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Online victor Games
Play UngerUnger Game

Plays: 3631
Category: Puzzles
Move your blue box to the red box... by sliding your way there?
Play Despicable Me ( The vectorDespicable Me ( The vector's house) Game

Plays: 30014
Category: Action
Help Gru steal the gun form Victor!
Play World Cup 2010World Cup 2010 Game

Plays: 17224
Category: Sports
If you love soccer then you will absolutely go bonkers for this game! Your objective in this game is to win the world cup!!!! To do this you have to earn enough points in the qualifying stages to reach the final 16. The following four matches will be played on a knockout basis. If a match is tied penalty shots will decide the victor! Try your hardest to win your matches because lost matches CANNOT be restarted!
Play Creature CaptureCreature Capture Game

Plays: 9398
Category: BoardGame
Creature Capture is a fun and colorful fraction-based card game where the goal of the game is to own more of the board than your opponent! Players engage in both solo and multiplayer gameplay as they collect cards and build strategies. Opponents take turns playing their creature-themed cards to a central board, causing battles between opposing cards along the way. The victor of each battle is determined by one of three battle rules: largest number wins, smallest number wins, and closest number to ½ wins. Players can use power cards to augment any creature, allowing them to perform complex fraction-based arithmetic to win battles. Additionally, players build decks from the cards they have collected and challenge their friends to a Creature Capture duel! These duels can be played online or offline. Creature Capture currently features over 20 levels, with new levels and features on the way. Pick Creature Capture today as a fun and engaging part of your collection!
Play Traction 2Traction 2 Game

Plays: 3399
Category: Puzzles
Traction 2 is the sequel to Unger. With almost the same instructions, traction features new elements and 40 redesigned levels.
Play RenuiduelRenuiduel Game

Plays: 3196
Category: Fighting
renaissance duel to the victor type game
Play TrapsTraps Game

Plays: 2886
Category: Adventure
Use the arrow keys to move wizard SPLOOF around - avoiding everything.
Play Renaiduel 2Renaiduel 2 Game

Plays: 2760
Category: Puzzles
a renaissance duel to the victor type game
Play PushiesPushies Game

Plays: 2389
Category: Action
Use the arrow keys to move the big box and avoid being pushed off the screen by little boxes.
Play Christmas Present HuntChristmas Present Hunt Game

Plays: 2344
Category: Puzzles
Help Santa with his presents. Follow the instructions given, sorting presents, and even picking the odd one out. A short game and Christmas treat from Kserve.
Play Omega-EmpireOmega-Empire Game

Plays: 2272
Category: Action
Omega Empire is a retro-mmog (massively multiplayer online game) inspired by the golden age of video games. In it you play the role of a ship commander defending your team’s planets against the opposing enemy ships. Cooperation and teamwork are essential for victory. You can choose to play different types of ships each designed for a different role. The team that manages to colonize all the planets within the playing filed is considered the victor. Players earn experience points and credits throughout game play. They can exchange these for a higher rank or a better ship. HIgher ranks unlock ships and equipment available only to ranking members. The game is very easy to learn but to get the most out of it, please go to the instructions page for further details.



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