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Play Corn in the poop gameCorn in the poop game Game

Plays: 29207
Category: Puzzles
I'm sure you have seen some corn in your stool, now its time to play a game as the piece of corn. make your way through the intestins until you see light!
Play Ice FallIce Fall Game

Plays: 15857
Category: Action
a fun and simple arcade style game, dodge the ice how long can YOU last?
Play the poop machinethe poop machine Game

Plays: 27125
Category: Education
feed the poop machine and reach the perfect poop ! You can do many types of poops, but just one is the perfect poop ! A game made by poopeegames.
Play DinoplopDinoplop Game

Plays: 20091
Category: Action
My Pet Dinosaur eats everything and then poops everywhere! Keep them well fed and their plopometer at maximum to make them poop out the target amount of turds in time! Dinoplop introduces you to the world of "My Pet Dinosaur" a virtual pet game in which you hatch and raise your own dinosaur!
Play Kaka the jumping poopKaka the jumping poop Game

Plays: 19726
Category: Adventure
Kaka the jumping poop likes to skydive...
Play Merry ShitMessMerry ShitMess Game

Plays: 12343
Category: Action
Every year the same procedure: Santa comes to town and takes a dump in everybody's chimney!
Play Farty Flappy ButtFarty Flappy Butt Game

Plays: 10783
Category: Action
Avoid plungers as a farty flappy butt. Unlock multiple play modes and write beautiful music.
Play Poo RunnerPoo Runner Game

Plays: 8839
Category: Action
OMG, there's monies all over the roads! Other people are trying to scoop it up! Stay ahead of them to get as much money as you can, and avoid the poop!
Play Stick RPGStick RPG Game

Plays: 7828
Category: Action
Play this beta (testing) version of my game soon to be out.
Play The Great Poop ShootThe Great Poop Shoot Game

Plays: 6915
Category: Action
Oh no! The poos are on the loose, and we don't want to find out what happens if they get away.
Play Seltzer GullSeltzer Gull Game

Plays: 5758
Category: Shooting
A space invaders type game, only its seagulls instead of aliens, poop instead of falling bombs, and seltzer pills to make the seagulls blow up! Have fun with acid-base chemistry!
Play SantaSanta's Sack Game

Plays: 5291
Category: Action
Dasher had too much egg nog this Christmas & ate all the presents. Fill Santa's Sack with the gifts that poop out! and don't let timmy down.
Play Poopee, the little bacteria !Poopee, the little bacteria ! Game

Plays: 5101
Category: Adventure
Help poopee the little bacteria to infect an human !
Play Merry Mess 2064Merry Mess 2064 Game

Plays: 4717
Category: Action
It's him again, Santa! People lock your chimneys because he came back to take a dump... as every year! (this is the lo-fi version which includes double speed but no batteries!)
Play Dynamite FishingDynamite Fishing Game

Plays: 3390
Category: Action
Get some hungry cats, give them some dynamite, a boat and a lake and what do you get?
Play Farty TurdFarty Turd Game

Plays: 2795
Category: Other
Navigate your flying butt through a gauntlet of toilet paper, making sure to drop your "payload" along the way!
Play Llama DramaLlama Drama Game

Plays: 2572
Category: Action
With hungry Inca's wanting a Llama sacrifice, can YOU poop fast enough to get away?
Play Get Off My RoofGet Off My Roof Game

Plays: 2404
Category: Puzzles
Get Off My Roof is a game where you take control of an old war veteran and use improvised projectile and melee weapons to help him get swarms of pigeons off his roof! Removing the pigeons won't be a walk in the park though, because these pigeons are numerous, stubborn and will be using the awesome power of poop to stop you!
Play Coprolalia Jr. EditionCoprolalia Jr. Edition Game

Plays: 2374
Category: Education
A silly Simon Says-style game with a few twists, and a child-appropriate potty-mouth. Several levels of difficulty, including "Poop!".
Play Merry Schmess FrenzyMerry Schmess Frenzy Game

Plays: 2334
Category: Action
The ultimate Xmas poopout featuring a two player mode! Move Santa through the night and poo into chimneys and dodge the reindeers in this fun game. Share your keyboard and play against friends!

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