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Play Forever DragonsForever Dragons Game

Plays: 865
Category: Dress-Up
Dragons have a near infinite lifespan, and with so much of the Earth's surface still unexplored, we have no idea where these mythical beasts might be hiding with their huge hoard of jewels and gold! This teen isn't going to give up until she's found a dragon. Hopefully, it will be sleeping when she snaps a photo!
Play Horse Soldier vs HordeHorse Soldier vs Horde Game

Plays: 859
Category: Action
The brave horse soldier is determined to repel the orkish horde's invasion. The dragon riders, archers and swordsmen of the horde are in full force trying to stop him. Not only that, but our hero must also navigate the dangerous terrain.
Play Dragon RushDragon Rush Game

Plays: 846
Category: Action
A new take on the autorunner genre. Run on your dragon slashing your enemies while you try to keep your stamina!
Play Quanshui MastersQuanshui Masters Game

Plays: 823
Category: Puzzles
Devenez le Quanshui Master ! Attention, jouez vite car le dragon gardien du titre de Champion de Quanshui veille et ne vous facilitera pas la tâche.
Play SaucerKraftSaucerKraft Game

Plays: 816
Category: Action
Tower defense arcade shooter!
Play Young LeeYoung Lee Game

Plays: 812
Category: Fighting
Young Lee, needing to submit to his training, watches his master fall to the hands of the Dragon King. Journey on a quest of vengeance to get the dragon blood back and stop the Dragon King. Using only your mouse, you can jump, crouch and attack with the ferocity of a dragon to achieve total victory!
Play Castle KeeperCastle Keeper Game

Plays: 798
Category: Puzzles
You're the last surviving sorcerer's apprentice of Sorth, The dark lord of castle CantSayTheNameOrIHaveToDie. Whilst cleaning the library, you dropped the Book "Dark Grimoires of Sorth" to the ground and all banished creatures escaped. Now it's on you to clean up the mess. 51 levels and six different scenes

Plays: 794
Category: Driving
You control your dragon fy to the sky. Drive your dragon through the portal in the fastest time possible to more stars and unlock next level.
Play Dark knightDark knight Game

Plays: 780
Category: Action
The evil guy forcefully captured the fort and stored all of the wealth collected from innocent people! Hop on your horse and attack him to win the fort back! But be careful of his soldiers and dangerous traps in the way! FEATURES: Lots of appearance related upgrades in-game! You can get new upgrades every level! Lots of different types of enemy soldiers and traps! Upon each door breaking you will get new items to use in game! Monster form will allow you to relax for some time as he destroys things in middle of the way! Invisible syrup let you kill enemy without hurting yourself and its duration can be upgrade in shop! Special magnet draws in items like diamonds towards you! Shield blocks incoming damage!
Play Dragon vs KnightDragon vs Knight Game

Plays: 775
Category: Adventure
Help the young Knight escape the Ferocious Dragon!
Play Jungle Fever 20Jungle Fever 20 Game

Plays: 770
Category: Action
This is the most fun platform game ever made, where you will shoot monkeys, flying dinosaurs, vultures and many others in order to be the king of the jungle.
Play Monster RoasterMonster Roaster Game

Plays: 762
Category: Action
As every day, Bryce comes to home from his school. Bryce likes reading a comic named “Electroboy”. Today is report card day and he has a lot of bad marks. He doesn't want to show his school card to his family, because his family is very angry with him for this because they are a little bit psychopath :) They force him to show his school report and he doesn't want it but finally his father sees the card. And he gets too angry. He holds of his collar and puts him in the closet of his bedroom. He scares of the darkness and sees monsters and aliens. Then he begins to crying, get angry and turns into Electroboy, and here begins your turn ! You must control Bryce through a fantastic world of fantasy inside the closet. Run as far as you can jumping over aliens in a far galaxy, and crushing spiders in the attic. Avoid snow monsters, and burn dragons in a medieval castle. There are magical boxes in this wonderful world that will turn Bryce into Electroboy with amazing and powerful weapons, like a Electro-Ball, or lethal electric shocks with the Lightning Fire or Thunderbolt Mode. Find your Electric-Horse to be absolutely invincible, but be careful with the obstacles and pits in your way! The game has a Ranking and a Achievement system. You can do achievements like run 1000 meters in a game, kill 200 monsters, or run 500 meters without fire in a game. Monster Roaster is the first game of Ragulator Games.
Play Dragon StreetDragon Street Game

Plays: 755
Category: Action
Dragon Street is a karate style fighting game. It has got different enemies in each level and three different kicks to make the game most thrilling. Game main features include: * 4 Enemies * 10 Levels * Level Locker * 3 types of kicks * Fight Either sides
Play Chinese BlastChinese Blast Game

Plays: 741
Category: Action
Open for yourself new chain reaction game Help the dragon to delete all colored balls. Shoot at the chain of three or more balls of the same color. While you are playing, some bonuses will fall from the top. You should catch these bonuses to use them effectively. There are four bonus types like fast shooting, arrow hint, slow ball speed and increase the score. The game is challenging and becomes harder and harder as you progress thru skill levels. Have a lot of fun playing this excellent game with great graphics and polished addictive game-play.
Play Sleepy CatSleepy Cat Game

Plays: 727
Category: Action
Kill all the flies but don't wake the cat up.
Play LusfodLusfod Game

Plays: 724
Category: Action
Crazy avoider runner game with juicy colors ! ! ! 7 - Achievements 7 - Ufo models 3 - Enemies + DRAGON Avoid enemies, collect animals & flowers( bonuses ). You can also turn off flash effects in menu. Don't tell nobody about this game ;)
Play archer in the spotlightarcher in the spotlight Game

Plays: 691
Category: Action
new game company and associated fenix dragon games
Play China DragonChina Dragon Game

Plays: 683
Category: Puzzles
Old Snakey game of China Dragon will make its debut in the majestic Chinese fanfare, collected lanterns in the scene to create longer more powerful Chinese dragon. Speed is slightly faster, will test your reaction force, come to challenge it!
Play Dragon SolitaireDragon Solitaire Game

Plays: 680
Category: Casino
Good Game
Play DragonsDragons Game

Plays: 673
Category: Action
Protect your treasure from the marauding knights and villagers. They will hurl all manner of knives, swords and things at you to try and knock you from your perch. Fight back with fire! Playable using the mouse on desktop or touch screen on mobile phones.

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