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Online orbs Games
Play SugarcoreSugarcore Game

Plays: 7142
Category: Action
Find out where sweets really come from as you mine licorice, demolish candy orbs, and defend confections from attack! Three quirky characters guide you through 18 levels of sugary goodness.
Play Cascadia ElementsCascadia Elements Game

Plays: 6736
Category: Puzzles
Match three or more elemental orbs as you cascade your way to regain the balance within the elements.
Play Zodiac ReactorZodiac Reactor Game

Plays: 6516
Category: Other
Capture Elemental Particles in order to power the Zodiac Reactor—an ancient device capable of creating stars!
Play Orb SnakeOrb Snake Game

Plays: 6174
Category: Action
Collect colored orbs with your orb snake.
Play Pigs On IcePigs On Ice Game

Plays: 6120
Category: Action
36 levels of Ice-skating madness. Play on your phone or PC. Complete all figure skating routines and become the Ice skating master. The routines are completed by collecting gems and orbs. Some routines have to be completed in a predefined time that starts counting down as soon as you start the routine. As you progress new obstacles and bonuses become available.
Play trichargetricharge Game

Plays: 5958
Category: Action
charge three orbs and watch them fly, earn rewards for the next round with great scores
Play Bang Bang BunnyBang Bang Bunny Game

Plays: 5948
Category: Action
This bunny kills, Bunny on rampage, kill all the enemies and collects all the orbs and find the exit.
Play RingoidRingoid Game

Plays: 5925
Category: Action
Funny Arkanoid-like break-out game in which you move the paddle along the outside of a circle using mouse, grab extras and try to keep the ball inside. And of course, destroy all orbs placed inside the ring!
Play TriangulationTriangulation Game

Plays: 5603
Category: Shooting
Triangulation is a 2d shooter. There are yellow orbs that when collected make fewer enemy ships appear. The reverse is also true: miss too many and mayhem ensues. In addition, the green "triangulation" enemy destroys the player's ship when the player's ship is caught inside the formation of three "triangulation" ships. This game was started from a tutorial at
Play Gravitex 2Gravitex 2 Game

Plays: 5461
Category: Action
Give your ball just enough power to zoom around orbs in space, grab all the coins, and slip through the portal! This physics-based game contains 100 levels, saved games, and even a level editor!
Play Orb CatcherOrb Catcher Game

Plays: 4923
Category: Action
Orb Catcher is a fun to play, fast pace game where your are suppose to get a stickfigure to collect all the orbs and then go to the goal to get to the next level.
Play Cursor QuestCursor Quest Game

Plays: 4830
Category: Adventure
Guide your cursor around over 60 levels spread across 5 stages. The aim is to retrieve the 5 power stars scattered across the land, collecting the different types of spiritual orbs on the way. Clear a level to proceed onto the next level. Look out for secret tunnels - these let you enter secret areas which contain extra lives. There are 5 in total - one hidden in each stage. Dodge obstacles and enemies, collect orbs and fight bosses to become victorious!
Play Ancient DefenderAncient Defender Game

Plays: 4761
Category: Strategy
Defend you're kingdom alliance contain with human, elf and dwarf against orc, naga, lizard, dragon troll, undead, behemot dan their vehicle, and equip. you're army with 8 different element magical orbs fire, light, water, wind, ice, dark and earth.
Play BeatSpaceBeatSpace Game

Plays: 4460
Category: Action
Beat Space is a music shooter where you must save the harmony of the cosmos! You command a spacecraft that travels to the 7th dimension through wormholes and retrieve harmony orbs that must be realigned to restore the music of the universe. The evil followers of dissonance will attempt to stop you so you must blast them into non-existence for the greater good. Good luck and God speed space hero!
Play Fairy FanaticFairy Fanatic Game

Plays: 4444
Category: Puzzles
You are a lost fairy in the enchanted woods. To get home you have to collect as many Magical Orbs as you can, whilst collecting them you have to avoid the apples. (Did you know fairies hate apples?) *NOTE* The Leaderboard isn't working at the moment I will fix that soon. When the game is over just refresh the page to play again.
Play Froggy FeastFroggy Feast Game

Plays: 4312
Category: Puzzles
Froggy Feast is a unique match puzzle game that lets you perform a multitude of combinations to earn points. Click two-colored orbs to change their color and create matches from 3 orbs up to 9! See how many different matches you can create!
Play Cute BlocksCute Blocks Game

Plays: 4089
Category: Education
Sweet blocks-removing game.
Play OrboidOrboid Game

Plays: 4072
Category: Puzzles
Connect all of the orbs as quickly as you can in this fun and challenging one button puzzle game.
Play GlueFOGlueFO Game

Plays: 4060
Category: Shooting
Gather tiny orbs, then fire them at the big orbs in this novel twist on the classic space shooter!
Play AxEndAxEnd Game

Plays: 4052
Category: Adventure
AxEnd takes you on an adventure through a dark place that lost souls inhabit. All of the past asylums you have visited keep haunting your dreams. You find yourself in the massive world of AxEnd. Prepare to explore over 90 rooms in what you might consider your worst nightmare. Collect orbs to purchase useful items. Solve the 9 mysteries to escape this place!

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