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Online prologue Games
Play Imago PrologueImago Prologue Game

Plays: 7337
Category: Adventure
Visual novel which will dip you into the severe and gloomy world of the city of Imago.
Play The Last Door: PrologueThe Last Door: Prologue Game

Plays: 5424
Category: Adventure
Pixel art horror adventure game for the web browser. A game with a thrilling story and a great atmosphere through art, sound and music. This is a short playable trailer for you to feel the game atmosphere and also serve as a “Prologue” for the main plot.
Play IWBTG - PrologueIWBTG - Prologue Game

Plays: 4355
Category: Adventure
FINALY for flash! This is an hard platform 2d game, i'm an italian student, indie beginner developer, and this is my first game. If you have any game ideas to put in a sequel or just want to contact me just send me a pm or add me on fb. Also if you enjoied this remember to rate it highly! Medals should be added soon they work at 1000%!
Play SHI.prologueSHI.prologue Game

Plays: 3815
Category: Adventure
Is your life something you would die for? Hello NG! Without further ado: This is the 1st part of a riddle games series set in a eerie, post-human world. Be sure to follow the tutorials and use your mouse to navigate Myst-style. Enjoy! Note I: This game is challenging. In fact, it might be the hardest puzzle game you've ever played. You'll need to strain your mind and have a lot of patience. This being said, all the riddles are 100% logical and solvable - so you should get quite the satisfaction from beating them. Note II: Please do not create nor send answers/solutions/spoiler s/guides for this game. Thank you in advance. (If you're stuck just try to get a friend to help you and/or try using the official game's forum)
Play Sift Heads - Street Wars (Act 1)Sift Heads - Street Wars (Act 1) Game

Plays: 3538
Category: Action
In this new game series you will find the same bloody violence and story style you're used to, but with a totally new 3D environment. In this prologue of Street Wars Vinnie is confronted with all 3 organizations on his back, the Italians, the Yakuza and the Russians. Play the game and find out what happens.
Play Fragment PrologueFragment Prologue Game

Plays: 3376
Category: Shooting
Mind-twisting action-puzzle hybrid with graphics reminiscent of win-amp visualization.
Play blashbeat prologueblashbeat prologue Game

Plays: 2757
Category: Action
an addicting beat them up game!! use your skill to defeat all gang member hordes!!!
Play Memento Dears PrologueMemento Dears Prologue Game

Plays: 2168
Category: Adventure
Memento Dears is a Visual Novel Date Sim for girls. Story: Melodie Adams has not always had the best of luck. However, recently things seem to be turning around for her. She’s pretty sure that she is in love with someone and that they feel the same way about her. But just as everything starts to line up, something big happens. A terrible accident leaves her right back at the beginning. Now, with a major hindrance derailing her, will she get back on course? …or find a new path?
Play Mercenary Camp - PrologueMercenary Camp - Prologue Game

Plays: 471
Category: Shooting
3D First Person Shooter (3D FPS) with many types of enemies, weapons and shooting gallery locations.
Play Chronicles of Avael: PrologueChronicles of Avael: Prologue Game

Plays: 35355
Category: Adventure
Join Lev on his travels, through ancient temples, secret passages and an old mine that's not as empty as it appears... Solve riddles; survive battles and help the goblins as they try to rid themselves of a colony of Cave Spiders. Never losing sight of the burning question: who were the strangers that attacked Lev's family in order to get their hands on the book he and his sister found? How did they know about it? And what do they want with it?
Play the ESCAPE (prologue)the ESCAPE (prologue) Game

Plays: 5852
Category: Driving
This is a quite simple 600x600 car game. Avoid crashing fences and police cars, arriving to México before time ends.
Play Voyage For Survival - Prologue 1: RecallVoyage For Survival - Prologue 1: Recall Game

Plays: 4360
Category: Adventure
You've woken up on a small island and don't know how you got there, find out by playing through this short story with RPG and adventure elements what is going on. This game is an intro that hints at an epic back story, a story of survival. First part in a series of short games.



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