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Play SquirrelfallSquirrelfall Game

Plays: 3195
Category: Action
Squirrelfall thrusts the player into the role of a squirrel struggling to survive as he falls to certain death. A squirrel knows that just because you die in the end, doesn't mean you can't have fun on the way down.
Play Blood PitBlood Pit Game

Plays: 3189
Category: Action
Blood Pit is an IGM (In Game Module) for Legends of Renowned Deeds (LoRD). Win 2 Free Games or Cash!
Play Defense CropsDefense Crops Game

Plays: 3187
Category: Shooting
Protect your crop from hungry animals. Earn money to buy weapons, upgrades
Play Vise HeadVise Head Game

Plays: 3179
Category: Shooting
VISE HEAD Shoot the ball and avenge you Hold the mouse button for power increase Shoot the ball and avenge you Make the best score
Play Vending Machine ChampVending Machine Champ Game

Plays: 3160
Category: Action
The eternal struggle of man versus vending machine continues under the lights of the Snackdome. It takes a quick and accurate touch on the mouse to finesse a tasty snack treat from its metal-and-glass prison fast enough to be crowned champion. Do you have what it takes, or will you be just another blood stain in the ring?
Play BloodstreamBloodstream Game

Plays: 3134
Category: Action
Your goal is to oxygenate the red blood cells by touching them. You control the white blood cell. Beware of invading bacteria, they'll kill your precious red cells! You can eat them by touching them. Once a red blood cell is dead, it can never be revived. Blue cells are without oxygen, red cells have been oxidized, and gray cells are dead. Your white cell cannot be hurt, but if you run out of oxygen, you lose! Oxygen is displayed in the top right hand corner. Good luck!
Play BugsKillerBugsKiller Game

Plays: 3114
Category: Shooting
Kill the bugs and make the high score
Play GoldenBoyGoldenBoy Game

Plays: 3109
Category: Action
On an early morning in a small village a child is born. It turns out that this isn’t a normal child, rather one with magical powers! A few years after the birth of the child his parents find out that this is a very special child. His nickname then becomes GoldenBoy. This rumour spreads throughout the village and even reaches the scary Skulltree castle. Skulltree is a village where only offenders live. A number of the inhabitants there have kidnapped the child and locked him up in the cellar at Skulltree castle. The child is sitting on his haunches, alone. It is an extremely difficult time for him. Slowly his anger starts to build…
Play Dush NyaoDush Nyao Game

Plays: 3087
Category: Shooting
A very addictive and very simple shoot em style game.
Play Beware The Lizards!Beware The Lizards! Game

Plays: 3082
Category: Action
Avoid an un-timely death at the hands of horrible, mutanted, lizard creatures! 3 levels of mayhem.
Play Knife Warrior  BLADEKnife Warrior BLADE Game

Plays: 3066
Category: Action
In this troubled complex world, disaster always from the most secluded corner, justice and evil war will be in unknown places on. The arrival of the new century, before long, an unknown new virus accident was born. In order to combat the terrible monster, to protect the future of humanity, blade killed to the harvester. At this point, a Xing wind " blood " rain is unavoidable, but audience will have much to bring an umbrella, so as not to splash your own blood.
Play Hippie Flower GameHippie Flower Game Game

Plays: 3012
Category: Action
Fun and addictive defence game with new elements: watering a flower! Use various items (such as water, or beer) to make your flower grow as high as possible, but protect it from objects such as balls or attacking creatures like bees or birds.
Play ZombificationZombification Game

Plays: 2991
Category: Action
After a successful teleport our hero ends up on the basement level of AS7 medical research facilty. He finds new challenges and evidence of resistance, but still no survivors, the only ones alive are the undead.
Play Sheriff The JusticeSheriff The Justice Game

Plays: 2949
Category: Action
Your town is in danger, the bandits has come to attack your town. as a sheriff in this wild wild west town, you have to stop the bandits. Use your ability to stop the bandits action. but beware, they are great in numbers ! Save the town and show to the bandits, that your town is no bandits allowed to stay.
Play Wendigo BrothersWendigo Brothers Game

Plays: 2940
Category: Adventure
A pair of wendigo living in the Antarctic.Their home have been occupied by a group of terrible darkness monster.Those dark monsters are very atrocious.Wendigo Brothers were brutally treated by them.They were going to the people expelled brothers from their home.The Wendigo brothers decided to resist the continuation of the wendigo race.To defend their own beautiful survival of Antarctic homeland with their blood and sweat.You must lighten all stone with paw print along the way,or it will not able to complete the level even if you've reached exit.
Play Above HellAbove Hell Game

Plays: 2934
Category: Action
The shootiest shooter. A man, a lifeboat and a gun.
Play Zombie Racers Score AttackZombie Racers Score Attack Game

Plays: 2920
Category: Action
How many zombies can you run down, before the time runs out!?!
Play Herm the GermHerm the Germ Game

Plays: 2909
Category: Adventure
Collect the red blood cells to replicate. Clones of yourself can jump in mid-air while spawning! Treat this like a double jump! If you get stuck restart with the R button. Reach the human's brain to infect him!
Play 60s To Escape60s To Escape Game

Plays: 2904
Category: BoardGame
Avoid zombies and try to escape in 60s
Play Epic Zombie KillerEpic Zombie Killer Game

Plays: 2903
Category: Shooting
A simple tribute to endless zombie combat. Good ole' fashioned zombie killin', down to the basics. Survive...if you can! Like zombie shooters? You'll really enjoy this simple tribute to blood, guts, and zombie violence. Epic Zombie Killer is one man's stand against an endless barrage of zombies. Battle a never ending onslaught of mindlessly endless zombie hordes, locked in a single arena with no way out. It's a sick, twisted game, and your the prey. Whose idea was this anyway?...AND WHY ARE THESE ZOMBIES SO FAST!?!?

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