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Play Skywire 2Skywire 2 Game

Plays: 15012
Category: Adventure
Epic sequel to our rail riding classic! bosses and two player racing.
Play Parallel levelsParallel levels Game

Plays: 10254
Category: Action
This game is a logical platformer with unusual mechanics. You have to go through 45 levels. It's not easy, because at the same time you need to play two or three levels.
Play MiocraftMiocraft Game

Plays: 10221
Category: Action
Welcome to Miocraft! Create Your own world with this fantastic game!
Play Space is KeySpace is Key Game

Plays: 7866
Category: Action
Jump through 15 levels worth of pixel exploding mayhem. Such a simple concept, but are you sure you can do it?
Play Double EdgedDouble Edged Game

Plays: 7139
Category: Action
Co-op beat-em-up set in ancient Greece with huge mythical bosses.
Play SwindlerSwindler Game

Plays: 6332
Category: Adventure
Drop, tangle & roll your way through this action packed puzzle filled adventure!
Play Dwarven MinerDwarven Miner Game

Plays: 6277
Category: Adventure
As a dwarven miner just starting out in the mining business you dig for a variety of ores, gems, precious metals. You level up in your mining skills, digging for more valuable things with time, earning more money. With the money earned you will be able to make your mine your home and buy fancy decoration, furniture, gadgets, etc…
Play Twin ShotTwin Shot Game

Plays: 5982
Category: Action
Dual player arrow firing action game set in an ancient cloud city.
Play The Last Door: PrologueThe Last Door: Prologue Game

Plays: 5413
Category: Adventure
Pixel art horror adventure game for the web browser. A game with a thrilling story and a great atmosphere through art, sound and music. This is a short playable trailer for you to feel the game atmosphere and also serve as a “Prologue” for the main plot.
Play Greeny GapGreeny Gap Game

Plays: 5050
Category: Action
Control your quadratic spaceship by a wonderful green world and finish the game to receive your personalized certificate.
Play Fat CatFat Cat Game

Plays: 4692
Category: Action
Play as both the owl and the pussy cat in this frantic puzzle shoot-em-up.
Play LinxLinx Game

Plays: 4315
Category: Puzzles
A unique logical game, where your objective is to collect all the same coloured bases with paths. The paths have a funky characteristic, that two paths of different colours cannot intersect. Add to it pits which can't hold paths on them, and you get a mixture of logical mayhem.
Play Cave ChaosCave Chaos Game

Plays: 4278
Category: Action
Two player adventure through a unstable cave network.
Play Konkey DongKonkey Dong Game

Plays: 4213
Category: Action
Konkey Dong was originally created for Ludum Dare 25. The theme was "You Are The Villain". Take the role of KD and throw barrels at incoming little italian dudes.
Play Fredman - Service pack adventureFredman - Service pack adventure Game

Plays: 4019
Category: Action
Fredman's first day on the job and everything goes haywire. To fund his archaeological studies, he has taken a job as a courier package at Med-EX. Easier said than done. The market is highly competitive, and other service providers have devised various stumbling blocks in order to complicate the matter Fredman. Black coats have open, the doors, the keys needed in the various levels hidden. The key to the green door is, however, to follow a rumor, are near the red door. - First go to the central warehouse (right) to grab some packages - Forget not the powerup on the way back (jump energy) and the chest (arrow key "up") - Jump over holes in the ground... run (eg by law), and shortly before use the spacebar to jump - To climb a ladder just press the arrow key "up" - You take a key by pressing the arrow key "up" - Open doors with the same color key. Use arrow key "up" - To deliver the packets go to the shop owner, and press the arrow key "up"
Play Steamlands Player PackSteamlands Player Pack Game

Plays: 3997
Category: Action
Build epic tanks from scrap to destroy rival tanks! Now with player's levels!
Play Color Blind 2Color Blind 2 Game

Plays: 3844
Category: Puzzles
Do you think you can see really good? Test yourself.
Play Silly SausageSilly Sausage Game

Plays: 3818
Category: Puzzles
Use your wit and get the lovable stretchy dog to the finish.

Plays: 3814
Category: Action
Quasimodo, the hunchback, is in serious trouble! His girlfriend has been kidnapped and she has been segregated in the castle tower. Explores all the rooms to save her! Another game by
Play Astro AttackAstro Attack Game

Plays: 3767
Category: Action
Astro Attack was an old Amstrad CPC game. Here is my remake version

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