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Play ???? (Submarine Fighter Chinese)???? (Submarine Fighter Chinese) Game

Plays: 3331
Category: Action
Play Freelance PongFreelance Pong Game

Plays: 3279
Category: Action
Freelance Pong features three modes of play; career, time trial and arcade. In the time trial level you must score as many points as possible within two minutes. Arcade mode plays as Pong normally would. A unique feature is the career mode, in which you must compete through 5 levels of pong to reach a boss and beat the game. Can you become a master Freelancer?
Play Trollface ShooterTrollface Shooter Game

Plays: 3271
Category: Action
You are trollface, and you have to destroy the evil video-game characters.
Play Shinobi NinjaShinobi Ninja Game

Plays: 3264
Category: Action
Casual and simple mouse-only game. Test your ninja skills and dodge obstacles in order to confront the final boss.
Play Alien AnnihilatiionAlien Annihilatiion Game

Plays: 3244
Category: Shooting
Alien Annihilation is a space shooter game where you must blow up UFOs to save the planet. Follow them from earth to their home planet where you must defeat the final boss. Complete bonus rounds for extra points.
Play little Wizzardlittle Wizzard Game

Plays: 3243
Category: Adventure
Help the little wizzard finish his education by going down the school dungeon. Use his spells well to finish the Boss on the bottom.
Play Pro Sniper TowerPro Sniper Tower Game

Plays: 3228
Category: Action
sniper game shooting
Play Perpetual QuestPerpetual Quest Game

Plays: 3225
Category: Action
Defeat monsters, collect money, defeat more monsters. Forever. A Hero's work is never done (until they die). Fight monsters and save towns from the Boss Monster of the North-East from a more-or-less-top-down perspective during your Perpetual Quest.
Play Mobile Weapon AssaultMobile Weapon Assault Game

Plays: 3194
Category: Shooting
Based on the Mobile Weapon world, you pilot any of 3 MAWs to defeat enemies in 5 stages. Get more powerful upgrades as you progress and increase your rank by defeating enemies. You can save your progress after each stage. Unlock different MAWs and try them out. Each MAW has something different! Try flying Luna over the head of the boss in the Lazlo mine. ;)
Play Super G BobSuper G Bob Game

Plays: 3191
Category: Action
Super G Bob is a funny cartoon shooting game. There are 10 levels with cool and funny targets, help bob to shoot them to reach the next level. Every level requires a different number you have to shoot. Shoot the ducks, cactusus, snails and other funny cartoonish characters. This is an awesome and funny shooter game. Super G Bob has two guns that he will fire on your command. Try to avoid the falling obstacles (like eggs etc) and score as many points as possible. Can you score more than 3500 points? Challenge your friends on facebook to play this game too! Try it, it's very funny!
Play Hell StormHell Storm Game

Plays: 3162
Category: Action
Hell Storm is a retro-style shoot em up game with four missions, several bosses, one big boss and countless enemies! Choose your fighter and go!
Play To Kill a Mocking BossTo Kill a Mocking Boss Game

Plays: 3141
Category: Action
You have to kill the boss instead of he killing you. To make your way through the gates press the space bar. To climb the stairs press the UP arrow key. Finally to make the boss die, find out the clue.
Play Armor Hero - Hard Battle(EN)Armor Hero - Hard Battle(EN) Game

Plays: 3128
Category: Action
Armor Hero Action Game - Hard Battle This time Armor Hero lost all of his weapons and abilities. So Flash Armor must find his weapons and abilities during the battle of the monsters, and finally kill the boss. Arrow Keys: Move Up Arrow: Jump A: Fist/Sword Attack S: Shoot Energy Wave Down+A: Energy Shield Up x 2: Double Jump
Play Band PractiseBand Practise Game

Plays: 3115
Category: Dress-Up
The first band practise and there are creative and ego clashes to deal with. Be the Boss and sort them out.
Play Deadly 360Deadly 360 Game

Plays: 3109
Category: Shooting
It’s a space shooter with 5 unique ennemies, 3 Mini-Boss and 1 unique Boss in which you have to upgrade your tower to survive.
Play Bitter BossBitter Boss Game

Plays: 3107
Category: Strategy
Type what the Boss tells you to do and see if you can catch up with his demanding attitude.
Play Capsule QuestCapsule Quest Game

Plays: 3107
Category: Action
This game was made and inspired from nowadays event which is The Swine Flu Story Abstraction The mysterious epidemic occured in maxice island in a few days almost all people in those island died, the medical squad who inspect the area succeed found one survivor and in High Hospital the survivor diagnozed as she got some strange virus. DR Shiki Windmalay who ever developed T.A.M.I (Terestria Advanced Medical Invention) capsule try to cure the disease using her Advanced Medical Capsule as a T.A.M.I capsule, you have to destroy (shoot) all the virus and destroy the mother core to save the patient from death! Feature 6 Level Available Sub Boss and Boss Fight Random power Up + Hyper Shot power Up Secret Achievement and Secret Art Gallery
Play ControlCraft 2ControlCraft 2 Game

Plays: 3095
Category: Action
In ControlCraft 2 you are in charge of your own blue army! Send your troops from one tower to the other and attack the enemy! Set out a strategic plan and don't forget to buy new upgrades at the shop!
Play Jewel CaveJewel Cave Game

Plays: 3073
Category: Action
Your Jewels have been stolen! Explore a dangerous cave in this retro platformer, while hunting down the thief. Many challenges await you on your journey, such as tough enemies, giant bosses, achievements and many secrets!
Play SworldSworld Game

Plays: 3068
Category: Action
Shoot your way through the levels to defeat the end boss in this classic top down arcade game. Now with leaderboards!

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