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Play Random BasketRandom Basket Game

Plays: 499
Category: Action
Hit the basketball basket for the first time hit will be the multiplication of points, and touch the stars to score more points
Play Escape The DarkEscape The Dark Game

Plays: 463
Category: Action
Aliens have invaded earth and are controlling it's inhabitants by clouding their minds with darkness. Use your superior speed and agility as a ninja to avoid being consumed by the darkness or getting captured by the aliens lurking on the surface.
Play Social ButterflySocial Butterfly Game

Plays: 450
Category: Dress-Up
Krystal loves to hang out with her friends online! She sees them in school all day, but when she gets home, she always jumps into an online chat room with her friends or just some random people! Although Krystal doesn't know anyone in Russia or the Olympic Village to chat with, she and her friends love to shuffle through funny people and ask them a bunch of goofy questions about their lives online!
Play Cute Kitten MakerCute Kitten Maker Game

Plays: 443
Category: Customize
Who is crazy for kittens? Play this fun Cute Kitten Maker game and make a kitten of your own! You could change its fur colors, face, body and clothes. Or you could just use the Random button to create a pretty special cat! have fun!
Play Dead HeadsDead Heads Game

Plays: 425
Category: Action
A game where you shoot zombies that spawn from random locations, powerups are available as well as leaderboards and achievments!
Play Plants and Animals QuizPlants and Animals Quiz Game

Plays: 421
Category: Education
This quiz assesses your understanding of plant and animal life cycles. There are 20 different questions in this game. You'll see random questions every time you play. You can play this game with your friend! Have fun!
Play Random TanksRandom Tanks Game

Plays: 408
Category: Action
Shoot other tanks in this fun action game. You must destroy 22 enemies.
Play Up n DownUp n Down Game

Plays: 406
Category: Action
Deal with UPs and DOWNs of your way.
Play Love Tester with FriendsLove Tester with Friends Game

Plays: 403
Category: Customize
Are you a lovely lady with burning desire or are you a cold fish with clammy hands? The Love Tester knows all! You can't trust those compatibility tests with your phone, the only way to tell if you're destined for love is with this totally random old machine.
Play Rhino Tooth ProblemsRhino Tooth Problems Game

Plays: 402
Category: Dress-Up
Rhino is having some tooth problems. He has never heard about this dentist for animals so you have to tell him about it. In this fun dentist game you will work with rhino s teeth. He has many problems that need to be fixed right away. Play this interesting dentist game to find out how would be a doctor s day in a dentist cabinet. An animal dentist is even more interesting that a random one. Have fun!
Play Number WheelNumber Wheel Game

Plays: 345
Category: BoardGame
Get Robo to its destination, which has numbers in its way.
Play ScaklerScakler Game

Plays: 313
Category: Puzzles
Scakler is a new and completely unique numeric puzzler, fun and easy to pick up, but difficult to master! Players must take the mixed up sets of numbers and make them all equal. They do this using simple click and drag mouse controls to increase or decrease the numbers, but there's a catch: only numbers that have another of the same number above, below or beside it can be altered, and when you alter a number, the numbers surrounding it get altered as well. Players must plan ahead, chose their spots wisely, and make all of the numbers in the puzzle equal to each other within the given number of moves to proceed!! The fewer moves used, the higher their score!! All gameplay mechanics are taught to the player through easy to understand in-game tutorials. Scakler has unlimited undo's, allowing players to retrace their steps, undo their mistakes, and maximize their scores!! For anyone who likes casual puzzle and strategy games like Solitaire, Sudoku, or MineSweeper, and who only has a few minutes to spare, we've included a RANDOM LEVEL GENERATOR. Players can select the dimensions and difficulty of their puzzle, and come back over and over again to fill the small cracks in their busy day with a quick and fun challenge!
Play EvolveEvolve Game

Plays: 44002
Category: Other
Explore a randomly generated ecosystem. And watch as a world with cities of cells forms around you.
Play Dress the HunkDress the Hunk Game

Plays: 17233
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up some random hunk with tons of accessories
Play Pigeon ProjectilesPigeon Projectiles Game

Plays: 8028
Category: Action
Play as a little pigeon who must migrate north. Taking to the air in a grand adventure across the enchanted lands of Pigeonia and past its magical inhabitants.
Play The Random Test IThe Random Test I Game

Plays: 7105
Category: Puzzles
Test your random! ~~Note: this game is beatable and is not bugged!~~ ~~~Yes I am working on The Random Test II!~~ *for more info about it look bellow!* I will no longer be updating the game any more. (but i am working on The Random Test #2! *look bellow*) ~~The Random Test #2:~~ I have decided from people asking for continue of this game that i will make a number two, it will be much much harder and have a lot lot lot more questions! pleas comment of what you think i should put onto it. I'm pretty sure that i will not be making a #3 yet but it is a possibility. - - - - - - - - - For those who are not random enough to win.... Spoilers: 1. Hit the word Random (yes its backwards) to begin! 2. D 3. A 4. C (but try hitting A for a funny twist!) 5. D 6. C
Play Red Carpet Star SearchRed Carpet Star Search Game

Plays: 6850
Category: Word
Celebrity themed word search puzzle. Random placement from the word library means a new game every time.
Play Nuclear ReactionNuclear Reaction Game

Plays: 6298
Category: Shooting
On each level you are given an assignment, to react the number of balls stated by the goal parameter. How do you do that? By pressing the mouse (once) 4 shards will go from that point in the fallowing directions UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT... You react a ball when the shards hit a GREEN, YELLOW or RED ball. When you hit a GREEN or YELLOW ball more shards appear starting a chain reaction. RED balls are no good, so try and stay away from them... if you can. Just pressing at random won't be enough to finish the game. Even dough you will not die, each try will lower your score given on each level. The challenge, in this kind of game, is to finish it, and even harder, to do that with a high score. Give it a try... Good Luck!
Play The Adventures of Boring Blue 2: Random WorldsThe Adventures of Boring Blue 2: Random Worlds Game

Plays: 2969
Category: Adventure
A game based off the same engine of The Adventures of Boring Blue (1)! Note this game has no storyline whatsoever.
Play ProceMazeProceMaze Game

Plays: 2369
Category: Puzzles
A procedurally generated maze game which includes two levels of difficulty.

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