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Online Jumping Games
Play FallFall Game

Plays: 2501
Category: Other
Take a spin at this addicting retro-style game! Avoid falling off the screen or hitting the spikes at the top and ram any blocks in your way from beneath them! Can you set a high score?
Play Rival RodentsRival Rodents Game

Plays: 2493
Category: Action
You are a little brown hamster called Botaro living in a zoo and you are always hungry but so are your friends. You need to eat lot's of apples or else your health will drop to zero and you will die of starvation. This game is all about timing and jumping on your fellow rodent's heads. Get a highscore and submit it online. The rules are simple: Apples will drop from the sky and you need to jump to catch them. The other rodents also like apples so they will go after the apples too. Warning: Watch out for unhealthy food like choco bars, they will drop your health big time and won't live to tell about it. This Game contains the Mochiscore leaderboard Have Fun!
Play Koffii JumperKoffii Jumper Game

Plays: 2482
Category: Puzzles
Be an expert jumper. Go jumping to the highest point and enjoy being on top of the world.
Play Pumpkin HamPumpkin Ham Game

Plays: 2480
Category: Action
Some pumpkins are jumping here and there. Ham them down when they appear.
Play Cybo FrogCybo Frog Game

Plays: 2430
Category: Action
Cybo Frog is a relaxing game with a green frog as the main hero! Your task is to jump with your cybo frog from one floating leaf to another. Use your mouse to set up strength and trajectory and press left mouse button to jump. If you don't reach next leaf you will lose one life. Can you finish all levels without losing a life?
Play Catch the stickmanCatch the stickman Game

Plays: 2427
Category: Action
Watch out! The fire covered several high-rise buildings. In panic attacks stickmen began jumping from the windows of they own apartments! And only two smartest guy picked up the blanket and began to rescue the insane stickmen from imminent death. Will they? The fate of the inhabitants of houses in your hands.
Play Snow White JumpingSnow White Jumping Game

Plays: 2418
Category: Other
Help Snow White to keep her in the air. Don't forget to catch the apples.
Play Groom On The Run 2Groom On The Run 2 Game

Plays: 2415
Category: Action
A funny casual game with lots of achievements to unlock. Jump, dive and zap brides on your quest to freedom. In this comical game your goal is to not get tied down to commitment and run as far as you possibly can. Jump over dynamite and shoot the brides with your laser by pressing CTRL and see how long you can remain a bachelor.
Play Doodle CourseDoodle Course Game

Plays: 2408
Category: Action
Drive fast, but carefully! Full throttle in easy parts of the race track, but slow down in bumpy parts and steep downhills. Avoid penalties which you will get from jumping, so keep your vehicle on the ground.
Play Gifts and BlessingsGifts and Blessings Game

Plays: 2401
Category: Action
A Lovely game where a player on a skateboard collects gifts and blessings from Santa himself who comes riding on his sledge with a whole lot of them. The gifts and blessings one collects, the more he/she scores. In each level one has to collect minimum 10 gifts or blessings combined to qualify for the next level. Thats not all, one can earn cool style points by collecting the gift while jumping.
Play Fly N FrogFly N Frog Game

Plays: 2372
Category: Puzzles
The tale of the Fly and the Frog is an ancient lore that has spread across the world from generation to generation... well, not really. Frogs just like to eat flies. Make your way through 30+ levels, collect achievements, and complete tasks in a certain amount of time/clicks to earn Gold Medals! Froggy!
Play Skill Motoracer 2Skill Motoracer 2 Game

Plays: 2348
Category: Driving
New driving game from Ride your motorbike to the finish line by jumping over any debris that get in your way. New snow levels and increased distance make this game more captivating.
Play Chubby NinjaChubby Ninja Game

Plays: 2343
Category: Action
Jump and fight through the Cave of Trials to become a Ninja Master!
Play Tipsy TTipsy T Game

Plays: 2333
Category: Action
Can you balence a T on its point? What about while catching parachuting balls? What about while catching balls and jumping? How long do you think you could really last?
Play Fish LetFish Let's Jump 2 Game

Plays: 2281
Category: Puzzles
Help jumping fish clear all starfishes!
Play Monkey Cliff DivingMonkey Cliff Diving Game

Plays: 2281
Category: Rhythm
When a monkey pop ups, click on the little chappy to make him dive. Time it right with the waves and wind and your monkey for another dive. The quicker the monkey dives, the more points you get. Good Luck Monkey DiveMaster!
Play Where Am IWhere Am I Game

Plays: 2280
Category: Action
It is a adventure game. You have to jump in the "right target" in order to follow the adventure. if you jump in the "wrong target", a surprise will be waiting for you.. In order to ump in the "right target", you have to predict the right "jumping power"
Play Snowboard ChallengeSnowboard Challenge Game

Plays: 2277
Category: Action
Snowboard down the mountain avoiding obstacles, and making jumps for points.
Play Sector 21Sector 21 Game

Plays: 2275
Category: Puzzles
An addicting puzzle platformer in pixel style. Complete all 30 challenging levels by jumping, flipping gravity and avoiding obstacles. Change gravity by pressing the space or S button. That way you can walk on the ceiling to avoid the spikes. Set a new fastest time in each level. It will become more difficult each level, can you complete them all with the least amount of tries?
Play Ovzi - the lost alienOvzi - the lost alien Game

Plays: 2263
Category: Action
ovzi too busy playing in the woods so as to make the alien is left behind from the aircraft carrier, now this alien had to run up to the desert to find its mother ship.

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