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Play SnakeySnakey Game

Plays: 2255
Category: Strategy
This is a game where you use arrows to move and you have to collect food(blue squares), but be careful if the head of the snake touches the bum of the snake, you lose!
Play NIBBLER 2011NIBBLER 2011 Game

Plays: 2249
Category: Action
Nibbler, the snake, is in serious trouble! It is trapped in the maze. Collect all the pills to go to the next level. Do not touch the walls and obstacles. Do not eat your tail!!!! Another game by
Play Snake Maniac by FlashGamesFan.comSnake Maniac by Game

Plays: 2232
Category: Action
"Snake", a classic game! Your goal is to pick up all the food you find on the stage. Eat food simply crawling over it. Every fifth food eaten, a bonus will appear for some seconds.
Play EnlineEnline Game

Plays: 2201
Category: Action
A simple yet engaging multiplayer game in which you navigate and draw a line across the space to trap your opponents in. Think tron, think snake. Think better. Also, classy.
Play Snake classic editionSnake classic edition Game

Plays: 2175
Category: Adventure
Play this awesome classic snake game.
Play Rescue The SoldiersRescue The Soldiers Game

Plays: 2175
Category: Adventure
Rescue The Soldiers without die.
Play VirusVirus Game

Plays: 2172
Category: Action
Its a remake of a classic game snake with a whole new different twist. It still retains the classic 2d map but in this new version you can go through the ends of a map and appear on the other sides. There are also powerups health bonuses and walls that block your path! It is highly addictive so start playing!
Play SnakeWordsSnakeWords Game

Plays: 2168
Category: Puzzles
A snake game in which you'll have to find words.
Play SssnakeSssnake Game

Plays: 2156
Category: Action
A snake game : you have to eat apples to survive.
Play SnakeSnake Game

Plays: 2156
Category: Other
Remake of the classic game 'Snake'.
Play SnakezSnakez Game

Plays: 2140
Category: Action
It's Snake, but not the same that you know! With new graphics and achievement system, the game is much more fun than even before. Explore each of exciting levels, get more and more food, achieve all 24 trophies and unlock goodies that are waiting for you!
Play snake eatersnake eater Game

Plays: 2139
Category: Action
Classic version of the snake game with a little twist, Eat the numbers so his tail grows by that number and rice the score with that number. avoid running into the walls or the snakes tail.
Play Froggo 2Froggo 2 Game

Plays: 2120
Category: Action
Help Froggo on his difficult journey through a magical land.
Play Forest EscapeForest Escape Game

Plays: 2118
Category: Action
Escape from the forest in minimum time.
Play Bunny vs BeetlesBunny vs Beetles Game

Plays: 2117
Category: Action
Help the bunny to resist beetles, who want to eat his harvest.
Play Fast Circle SnakeFast Circle Snake Game

Plays: 2103
Category: Puzzles
Fast Circle Snake is your classic Snake game semi re-vamped for the new age. The snake is made out of circles in this game and is a lot faster then the classic, but the good thing is that you can only die by letting the snake touch itself.
Play Rownd a RowndRownd a Rownd Game

Plays: 2098
Category: Action
Retro Snake game with a new look. Also has a secret game when you type in the password on the menu screen.
Play BallariumBallarium Game

Plays: 2096
Category: Adventure
Ballarium is puzzle game that is played using the mouse. The basic rules: you must guide the balls to the morsels of gems that appear in different places on the screen. Collect all of the gems to get points. Beware the bombs. The game difficulty increases steadily along the course of the game. Your objective is to get as much points.
Play Snake DropSnake Drop Game

Plays: 2090
Category: Action
The first in the Snake Drop Series. The arcade challenge of expanding your snake but without hitting obstacles.
Play Ze SnakeZe Snake Game

Plays: 2085
Category: Action
The classic arcade game of Snake. Move along the square and collect point, but never reach the vorders, or cross with your own tail.

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