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Play NexusNexus Game

Plays: 1978
Category: Puzzles
Nexus! Logical insight and considering all circumstances required. Try to hit towers by creating lines between houses you’ve placed. But watch out! Some walls make the line change direction, and some towers may certainly not get hit. Make sure you hit all towers within the specified maximum amount of moves, and beat level 1-10
Play brain starsbrain stars Game

Plays: 1939
Category: Puzzles
Welcome to the brain stars. The game is very simple: move the stars. Lines must not intersect. Puzzles are randomly generated. So, no matter how much you play, you will always have a new challenge. 51 levels to challenge you to solve. Try unlock all game modes (easy, hard, medium, survival). More hard, interesting and exciting. You will love it...
Play Slice Geom 2Slice Geom 2 Game

Plays: 1939
Category: Puzzles
Train the eye estimation on geometrical figures. You should cut the figure offered at level on the set quantity of identical parts on the area. Thus the number of lines is strictly limited.
Play New ballNew ball Game

Plays: 1937
Category: BoardGame
5 balls in one line will provide you with the victory. The playing field consists of a 9x9-free cells. The balls fall to the bottom.
Play Parallel Car ParkingParallel Car Parking Game

Plays: 1936
Category: Driving
You try to master the parallel parking before taking the driving test. Try to park your car in the designated parking spot but avoid damaging other cars. Furthermore, between the two yellow lines, there are water drain holes, try to avoid it.
Play Lines ReboundLines Rebound Game

Plays: 1929
Category: Action
Use arrow keys to move. Collect Goals to advance to the next level. In normal mode, avoid vertical and horizontal moving lines. In extreme mode, diagonally rebounding balls are added. In bonus mode, collect Goals to increase your life, which you must prevent from becoming zero. In this mode, points are determined by how long you survive. Score enough points in normal or extreme mode to unlock this mode.
Play BlocksBlocks Game

Plays: 1917
Category: Puzzles
Tetris like game where you have to build lines. Different levels depending on skills
Play NumberTrisNumberTris Game

Plays: 1917
Category: Action
NumberTris is a puzzle type of game where you have to create lines of numbers that add to a given value.
Play LianliankanLianliankan Game

Plays: 1917
Category: BoardGame
Explain the rules of the game, "lianliankan" is also a test of your eyesight, limited in time, as long as the connection of all the same pattern, two to find a pair to each find a pair, they will automatically disappear, as long as the energy dissipation pattern of all all finished to get the victory. What can connect are: whether horizontal or vertical, lines between the pattern from one pattern to another cannot be more than two bends, in which connection cannot be passed on the pattern that has not been deleted. In General, after the start of the game, directly adjacent to the player can first find some patterns, click on the first one, then another, then deleted them, then the outside looking for the same plane, followed by the plane and adjacent to the lateral plane to find. Game difficulty is not high, the main test of your eyesight. Bar at the top of the screen indicates that the remainder of the game, all of failed to buckle up, then the player will, after you click on the "play" you can try again. According to how much time is divided into a number of points of the game, if you wish to challenge difficult, available time, slightly
Play Lines ExtendedLines Extended Game

Plays: 1901
Category: Puzzles
This strategy Game will make you think and concentrate for hours if you accept the challenge.
Play The Line WorldThe Line World Game

Plays: 1869
Category: Action
Made in 48 hours for the Italian game jam "LUNARCADE" and inspired by "La Linea " and "CANABALT" is NOT a classic platformer. the little man runs without truce the Line World ... the red lines are ALWAYS bad things green lines are ALWAYS good things traps, spikes, missiles,monsters, ambushes .... the little man has to face these dangers and never stop running (and I can not tell you because otherwise you can not sleep tonight) the little man can run + or less quickly, but can not stop (without dying)
Play Teelonians - Clan WarsTeelonians - Clan Wars Game

Plays: 1844
Category: Action
The Teelonian clans are doing battle! Lead your troops head on into the enemy lines and take them out. Deploy new troops and stronger warriors until you have achieved victory!
Play RegrebluliRegrebluli Game

Plays: 1837
Category: Action
Stop the red lines. Stop the blue lines. Stop the green lines.
Play Baby Ada MatchingBaby Ada Matching Game

Plays: 1833
Category: Puzzles
This is a puzzle game. In the game, players use the mouse to draw lines on the screen, flipping black and white tiles to clear puzzles.
Play The Mummy GameThe Mummy Game Game

Plays: 1814
Category: Strategy
In this game, using mouse to draw lines to reach the destination. Then, youcan enter the next level!
Play Gabal 2Gabal 2 Game

Plays: 1803
Category: Action
Play the role of a leader of a WWII commando who is infiltrating ennemy lines, you can upgrade your leader and make a team of 3 more mercenaries who can be upgraded too All of this in a cartoonisitc ambiance
Play War2050War2050 Game

Plays: 1798
Category: Action
2050: The machines and robots have taken over the planet earth. You have been chosen for the mission more dangerous. Go deep behind enemy lines and destroy the central computer that controls them all. The honor and the survival of the human race is in your strength and your ability to manage the mines. Good luck.
Play Jigsaw SudokuJigsaw Sudoku Game

Plays: 1786
Category: Education
Continue your journey in our sudoku series and complete the grid with numbered jigsaw pieces! In this game you will be given a 9x9 grid, which is evenly divided into 9 squares. Your goal in the game is to put numbers 1 to 9 onto the blanks of the grid, such that the numbers will not be repeated in each row, each column, and each 3x3 square. In addition to that, the blanks will be randomly separated into irregular groups by green lines, and the numbers in each of the groups should not be the same. You can click a number on the number pad on the left of the grid to fill in a blank, and if you would like to remove a number previously entered, you can click the cross button at the bottom of the number pad to erase it. If you are not able to put a number, you may click the Hint button under the grid to reveal one of the answers, but note that each time you receive a hint 100 seconds will be added to the amount of time you have spent, as indicated at the bottom left corner of the screen. Fill in the blocks with speed and style, then rise to the top of the leaderboard!
Play Tetris_ljhTetris_ljh Game

Plays: 1785
Category: Puzzles
Rotate and slide the blocks as they fallto create complete horizontal lines.Points are awarded for completed lines.
Play Number LinesNumber Lines Game

Plays: 1767
Category: Education
Number Lines help students to visualise the counting process. This game includes counting in steps of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10.

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