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Play Quick Catch!Quick Catch! Game

Plays: 5009
Category: BoardGame
Catch the falling orbs with your mouse!
Play QiloxQilox Game

Plays: 68961
Category: Action
In this fun and exciting game your mission is to capture more than 75% of the arena whilst avoiding your enemies! In Qilox, when you enter the arena, you draw a trail behind you, which divides the arena. Sections of the arena that have no enemies in them are captured. Watch out, for if a sphere touches you, your trail, or even if you touch your own trail you will lose a life! Enjoy this amazing rendition of the super fun arcade game Zolyx!
Play BallBalanceBallBalance Game

Plays: 18885
Category: Puzzles
drop spheres on the balance but don't make it hit the ground or it's game over! Match 3 balls of the same color to make them disappear
Play GenGen Game

Plays: 10655
Category: Puzzles
Attract the smaller spheres and guide them safely to the light blue sphere. The spheres should not touch red surfaces.
Play OrbitzOrbitz Game

Plays: 7996
Category: Action
Orbitz is a platformer inspired by Super Mario Galaxy! The game takes place in outer space, you control a cute little purple fellow, going from planet to planet, trying to reach the end of each of the 18 levels. The core gameplay is based on 'sphere walking', a concept coined by Shigeru Miyamoto.
Play Column BreakerColumn Breaker Game

Plays: 7962
Category: Puzzles
Shoot colourful jewels to try and create columns of 3 in this physics based puzzle game. Sparkling jewels explode, combos give you extra time, and the magic sphere destroys everything in its path! Bringing together elements from Bejeweled, Peggle and Tetris this game makes for a skillful and tactical experience.
Play Box2D PhysicsBox2D Physics Game

Plays: 5217
Category: Other
This is a physics game with the Box2D physics engine. It took me about 3 hours to create, and it took a lot of thinking. If the game is too long and it doesn’t show the whole thing, try full screen mode or by pressing F11. To go back to regular size press F11 again or move your mouse cursor to the top of the screen and click the square that’s next to the close button (AKA the giant X). I made this whole thing with the guidance of Emanuele Feronato’s blog. The numbers on the top left are the mouse x and y positions/values. They’re pretty useful. I will try to create levels when I get more experience.
Play GemTrisGemTris Game

Plays: 4643
Category: Puzzles
Made with the spirit of tetris and extra levels of complication - how fast are you? 5 shapes, 5 colors, 10 columns, 20 rows. Build multiscores by setting up multimatches. Step 1: Win your way to the top ten list! Step 2: Party!
Play PongitPongit Game

Plays: 4276
Category: BoardGame
The rule is simple. You move the board up and down to bounce the tiny naughty sphere and once you miss it, you will lose your points. so focus your attention! Get a high Level and Good luck!
Play Sphere Avoider 2Sphere Avoider 2 Game

Plays: 3889
Category: Action
Avoid the green spheres, collect the gold ones.
Play Deluxe Game CollectionDeluxe Game Collection Game

Plays: 3801
Category: Action
Play Sphere Fear, Judge, and Circuit Breaker in the Deluxe Game Collection!
Play Crystal TrapCrystal Trap Game

Plays: 3617
Category: Action
This is a puzzle and arcade game, in some places you can make your way only if you are fast enought, in some you need to understand how to make further way.
Play Sphere Avoider Variant 2Sphere Avoider Variant 2 Game

Plays: 3600
Category: Action
Collect the gold spheres, avoid the green ones.
Play PolarizedPolarized Game

Plays: 3504
Category: Puzzles
Use the magnetic nodes to steer the metal sphere to the teleporter through 26 levels while avoiding hazards such as holes and death nodes. Features two movie-style cutscenes, four challenge modes, and an in-game organic soundtrack mixed in real time.
Play D.N.A Dynamic Neural ActionD.N.A Dynamic Neural Action Game

Plays: 3501
Category: Action
Group together the same color cubes and explose them with appropriate sphere. Play alone or two players offline or online !
Play Crazy Dizzy Maze GameCrazy Dizzy Maze Game Game

Plays: 3327
Category: Other
The mazes of this game are different. I use sphere mazes. Levels consists of 8 and a bonus game is waiting. Enjoy playing and i hope you won't get crazy and dizzy.
Play Sphere Avoider Variant 1Sphere Avoider Variant 1 Game

Plays: 3102
Category: Action
Simple avoiding game. Stay alive as long as possible.
Play Cursor Attack 3Cursor Attack 3 Game

Plays: 2986
Category: Puzzles
Combination puzzle and shooting game where the aim is to collect all the orbs in all 55 levels. Some will require brainpower, some will require a steady hand. With changeable backgrounds ,full save game features, and 10 different enemy spheres, you'd be a fool not to play.
Play Orb CollectorOrb Collector Game

Plays: 2694
Category: Action
Collect as many orbs as possible before reaching the miss limit. You can create your own settings.
Play TweenzTweenz Game

Plays: 2647
Category: Puzzles
On each level there are two spheres: green and blue. start point and end point. The player must build the path from the green sphere to the blue one, and then the yellow sphere appears and moves along this path. During the path the yellow sphere must collide with some good things and avoid bad ones.

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