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Play Word ChaosWord Chaos Game

Plays: 80645
Category: Word
Put your word skills to the test in this challenging word game.
Play Intricate WordsIntricate Words Game

Plays: 9822
Category: Puzzles
Follow in the tracks of the Magic Cheshire Cat and make up as many words consisting of the letters provided as you can. Don’t forget to use hints and shuffle letters. Think very hard, suggest new words, be creative and resourceful. The stripy fat “king of the words” will appreciate you making every effort to do the right guess. Though sometimes he gets very angry waiting for you to make up your mind he’s easily set at ease. If you’re successful he’ll give you scores and, besides, will reward you by letting contemplate his face broken into a huge pleased smile. Remember, the higher the level – the happier the Cat!
Play HangmanHangman Game

Plays: 197827
Category: Word
Classic game of hangman, guess the letters to stop the hanging!
Play PuzzwordsPuzzwords Game

Plays: 18853
Category: Word
An easy-to play, yet addicting word puzzle game, where the aim is to form words by dropping letters into place.
Play AdlibAdlib Game

Plays: 18833
Category: Puzzles
Your brother has been transformed into an owl! Flip letters to form words and cast spells, with luck you'll change him back to normal before anyone notices!

Plays: 13858
Category: BoardGame
MAKING WORDS is an addictive and challenging word puzzle game. Move the tiles on the board to create horizontal or vertical words. Every time you create a word, the tiles forming that word will be removed from the board. Be careful though, each move that does not create a word will add more tiles to the board. The goal is to find as much words as you can before the board is full.
Play Sea Star ScrambleSea Star Scramble Game

Plays: 11420
Category: Action
Sea Star Scramble is a thrilling, action packed word puzzle game! You are Asterisk, a sea star whose challenge is to form words by popping scrambled, letter bubbles, in the correct order, before they reach the water surface. Misspelled or incorrect words cause the water level to drop, threatening Asterisk's aquarium habitat. Consistently correctly formed words, the larger the better, take Asterisk on an adventure through deeper darker waters.
Play Random Word UnScrambleRandom Word UnScramble Game

Plays: 9519
Category: BoardGame
Find out what the hidden word is, unscramble the letters to solve the word puzzle
Play Word WorkWord Work Game

Plays: 7890
Category: Education
Addicting word game. You are given two words. By adding, deleting or changing only one letter at a time, you must convert the first word into the second one in the least number of moves. Each letter change must create a valid new word.
Play Crossword ScrambleCrossword Scramble Game

Plays: 6555
Category: Puzzles
A word game where you form words both left to right and up and down.
Play Pantechnicon ConnectionPantechnicon Connection Game

Plays: 6372
Category: Puzzles
Help Jack, a pantechnicon driver, make his deliveries by building a road of words. Connect words that finish and start with same 2, 3 or 4 letters.
Play CrosswordCrossword Game

Plays: 6370
Category: Word
Play Online Crossword
Play Word GrooveWord Groove Game

Plays: 5818
Category: Word
Welcome to WORD GROOVE, a fun new word-puzzle game. While most word-puzzlers have you building words.... with WORD GROOVE its time to tear them down! Choose a difficulty setting by working with 4, 5, 6 or 7 letter words. You play by spelling words with the letters you are given. Click on the letters to create words, or type the letter you want to use on the KEYBOARD. Click the letters again to remove them from your word, or hit the BACKSPACE key. When you have spelled your word click the ?USE WORD? button, or hit Enter. Each time you spell a correct word the FIRST LETTER of that word DISAPPEARS. You now have to continue spelling words with the remaining letters. Keep creating words until you have only one letter left. With each word you make you have fewer and fewer letters remaining. Be sure to plan ahead so that you leave yourself the right letters so you can keep creating more words.
Play Word PipesWord Pipes Game

Plays: 4246
Category: Education
Connect the water source to the target using "word pipes".
Play Space Words ScrambleSpace Words Scramble Game

Plays: 4054
Category: Word
Find out what the hidden word is, unscramble the letters to solve the word puzzle
Play Word RollWord Roll Game

Plays: 3937
Category: BoardGame
Word puzzle with 42 levels where you roll the cubes to lay out secret word.
Play DitloidDitloid Game

Plays: 3347
Category: Education
A word puzzle in which a phrase, quote, date or fact must be deduced from the number and abbreviated letters in the clue. I bet you’ve enjoyed Ditloid puzzles and didn’t even know it!
Play Vowels in Your BowelsVowels in Your Bowels Game

Plays: 3330
Category: Education
Shoot vowels at rows of winding bowels bloated with pesky letters - clear the bowels by forming complete words in this wacky, story-based, visually striking word puzzle game!
Play Letters CatchLetters Catch Game

Plays: 3329
Category: Puzzles
Collect flying, moving, jumping and going crazy letters to gather different words.
Play Word ForgeWord Forge Game

Plays: 3305
Category: BoardGame
A quick and addictive game where you battle against time to make as many words as possible from the alphabets you have. The simplicity of the gameplay mechanic leads the player to extremely challenging levels of amazing word-forgery and undeniable awesomeness. The game features music by Miguel Herrero and comes with a vocabulary of more than 250000 words.

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