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Play Forest BattleForest Battle Game

Plays: 2742
Category: Action
Defend your position against the advancing soldiers using cannon fire. You will have to fight memorable 17-th century battles in different locations against formidable opponents.
Play Fantasy KommanderFantasy Kommander Game

Plays: 2690
Category: Action
FK will turn you into a fearless General of the Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves or maybe some other incredible race! Who will prevail over the ancient continent of the Seven Pillars of Eukarion? Setup your army and let the battle begin! The game contains the following outstanding gameplay features: 1. Strategy-RPG turn based game; 2. A deep and involving Storyline set in a dark, medieval world inspired to the European Middle Age enriched by Fantasy narrative tradition; 3. 17 different Armies to buy, upgrade and unleash in Battle! 4. Each Army has over 20 characteristics (to manage and increase during the “war plan phase”); 5. 24 Special Abilities to increase the power of your Army; 6. 18 available spells playing the Elf General; 7. Over 20 different Enemy Armies; 8. High Replayability in Campaign Mode: 3 Different Generals (every one with unique abilities or spells): The Elf Mage, The Knight, The Dwarft; 3 Difficulty Level, playable only at the end of every Campaign (you can play the hard campaign only if you finish the normal one before); 4 Different Endings in the Campaign Mode; 66 Different Battles to play! 9. 10 “Historic” Battles in War Academy mode;
Play Treasure of Big Totem 17Treasure of Big Totem 17 Game

Plays: 2350
Category: Adventure
Solve the mistery behind of the Big Totem.
Play Flight of the RavenFlight of the Raven Game

Plays: 2286
Category: Action
Here is a 2D space shooter arcade style game, modified from good old space invaders, no,actually its very different from space invaders. Serious! Player controls a configurable ship up against fleets of drone ships. Drone ships forms into alternating attack formations and player must take out the main controller/arbitor ship to defeat each formation. Players gain resources by destroying enemy crafts. Resources can be used to purchase new weapons and different classes of ships. Go to 3 different space stations to upgrade to ship classes uniquely available only at each station. There are 20 different weapons in 3 different weapon categories to choose from, 18 playable ships player can buy, 17 enemy ships and 5 bosses to blast to smithereens.

Plays: 2258
Category: Adventure
Drive your moto through all the levels of this exciting game. Collect the barrels to destroy enemies and tries to drive on all the way.Good Luck A game by Developed on 16-17-18/12/2010
Play Lucky GuessLucky Guess Game

Plays: 2251
Category: Puzzles
Time to put the fortune cookies aside as you grab a hold of your own fortune! Your goal in this game is to find out the hidden number by spending the smallest amount of money. When the game starts, you will be given $20000, which is shown at the bottom of the screen. You need to make use of the money to bid the randomly selected number which lies within the range of 1 to 30. Each of the available numbers comes with a price, which is shown above the corresponding number. You can start by clicking a number you like, and the correct range which the hidden number lies within will be retained, for example if you bidded 16 and the hidden number is larger than 16 but smaller than 31, the numbers from 17 to 30 will be kept on the screen. Then you can refine your guess according to this information until the answer is revealed. Note that the prices of the numbers will fluctuate with every guess you make, and if you have run out of money, you lose. May Fortuna bless you with good luck!
Play Dress Up 17 and 4Dress Up 17 and 4 Game

Plays: 2026
Category: Casino
A card and a dress up game in one. First you need to play 17 and 4 (Black Jack) until you unlock 2 dressing rooms. Then you can play further to see how their date together work out.
Play BBB torta na caraBBB torta na cara Game

Plays: 1995
Category: Shooting
A satire of the BBB13 (Big Brother Brasil 13) TV program. You will throw cream pies in brothers' face. Be fast or you lose. There are 17 characters and levels to have fun!
Play Galactic 123 The BattleGalactic 123 The Battle Game

Plays: 1953
Category: Action
Galactic 123 The Battle: The fight to the end of two former friends who now became enemies and are on rival sides. Shoot spaceships, robots and more. Manga anime game. --- How to Play: Arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move. SPACEBAR (or Z) to fire. Keys 1-3 to select weapon. H to heal (ground mode only). If you have unlocked / equipped any optional extra weapons in any of the episodes, you can access them with keys 4-7 (ground mode only). And checkpoints are your friends! If you lose, you will return to the last checkpoint, not to the beginning of the game! (They also replenish your health and weapons) --- 17
Play Maze 17Maze 17 Game

Plays: 1813
Category: Action
This Game is classic Maze game.
Play ??1.2??1.2 Game

Plays: 1771
Category: Adventure
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Play Happy Harrys HeroixHappy Harrys Heroix Game

Plays: 1709
Category: Action
Happy Harrys fiancee has been kidnapped. Can you make your way through 20 fast frolicking fun filled levels of cute platform action and rescue her? You have 12 days/nights to do so. Run, jump, bounce, collect stars, stun adversaries, earn achievements, medals and BIG bonus points.Your lady awaits you!!!!!!!? You have 17 powerups and 28 medals to achieve, are you good enough? Good luck and above all....... HAVE FUN.
Play Eclipse AssaultEclipse Assault Game

Plays: 1589
Category: Action
During the rare event of an eclipse, our city is under attack. Drive your tank into the darkness, and shoot down the waves of incoming enemies. Beware, strange forces come out at night.. Features 12 waves of side-scrolling action Never seen before shooter in the darkness Enemies with different weapons and strategies Normal version and Hard Mode 17 Upgrades and 6 Achievements Automatic High-score system
Play Zombie IncumbentsZombie Incumbents Game

Plays: 1545
Category: Action
Zombie incumbents have taken over Congress. Congress has a ~17% approval rating. It's time time to get rid of the incumbents in Congress! Your job is to vote as many of them out as you can. Don't get overwhelmed!
Play ?????????? Game

Plays: 1371
Category: BoardGame
???????,?????????????? ???????????? ????17???!
Play Hardest Game in the World 17Hardest Game in the World 17 Game

Plays: 1313
Category: Shooting
Are you good enough to complete this very hard game?
Play QWERTY spaceQWERTY space Game

Plays: 906
Category: Action
QWERTY space is a different space shooter. Your objective is destroy all asteroids that surround your planet. But for it you need type the asteroids names. 17 unique spaceships and 16 unique powers await for you. The world needs you soldier. Type as fast you can to survive until the end.
Play Sengoku ZeroSengoku Zero Game

Plays: 838
Category: Strategy
What it takes to be the ruler of sengoku era in japan. Become one of the shogun, taking care of task from develop own city to conquer the land. Feature : - 50+ officers to hire. - 1000+ soldiers to recruit. - 20+ items to collect. - 30 city to conquer. - 17 other forces to defeat.
Play Sharn YarnSharn Yarn Game

Plays: 814
Category: Adventure
Sharn Yarn is an adventure game. Sharn got a task from his mother to collect all yarns on the park that shattered around there. Pick them as fast as you can within out of limit time, try to win on these 17 stages, have fun on this adventure games.
Play Multi RunnerMulti Runner Game

Plays: 747
Category: Action
Helping one dude to run and jump over objects is one thing. Have you got what it takes to control 2 - 4 dudes at the same? Play through the 17 challenging levels and see how far you can get in the endless arcade mode!

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