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Play The Time TrapThe Time Trap Game

Plays: 1666
Category: BoardGame
May be you already know this game, and have played it on paper. Now you can play it on your PC as well! In ordinary cross-word puzzle you need to guess the words and place them horizontaly or verticaly to appropriate cells within the game field. Of course, each pair of crossing horizontal and vertical words must have the same letter in the cell of intersection. Unlike the cross-word puzzle, the game uses numbers in place of words. More then that, all numbers, that need to be placed on the game field, are known in advance. However, you don't know the cells within the game field, to which each number should be placed. As in cross-word, you can place numbers both horizontaly and verticaly, and each crossing pair of numbers must have the same digit in the cell of their intersection. Remember, that the objective of the game is to fill in the game field from the offered set of numbers. Don't be surprised, if after filling in all of the free cells you still have unused numbers. They are check numbers. If the game field was filled correctly, you may find them in one of the columns or rows of the game field. After this you will need to place them in the appropriate position. The game have 30 puzzles with different levels of the difficulty.
Play Wings of GenesisWings of Genesis Game

Plays: 1636
Category: Action
Set in the same universe with the Original game, Wings of Genesis is a side-scrolling shooting game with a heavy touch of RPG influence. Players can pick one of the 3 main characters to begin the adventure and blast through waves of bosses and enemies!
Play JurattackJurattack Game

Plays: 1634
Category: Action
Be a grumpy dinosaur and spew fire at dragons. Kill them and collect their eggs to recharge your inner strength. But be careful! If you run out of fire - you die!
Play Draco is comingDraco is coming Game

Plays: 1633
Category: Action
You want the new year to come? Help the dragon repulse the attacks of the rabbits! Four unique abilities of the hero ! Opportunity to improve skills ! Lots of different rabbits ! Unique Christmas soundtrack !
Play DragonDragon's Cavern Game

Plays: 1613
Category: Action
Black and White Arcade game 1: Dragon's Cavern
Play DragmanardsDragmanards Game

Plays: 1608
Category: Action
Swordman, Magician, and Archer! Three basic types of Dragmanards at your service!! Protect the Dragon Manor from the demons, summon the Dragmanards and use the Dragon Spell to protect the manor.
Play Princess SaverPrincess Saver Game

Plays: 1598
Category: Adventure
Far far away there is a lonely tower. And, of course, you have to destroy it. Why?.. Because a beautiful princess is waiting for you there?.. Nooo, because it's fun! By the way, try not to kill the princess and catch her. She may be usefull later...
Play Epic Dragon FighterEpic Dragon Fighter Game

Plays: 1596
Category: Action
The germans have hatched enemy dragon babies, They have sent them towards your country to cause chaos and destruction to your country! Make sure your country goes unharmed under all circumstances, Good luck!
Play Magic Smash HammerMagic Smash Hammer Game

Plays: 1583
Category: Action
Your goal is to save the kingdom. Help the Keeper of the Magic Hammer protect the castle from enemies. You will face the representatives of four elements: water, fire, earth and air. Use their vulnerabilities to opposite elements by selecting the necessary hammer. Collect coins to upgrade your skills and buy new spells. Destroy all the enemies and defeat the main dragon.
Play Miss Drago-2012Miss Drago-2012 Game

Plays: 1582
Category: BoardGame
Teach Drago to color the picture of Miss Drago-2012.
Play Princess TowerPrincess Tower Game

Plays: 1561
Category: Action
Our beautiful princess was kidnapped when she was a child by a dragon, and was condemned to live in the tower waiting for her prince. The wait was so long that our princess has decided to leave alone. She should go through all levels of the tower using only her umbrella!
Play DragonFight-Score ManiaDragonFight-Score Mania Game

Plays: 1523
Category: Action
Use Dragon magic balls to defeat devils,stay alive until time expires. This is first game in series "Year of the dragon".Sonsors can contant us via skype: marko_creatiwell
Play Dragon DressupDragon Dressup Game

Plays: 1503
Category: Dress-Up
Help this cute dragon dress up however you want. It's your dragon so do your best to try different combinations and come up with a better look of it.
Play Bouncing BallsBouncing Balls Game

Plays: 1498
Category: Action
Prepare to be seduced and get addicted to one of our most popular games! In the arcade classic of Bouncing Balls, your goal is to form groups of 3 or more balls of the same color so that they can be destroyed. When the game starts, multiple rows of color balls will slowly move downward from the top. A color ball is placed inside the launcher at the bottom of the play area, while the next ball will also be displayed. Move your mouse to change the direction of the launcher, then click to launch the ball. If the ball forms a group of at least 3 balls of the same color, the whole group of balls will be destroyed. When the balls are removed, the pieces which are only attached to the destroyed group of balls will also be eliminated, for example, when you have destroyed a group of blue balls, the red balls which are only attached to the blue balls will also be removed. Your score is recorded at the top left corner of the screen. If you can destroy a larger pile of balls, more points will be awarded. If the balls reach the bottom of the play area, the game ends. Clear the field so as to proceed and rocket up the leaderboard!
Play Hero Mouse Adventure v2Hero Mouse Adventure v2 Game

Plays: 1484
Category: Action
You're a Great hero that was called for a quest from the kingdom of sky; the quest will be filled with danger on every turn, crazy monsters, and The Dragon lord! Can you hold your stance and fight to save the princess of sky?
Play Dinos vs MonstersDinos vs Monsters Game

Plays: 1445
Category: Action
Save dinos from angry monsters )) Use keyboard arrows or wsad...
Play The year of the Dragon. 5 DifferencesThe year of the Dragon. 5 Differences Game

Plays: 1421
Category: Puzzles
Find the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.
Play Double DragonDouble Dragon Game

Plays: 1416
Category: Fighting
Your beautiful girlfriend was captured by enemies, come alone or with your friend to rescue her! Come on!
Play Dragon BattleDragon Battle Game

Plays: 1410
Category: Action
My first game :D
Play Dragon FighterDragon Fighter Game

Plays: 1388
Category: Action
Use WASD keys to control movement, J key to attack, K key or use the nunchuck require rage, L key to rising kick or require rage.

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