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Play Basketball ShotBasketball Shot Game

Plays: 3265
Category: Shooting
Make at least ten baskets before time runs out.
Play Fly And DieFly And Die Game

Plays: 3263
Category: Action
Click on planets with aliens to launch them into space! Find the total distance of their 60 seconds long space journey!
Play Colored ShotColored Shot Game

Plays: 3219
Category: Shooting
Shoot the bombs with the correct colored aimer to score points. Do not shoot with the wrong colored aimer and don't let the bombs touch the ground.
Play Ghost Sniper haok4:Zombie CrisisGhost Sniper haok4:Zombie Crisis Game

Plays: 3208
Category: Shooting
Code - Zombie Crisis: Let out a battlefield of many ghost-like purgatory feel calm haok sniper mission briefings, according to information in several illegal under secret military bases in biological experiments, the occurrence of a desperate accident of biological experiments, I do not know why, this should not what happened happened, all the secret military base in biological experiments, almost all organisms, humans, including animal and then were infected with a speeding the spread of infection, the survival rate of very high super-hybrid variant virus, the country's Many actions taken by the secret agencies, but to the staff, no survivors, all lost contact ..... And with very many precious lives to sneak into the cost of staff have an important message that the virus is unknown creatures, the arms on their common null and void, it will only irritate them, and there will be some people or animals have some Variation of special abilities, though these creatures are infected in the zombie state of unconsciousness, but with a terrible attack, and even remotely similar to the command of the ability to attack when being attacked, as long as life is not a shot, lead to disastrous consequences, was attacked, they tend to become very violent, even rampage, and even escaped outside the base, the more creatures to become like them ..... The task is to destroy all living things, all ... Special Note: Some of those infected creatures, vision is completely abnormal level, they can discover their family of any non-biological and biological light through remote means of attack, destroy all their eyes are different biological a
Play Lunar RaceLunar Race Game

Plays: 3192
Category: Action
Steer your spaceship and destroy all enemies. There are 15 levels of difficulty.
Play Super G BobSuper G Bob Game

Plays: 3191
Category: Action
Super G Bob is a funny cartoon shooting game. There are 10 levels with cool and funny targets, help bob to shoot them to reach the next level. Every level requires a different number you have to shoot. Shoot the ducks, cactusus, snails and other funny cartoonish characters. This is an awesome and funny shooter game. Super G Bob has two guns that he will fire on your command. Try to avoid the falling obstacles (like eggs etc) and score as many points as possible. Can you score more than 3500 points? Challenge your friends on facebook to play this game too! Try it, it's very funny!
Play Target PracticeTarget Practice Game

Plays: 3186
Category: Action
Target Practice, shoot the target. This game was built in ONE hour as part of a new ONE hour game project
Play GhostHunt SniperGhostHunt Sniper Game

Plays: 3175
Category: Shooting
Shoot the ghosts use your sniper rifle to scope them out and shoot them down
Play Monkey frameMonkey frame Game

Plays: 3171
Category: Action
The monkey will appear only for a fraction of a second. Then player will have to click the camera at the top right hand corner of the screen to take the picture of the monkey. This captured picture is displayed along with milliseconds of player’s timing.
Play Doom PatrolDoom Patrol Game

Plays: 3163
Category: Action
Doom Patrol is a Top Down shooter inspired by Alien Shooter, with high-quality game-play, music and amazing 3D graphics.
Play bone battlebone battle Game

Plays: 3146
Category: Shooting
Candy and Elly are neighbors,but they can't get along with each other well.They often fight each other,and their weapons are bones.One day,they start again?
Play TankballTankball Game

Plays: 3139
Category: Action
A game of ball, or the bouncing is required to win.
Play Deadly 360Deadly 360 Game

Plays: 3109
Category: Shooting
It’s a space shooter with 5 unique ennemies, 3 Mini-Boss and 1 unique Boss in which you have to upgrade your tower to survive.
Play Capsule QuestCapsule Quest Game

Plays: 3107
Category: Action
This game was made and inspired from nowadays event which is The Swine Flu Story Abstraction The mysterious epidemic occured in maxice island in a few days almost all people in those island died, the medical squad who inspect the area succeed found one survivor and in High Hospital the survivor diagnozed as she got some strange virus. DR Shiki Windmalay who ever developed T.A.M.I (Terestria Advanced Medical Invention) capsule try to cure the disease using her Advanced Medical Capsule as a T.A.M.I capsule, you have to destroy (shoot) all the virus and destroy the mother core to save the patient from death! Feature 6 Level Available Sub Boss and Boss Fight Random power Up + Hyper Shot power Up Secret Achievement and Secret Art Gallery
Play Rat Shot 2009Rat Shot 2009 Game

Plays: 3105
Category: Action
How far can YOU fire a rat across a pub? Now's your chance to find out!
Play Pool JamPool Jam Game

Plays: 3041
Category: Sports
PoolJam is a fun, single-player Pool game. The rules are simple! Players have 5 minutes to clear as many balls from the table as possible! The game begins with 9 balls (and a cue ball) and players have to pocket balls as fast as they can in order to score points. To position your shots, do the following: - Position each shot using your mouse, moving it around the cue ball (the white ball)
Play Origami ApplesOrigami Apples Game

Plays: 3040
Category: Puzzles
Launch the paper skier, and knock the Origami Apples down to the ground. Sounds easy, right. Well...there are a lot of levels, and a lot of obstacles, so give it a shot! Use the mouse or space bar to launch the skier. You can give him a boost in the air with the mouse too.
Play Night Vision Sniper!Night Vision Sniper! Game

Plays: 3022
Category: Shooting
It's dark out there - pick off the targets using your nightsight, and get an extra target for every perfect shot
Play CannonBallCannonBall Game

Plays: 3021
Category: Shooting
Use arrows to adjust the direction and force of the shot, and click on the cannon to shoot. You need to get into prepared boxes.
Play ChipShotChipShot Game

Plays: 3009
Category: Action
Try to sink your best chipshots across 9 levels of play. The lower your hits, the better your chance of getting on the leaderboard!

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