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Play Space WarSpace War Game

Plays: 1939
Category: Action
You are responsible for driving the spacecraft towards the victory in this online action game. You have to destroy all the enemies you can and the boss at the end level. Collect the stars that are bonuses that can help health, shield, and other powers.
Play Biotic DefendersBiotic Defenders Game

Plays: 1910
Category: Action
You are a nanobot that is partaking in government experiments to determine how effective you are in killing viruses and curing the body. Your goal is to kill the viruses and the boss as efficiently as possible. You will face many challenges. Be the best virus-killer possible! Be a biotic defender!
Play Bouncing MadnessBouncing Madness Game

Plays: 1901
Category: Shooting
The objective is shoot the bouncing balloons while avoiding contact with them. The ballons will change color when shot, until they finally are eliminated. The player's health is reduced every time a balloon touches the player. The game ends when the player's health is reduced to zero. There is a 4 second reloading period during which shots will not occur. If the player passes over the health symbol, some player health points are restored. Use ASDW for movement, mouse cursor to aim, and left mouse button to shoot.
Play Invader BreakerInvader Breaker Game

Plays: 1892
Category: Action
A solo production by Ethan Fairweather, game fusion, Space Invaders/Brick Breaker. Enjoy this game fusion, while there are infinite levels, the game does eventually become impossible, around level 15 possibly sooner. Barrier health has no cap, but it will not be visible if they are over full, they will simply not deteriorate until they fall to the visible level.
Play Music MayhemMusic Mayhem Game

Plays: 1878
Category: Action
Hit the green blocks to score points and build up your combo but don't let them get through or you will lose life. Use powerups to help you and aim for an highscore!
Play Popcorn PhobiaPopcorn Phobia Game

Plays: 1869
Category: Action
Avoid popcorns so that you can stay alive.Collected items will go to your inventory.In which you can use them later throughout the game.There are 2 1 to use health pack and 2 to use slow time.
Play maryadaRamannamaryadaRamanna Game

Plays: 1868
Category: Adventure
Try to collect as many fruits lying at different points on the screen while riding on the bicycle to increase your fuel and the points and try to avoid contact with the eagle that will be chasing you on the screen. If the eagle hits you, you will loose some of your health. Try collecting the fruits as long as you have fuel and health and increase your points. If the fuel or health ends, the game end.
Play Highway RushHighway Rush Game

Plays: 1808
Category: Driving
our enemies are escaping be quick..... Drive your car on highway and destroy the targeted enemies cars. Try to trace your enemies on the road and shoot them. Avoid accident while driving on highway with other cars. On the way collect coins to score more points. Watch your health bar. Have an amazing time in playing Highway Rush Game!!

Plays: 1794
Category: Action
Maneuver your kaleidoscopic orb, evade oncoming hazards, collect upgrades, and more, within this fast paced-hyperactive and certainly addictive game. The objective is fun and easy to grasp. Press down to activate the orb, and as you continue to hold down your orb will regenerate health. Once you release, your orb will be disabled and your will no longer collide with obstacles with the expense of some health lost over time. Throughout the campaign you will encounter different objects which could aid/harm you such as stars, bars, upgrades, and Kags.
Play Shoot them allShoot them all Game

Plays: 1779
Category: Action
Waves of zombies attack our Hero. At the end of every wave: The Hero can buy health updates and gun updates. When a zombie hits the base, hero's health gets reduced by a certain percentage. When the health becomes zero the game ends. Drag the mouse to move the cursor. The gun shoots continuously. Beware of the skeleton zombie and the blue bat. If they hit the hero the game ends.
Play Honeydew Melon AdventureHoneydew Melon Adventure Game

Plays: 1759
Category: Adventure
Help the honeydew bug collect enough honeydew melons to enter next level!
Play Sniper Operation 2Sniper Operation 2 Game

Plays: 1757
Category: Action
You have new mission to accomplish.Zoom out the hideout areas and shoot all the enemies. Beware of enemy snipers, shoot them before they shoot you. You have a different targets in each level. Check the assigned task in below screen. Watch health bar and timer. All the best!
Play Little Pig Find WifeLittle Pig Find Wife Game

Plays: 1726
Category: Action
Cute little pig find a beauty in the air,he want her be his wife,help him please! don't touch other animals,you will lose some scores if do that.
Play City guardianCity guardian Game

Plays: 1693
Category: Action
City Guardian is an action-skill game that will test your reaction speed and skill as you try to change color of your character to match the color of your enemies. Change your colors and hover over them to kill them. Be careful, every enemy that gets past you will make your health bar drop. When your health reaches 0 the level is over. Use upgrades and power-ups to make your monster faster and stronger in order to take out enemies faster.
Play Celebrity FacialistCelebrity Facialist Game

Plays: 1691
Category: Other
Come and join the staff of the health and beauty salon. You must take care of celebrities by giving them the best facial treatments.
Play Gravitee WarsGravitee Wars Game

Plays: 1672
Category: Action
Battle for control of the galaxy in this space based artillery game based on the Gravitee series of games. Slingshot your missiles around planets to destroy your enemy and utilize the 10 different weapons and utilities available. As you progress you’ll earn up to 50 different awards, and 21 different rewards. Upgrade your team as you earn money by improving your unit’s health and accuracy or by buying extra units for your team.
Play Block ReflectBlock Reflect Game

Plays: 1626
Category: Shooting
Defend your life by blocking and reflect lasers. Destroy health blocks to gain health. Get powerups to help you survive longer. Survive as long as you can!
Play Goblin AdventureGoblin Adventure Game

Plays: 1620
Category: Adventure
Start your brains,together with goblin's adventure,try collect all stars in every level,have fun!
Play Fantasy TournamentFantasy Tournament Game

Plays: 1619
Category: Action
in this game the goal is to pick a mission and win it. Then send your high rank in to see if you’re the master of the tournament! There are three playable characters each with their own upgrades. Also highest rank unlocks better missions. Update Fixed the main menu Monsters health is lower Made the game easier Made the Warrior and Rogue play faster Every mission you can make money now All backgrounds have been updated Changed the ranks you need to unlock new missions
Play Protect the city of the Undead!Protect the city of the Undead! Game

Plays: 1592
Category: Action
Fight hordes of hungry zombies, pick up Health Packs and Weapons from drop boxes. Don't let the monsters get into your town or they'll zombify the population.

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