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Play Fast Cars - Find the DifferencesFast Cars - Find the Differences Game

Plays: 1869
Category: Puzzles
There are ten photos in front of you! In every picture is some good and quickly automobile. This time your job is not to drive these rapid automobiles you have to find differences among two photos. Time is limited, so you may have to become quick enough to finish ahead of time runs out! Use mouse to click when you come across some difference, but be careful. When you click on a wrong location you get mistake point. 5 mistake points and the game will be more than for you. You might have 60 seconds for each and every image, so for anyone who is ready grab mouse and start! When you solve the differences in 1 image you could visit the following one particular. Have fun!
Play Hidden Truck WheelsHidden Truck Wheels Game

Plays: 1869
Category: Puzzles
Look at your observational expertise in this game. Play this game of hidden truck wheels and locate out in case your talent is laudable adequate or not. The best way to play this game? It's easy sufficient. Within this game, an image is viewed on the screen. Just notice the missing truck wheels in every single image. You'll find fifteen wheels in each and every image. Utilizing the mouse you are able to click on the image to uncover the wheels. Every image is out there for a time of two hundred seconds. You will find three photos you'll be able to choose from. How about taking a spin on the truck with hidden wheels? This game shows the hidden wheels inside a faint pattern. You might have to truly concentrate to see the pattern. You are allowed a total of five mistakes just before the game exits. The photos are much more of a three dimensional form. Just play this game and use your observational and concentration abilities!
Play Fairy TecnaFairy Tecna Game

Plays: 1843
Category: Dress-Up
Fairy is going to go to magic school. To look at a truly magical it must re-measure a lot of clothes and pick out different images. At school all the fairies fancy and elegant friend. I hope you do not stay indifferent and help his beloved heroine to select the desired image!
Play Easter Sliding PuzzleEaster Sliding Puzzle Game

Plays: 1821
Category: Education
The Easter is right around the corner! The Easter Bunny prepared for you an awesome puzzle game to see if you are worthy of his gifts. Solve his puzzle and he will be very generous with you! Choose the image that you like and a puzzle size that will challenge you. Keep an eye on the time and make minimum number of moves to find the solution. Have fun!
Play Kingdom of the flowers: Beautiful roseKingdom of the flowers: Beautiful rose Game

Plays: 1814
Category: BoardGame
Kingdom of the flowers: Beautiful rose. To open an image, you must click on the butterfly. Choose any butterfly and click on it. The faster you deal with the job, then your score will be higher. Good luck!
Play Dress Up JustinDress Up Justin Game

Plays: 1797
Category: Customize
Justin is an idol for many girls all over the world! He is famous for his style – Justin is very fashionable! Don't you want to try yourself as his personal stylist and makeup artist? Combine different pieces of clothes, pick up accessories, make a gorgeous hairdo and create his new image!
Play Dinosaur InvasionDinosaur Invasion Game

Plays: 1796
Category: Action
Image that you are the doctor who has made the evil dinosaur to destroy cities! Try to survive longer and destroy more!
Play 3D Animated Puzzle Evening Chocolate3D Animated Puzzle Evening Chocolate Game

Plays: 1780
Category: Education
ESPAÑOL ABAJO Move the pieces with the mouse to make the image within the rectangle marked with the white line. Once you obtain your points submit your score! but dont close the POP-UP Window or your points wont be submitted. Try to be the number one of the World!! ESPAÑOL Mueve las piezas con el raton hasta formar la imagen dentro del rectangulo marcado con la linea blanca Una vez que obtengas tus puntos envialos (Boton SEND)! pero no cierres la ventana que saldra o tus puntos no seran enviados. Intenta ser el numero uno del mundo!!
Play Hidden Car TiresHidden Car Tires Game

Plays: 1779
Category: Puzzles
Three astounding and fastest vehicles are in these 3 images. It is possible to pick one particular at the starting. Subsequent step would be to uncover some thing that is hidden in that image. That is certainly 15 vehicle tires. Use mouse and click on the tire after you see one. The time is restricted so be quick and find all hidden tires ahead of time runs out. You have got 200 seconds for every picture and it is possible to do 5 errors. In case you do a lot more mistakes the game might be over. So, should you be ready start off the game and have fun!
Play Castle ArtCastle Art Game

Plays: 1776
Category: Action
Shoot all enemies, find all parts of picture, and assemble the whole image to get to next level.
Play Kingdom of the flowers: ChamomileKingdom of the flowers: Chamomile Game

Plays: 1769
Category: Action
Kingdom of the flowers: Chamomile. To open an image, you must click on the butterfly. Choose any butterfly and click on it. The faster you deal with the job, then your score will be higher. Good luck!
Play Tween Image MemmoryTween Image Memmory Game

Plays: 1763
Category: Puzzles
Tween Image Memmory is the memmories games. for everyone
Play Blue Car ChallengeBlue Car Challenge Game

Plays: 1762
Category: Puzzles
It's a great image puzzle, where player must mount a car image quickly!
Play Monster Truck Hidden AlphabetsMonster Truck Hidden Alphabets Game

Plays: 1758
Category: Puzzles
Find hidden alphabets between beautiful monster truck pictures. At each picture has hidden all alphabet letters. You can choose one of three images to start with game. You have 300 seconds of each image to find all hidden letters. If you want you can remove the time with only one click. Choose one image that you want and start to play.
Play Code BreakingCode Breaking Game

Plays: 1756
Category: Education
The detective has received a mysterious letter which contains a message written in secret symbols. Can you help him to decode and reveal the original text? In this game you will be given a string of strange codes, while the 26 alphabets are listed at the bottom of the screen. You need to click and drag the letters to replace the codes so as to reconstruct the hidden words. The letters used will be removed from the alphabet list, but you may drag any of the letters back to the list if you would like to make another guess. You may also click the Hint button to reveal a letter if necessary. When you have completed the message, click the Submit button on the right to check your answer. The amount of time you have spent will be recorded at the top of the screen. Quickly solve the riddle and find the answer with the fewest hints, and you will surely be rewarded by the detective.
Play Little Stylish FairyLittle Stylish Fairy Game

Plays: 1751
Category: Dress-Up
Little fairy Jerry loves fashion and she pays much attention to her image. She often changes her pose. Now, she is trying on many pretty dresses and can not decide which one is the best. Help her quickly and give her some advice. She is a little stylish fairy!
Play Letters in Adventure PlacesLetters in Adventure Places Game

Plays: 1745
Category: Puzzles
Three photos in adventure places. Each image is story for itself. It's important to uncover 26 hidden letters in these pictures. The letters are very good hidden and it’s not that simple because it appears. You may mistake five instances in each and every picture. For those who do that errors prior to find all letters the game might be over. Use mouse to click if you see some letter. Time is limited - 300 seconds for every picture, but if you'd like to play relax just remove time. Enjoy!
Play Pacific Rim Hidden LettersPacific Rim Hidden Letters Game

Plays: 1731
Category: Puzzles
Find the hidden letters in the Pacific Rim image. Can you do it before time runs out?
Play Join the DotsJoin the Dots Game

Plays: 1703
Category: Education
Help your little sister to complete the picture by joining the dots! When the game starts, you will be given the silhouette of a frog and numerous small dots marked with numbers. Click the dots according to the ascending sequence of the numbers to join them by lines and reveal the image. The amount of time you have spent will be recorded at the top left corner of the screen, and the faster you complete the task, the higher your score. Play with family and friends to see who is the quickest drawer!
Play Mystery Treasure - Find the DifferencesMystery Treasure - Find the Differences Game

Plays: 1684
Category: Puzzles
There are actually ten pairs of images in front of you. Every single pair of photos consists of 5 differences as well as your job is usually to obtain it! The photos hide some mystery, and it truly is not that uncomplicated to find differences. The two pictures are just about exactly the same, so concentrate! Whenever you solve 1st picture you may go to the next a single, not prior to. Be careful, when you do some mistake and click on the incorrect place five times you might lose. You might have 1 minute for each image. Use mouse to click any time you uncover difference. Have fun!

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