You have to arrange properly so that everybody can walk across the bridge before the light goes out. When the game starts, 5 people will stay in front of the cliff. Each person has a different walking speed counted in minutes, as indicated in the dialogue boxes. Click up to 2 persons each time, and they will walk across the bridge. Note that the oil lamp must be carried by a person, and therefore you must also count the time of carrying the lamp back and forth. The remaining life of the lamp is shown at the top left corner; you lose the game if you cannot complete the mission within the time limit. Seize your time before the light extinguishes!
Play Happy Valentines Day - Find The AlphabetsHappy Valentines Day - Find The Alphabets Game

Plays: 1807
Category: Adventure
GamesNovel - Valentines day special games.
Play MatchsticksMatchsticks Game

Plays: 1524
Category: Education
The rules of Matchsticks seem very easy, but the puzzles can be much more complicated than you have thought! Your goal in this game is to take away a required number of matches so as to form the required quantity of squares. When the game starts, 9 small squares will be formed by multiple matchsticks, and your current question will be displayed at the lower left corner. Click to remove the required number of matches to form the specific quantity of squares stated in the question. Note that all overlapping squares will also be counted, and each piece of matchstick must be a part of a square. When the current puzzle is completed, the result will be displayed at the top left corner. A timer is located under the scoreboard and it will record the time you have spent. Think before you act as the matches cannot be put back once they are removed!
Play Black and White room escapeBlack and White room escape Game

Plays: 1395
Category: Puzzles
Black and White room escape is another new point and click type room escape game from Gamesperk. In this escape game, you are locked inside a Black and White room. Try to escape from the room by finding items and by solving the puzzles. Use your best escape skills. Good luck and have fun!
Play Christmas Tree Light UpChristmas Tree Light Up Game

Plays: 1330
Category: Puzzles
Santa Claus is coming to town! It's time to welcome him and the holidays with a gorgeous Christmas tree. Your goal in this game is to light up the tree by rotating the wires and light bulbs, so that all of them can be connected to the electrical source. You will be given a Christmas tree decorated with color bulbs, with an electrical source at the bottom. To light up the tree, click to rotate the wires and bulbs and connect all of them to the electricity. The time you have spent will be recorded at the top left corner. Let the tree shine under the beautiful snowy sky!
Play Math Minute - SequencesMath Minute - Sequences Game

Plays: 1194
Category: Education
Sequences - the new installment of the highly successful Math Minute series trains your brain like never before. Solve as many sequences as you can under a minute!
Play Matching CarsMatching Cars Game

Plays: 1185
Category: Puzzles
Play this memory match game with the coolest cars. Each level will challenge your memory more and more…
Play Where is my party handbagWhere is my party handbag Game

Plays: 1131
Category: Puzzles
Where is My party handbag is another new hidden and mind game from Gamesperk. This time mimi came to know that her party handbag is missing.Explore her room by finding the hidden objects,useful hints and help mimi to find her party handbag.Good Luck and Have Fun!
Play The Three BagsThe Three Bags Game

Plays: 1004
Category: Puzzles
Your partner in the fruit store has wrongly labeled the bags of fruits. Can you help him to rearrange the tags correctly? In the game you will be given 3 bags, each contains 2 fruits in the combinations of 2 apples, 2 oranges, or 1 apple and 1 orange. All of the bags are tagged but none of the labels is correct. You can click one of the bags to look at one fruit inside, then click and drag the correct tags onto the bags. The time you have spent is recorded at the top left corner. Beat the clock and complete the task for your shop!
Play Childrens Study Room EscapeChildrens Study Room Escape Game

Plays: 990
Category: Action
Games Novel - Now developing more escape games for clients also.
Play Flip ItFlip It Game

Plays: 973
Category: Puzzles
The black and the white have always been confronting each other on the board. Can you bring the black pieces back to the light? Your task in this game is to flip all the black pieces to the white side. Before the game starts, you may set the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the chessboard, ranging from 2 to 10. Click the OK button after you have completed the settings, and you will be given a chessboard according to your selected dimensions. Each of the squares on the board will be occupied by a black piece. Click to flip a piece to its opposite side, but note that the adjacent pieces in horizontal and vertical directions will also be reversed. The number of moves you have made is recorded on the left, and each move you make will cost you 50 points. If you are not satisfied with the current progress, you may click the Restart button at the top left corner to play again. Try to play with a larger chessboard and see how many pieces you can handle!

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