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Play Math Cross Search 6x6Math Cross Search 6x6 Game

Plays: 4118
Category: BoardGame
Find the chosen sum by diagonally, horizontally, or vertically circling a group of numbers. Beat the clock and score as many points possible!
Play SneakySneaky's Road Trip - Phoenix Game

Plays: 4110
Category: Puzzles
Sneaky is going across country, this time he is in sunny Phoenix. There are several hidden items that need to be found. Use your magnifying glass to take a closer look!
Play Yanna in the Dragon LandYanna in the Dragon Land Game

Plays: 4102
Category: Dress-Up
Yanna is traveling across the Dragon Land in search of her best friend who was cast out of the sky kingdom in exile. It will be a long and harsh journey for both of them. And the odds of them coming across a massive dragon on their journey is almost guaranteed! Get ready to duck, roll, and slash!
Play Super Sneaky Spy Guy - 20Super Sneaky Spy Guy - 20 Game

Plays: 4101
Category: Adventure
Super Sneaky Spy Guy 20 takes you to Castle Willy, one of your late Uncle Willie's many properties. Uncle Willy loved hiding things and creating crazy puzzles. There is said do be treasure hidden somewhere in Castle Willy. It is up to you to find the treasure, you have a map of the Castle so get in there and find the treasure!! Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike
Play Hidden Diamonds 2Hidden Diamonds 2 Game

Plays: 4088
Category: Puzzles
Search for 50 hidden diamonds, you have only 300 seconds to find them all, or game will end. Each of the pictures contains 5 hidden diamonds.
Play Differences in Old Town (Spot the Differences Game)Differences in Old Town (Spot the Differences Game) Game

Plays: 4086
Category: Education
Can you spot the differences in Old Town. What differences? The differences that we have made, between what should be and what is. So go ahead and spot the differences. Game Features: 7 Fun Filled Levels 6 Achievements to Unlock
Play Hidden Stars 2 - SummerHidden Stars 2 - Summer Game

Plays: 4038
Category: Puzzles
Search for 50 hidden stars, find all stars as fast as you can in order to receive more score points! Game will end when you reach 300 seconds game time or collect all stars.
Play SneakySneaky's Road Trip - Chicago Game

Plays: 3996
Category: Puzzles
Sneaky is going across country, this time he is in Chicago. There are several hidden items that need to be found. Use your magnifying glass to take a closer look!
Play Gone Fishing Word SearchGone Fishing Word Search Game

Plays: 3982
Category: Education
Go back to that wonderful day of fishing by playing Gone Fishing Word Search game.
Play AwokenAwoken Game

Plays: 3959
Category: Adventure
You have awoken to find yourself in a strange place. Now you must search around and figure out how you got here and how to get out! Good luck and have fun!
Play Hidden Gemstones 2Hidden Gemstones 2 Game

Plays: 3958
Category: Adventure
Search for 50 hidden gemstones, find them all in less than 300 second or game will end! Each of the pictures contains 5 hidden gemstones. Good Luck!
Play Zom-b-benZom-b-ben Game

Plays: 3958
Category: Action
Save the human from the zombies and kill them
Play Mountain EscapeMountain Escape Game

Plays: 3957
Category: Adventure
You were vacationing in the Alps enjoying nice skiing and relaxation. You woke late in the morning to find a note on your stand. The note tells you that you have been locked inside of your mountain cabin. Now you must find a way out! Search for items and solve puzzles to escape the mountain cabin.
Play Hidden CarrotsHidden Carrots Game

Plays: 3932
Category: Adventure
Search for hidden carrots, find all carrots as fast as you can in order to receive better score!!! Each picture contains 5 hidden carrots!
Play Hidden Stars - AquariumHidden Stars - Aquarium Game

Plays: 3927
Category: Puzzles
Search stars that hidden in aquarium! You have only 300 seconds to find all stars! Each picture contains five hidden stars! Good Luck!
Play Treasure of Big Totem 12Treasure of Big Totem 12 Game

Plays: 3927
Category: Adventure
In this chapter you have to search for the next scroll hidden into the mystic old man's store...
Play SSSG - Crystal Hunter Cherry BlossomsSSSG - Crystal Hunter Cherry Blossoms Game

Plays: 3914
Category: Puzzles
Help Super Sneaky Spy Guy find all of the missing crystals in the beautiful cherry blossoms! Find all 100 hidden crystals as fast as you can for a higher score. Compete with your friends to see who can get the best score!
Play Abandoned StudioAbandoned Studio Game

Plays: 3912
Category: Adventure
Your late uncle left you an abandoned Studio. You always enjoy exploring creepy old places so you take a flashlight and go check it out. Explore the abandoned studio and see what you can find. Solve puzzles and collect items along the way. Your uncle spent a lot of time here before he passed, some belive that he may have kept something valuable around.
Play SignsSigns Game

Plays: 3906
Category: Puzzles
Help Tom travel through town to make his way to work! This is a casual puzzle game with various puzzles to solve. A perfect way to get your mind started for the day.
Play Wordcross 15 Wizards!Wordcross 15 Wizards! Game

Plays: 3903
Category: Puzzles
How fast can you find the names of famous wizards?

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