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Play Highway PredatorHighway Predator Game

Plays: 1462
Category: Driving
Run fast on highway and try to avoid damaging your car. Smash all your enemies from each level, to be able to be the best winter driver from the highway.
Play Robo Battle KidRobo Battle Kid Game

Plays: 1361
Category: Action
Smash robots! Yeah!
Play Precision PumpkinsPrecision Pumpkins Game

Plays: 1357
Category: Action
Use precision to smash pumpkins!
Play Lil SmashLil Smash Game

Plays: 1350
Category: Sports
Lil' Smash is a 3D tennis game, full of fun, attractive game play with various players around the world. You can play an exhibition match or enter a tournament.
Play Smashing CreaturesSmashing Creatures Game

Plays: 1338
Category: Shooting
Fast smashing game. Smash the creatures!! Smash their heads!!
Play Balloon BashBalloon Bash Game

Plays: 1307
Category: Shooting
Balloon Bash is a sweet and simple time based shooter game. Player is supposed to shoot as many balloons as possible with in given time of 60 seconds. Balloons are generated at random time to test the chance of player.
Play Spy ChaseSpy Chase Game

Plays: 1292
Category: Driving
Race through multiple full colour terrains in your super-charged FBI car and capture the spies before they escape across the border. Look out overhead for bombing helicopters and keep your eyes out for other cars and obstacles on the road. Hint, smash in to the other cars to wipe them out. Playable using the mouse on desktop or touch screen on mobile phones.
Play FliesFlies Game

Plays: 1288
Category: Action
Mom has made a strawberry pie. Keep the flies off the pie. Kill as many flies as you can to save your delicious pie. Lets see who gets the pie, you or the fly!
Play Banana Crumb MuffinsBanana Crumb Muffins Game

Plays: 1245
Category: Dress-Up
Put on your apron and get behind the kitchen counter, for Oti's cooking class is about to start! Today she'll reveal to you all her muffin baking tips and tricks, so, if you're a real desserts addict, you should no way miss her class! Select the right ingredients, mix them as indicated to you by your lovely trainer, pour, smash, sprinkle, wait for your muffins to cook, learn all about decorating them and... you will have baked your tantalizing banana crumb muffins in no time!
Play Free Kicks 3DFree Kicks 3D Game

Plays: 1197
Category: Action
The most challenging Free Kicks game on the web! FEATURES - Play with different players, unlock more players as you progress and train their stats so that you can score more impressive goals and achieve better highscores! - In Time Attack Mode you have to score as many goals as you can in 3 minutes. - In Arcade Mode you have 3 lives and you lose one life every time you miss a shoot. - In Story mode you can play various scenarios using the unlocked players and unlock more players! - Start with a default player, learn the ropes of the game and move on to players with more difficult scenarios and shooting positions. - Use more than 20 bonus items and equipment in order to up your game. - Online daily and weekly leaderboards to compete against your friends and other fans of the game: Do you have what it takes to beat all the other fans and hold the top position? - Accurate shoot controls: set the direction, power and curving of your shots and experience complete and total control over the trajectory of the ball! - A gorgeous 3D environment and realistic physics simulation using the Flare3D engine. - A huge variety of realistic goalkeepers with different strengths and weaknesses, reaction times and zones of control. - Avoid the defenders and smash targets for better scores! Interactive defenders will jump and react to shots.
Play Go RepoGo Repo Game

Plays: 1180
Category: Action
Go Repo officially comes to Newgrounds! Take your team of strong-arm repo agents and go and recover some bad debts from "customers" who will do anything they can to stop you. Use of force is allowed, but not advised as you will have to pay the victim's hospital bills. Throw the repo'd gear in the back of your van and reach the target to move on to the next job. If a "customer" starts giving you grief, throw something at them to "calm them down", but try not to break the most valuable items while you are at it. If you get really desperate and a "customer" just won't give up, use a special move on them and KO them good and proper!
Play Smash Carrera GTSmash Carrera GT Game

Plays: 1163
Category: Driving
In honor of Paul Walker,who is actor of The Fast and the Furious.Let's smash carrera GT!
Play Epic HammerEpic Hammer Game

Plays: 1158
Category: Action
Smash creeps with your giant hammer.
Play Star BadmintonStar Badminton Game

Plays: 1130
Category: Sports
For the first time ever, you can play badminton with the computer upon the stars. When the game of 21 points starts, you can press the Z or X key on your keyboard to serve the ball, then use the four arrow keys to move. When you need to hit the ball, you may press Z key for long shots, X for short shots or C for smashes. A player can serve the ball after successful scoring. The scores for both sides are recorded at the top left corner of the screen, and the game will end when a player has accumulated 21 points. Indulge in the dynamic sport and rise to dazzling new heights!
Play Ant FeedAnt Feed Game

Plays: 1041
Category: Puzzles
Its a snake game variations with a line of ants. The big ant falow your mouse, feed it! Cockroaches are your enemies, smash them!
Play FlightlessFlightless Game

Plays: 1022
Category: Puzzles
Smash enemies, solve puzzles and collect gems with your magic ladder in this multiplayer-puzzle-platformer.
Play Van SmashVan Smash Game

Plays: 1006
Category: Action
Move left right arrow keys. Space Bar Attack.
Play Alphabet BreakAlphabet Break Game

Plays: 990
Category: Other
In this game, alphabets in square shape fall from top to bottom. You need to smash the alphabets and resist them from reaching the bottom to create a pyramid shape. As you type faster to win the game, your fingers automatically find where the key is. So playing this Game will significantly improve your typing speed.
Play Fruit smashFruit smash Game

Plays: 981
Category: Puzzles
Swap two adjacent fruits together and let the fruit disappear.
Play Voguish Cowgirl DressupVoguish Cowgirl Dressup Game

Plays: 968
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up this cow girl with variety of clothes and accessories available, this will certainly increase your creativity at the same time helps to smash your boredom. Have fun dressing up this voguish cow girl.Click4Games offers only high quality flash game

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