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Play UltiMazeUltiMaze Game

Plays: 6274
Category: Puzzles
It's a maze game with five levels, music, menu, ...
Play Scene MemoryScene Memory Game

Plays: 5918
Category: Memory
In this game there will be a scene with a number of items. You need to memorise the items and their positions within a few seconds, after that some of the items will be changed (some new items will appear, some old items will disappear). And you need to point out the changed places. As the game progresses, there will be more and more changed items and more and more distractors and the game will be more and more difficult.

Plays: 5869
Category: Puzzles
OTTF (One Two Three Four) - a logic game where it is necessary to place the chips, as shown in the game template. The game has two game modes: the play for time and a free regime. In a game more than 70 levels. Pleasant music.
Play MatchMatch Game

Plays: 5640
Category: Puzzles
A basic game of Memory
Play CherryCherry Game

Plays: 5382
Category: Puzzles
A nice puzzle game that will keep you up for hours i hope
Play Tiles:Cat ChaseTiles:Cat Chase Game

Plays: 4987
Category: Puzzles
The is the good ol' tiles game where you slide the pieces around until you unscramble the picture.
Play MemoryMemory Game

Plays: 4935
Category: Puzzles
Two at a time, flip over the cards in the grid, and remember their numbers. Use your memory to match each card to its twin.
Play SolukuSoluku Game

Plays: 4513
Category: Puzzles
Named after the famous game, Soluku offers players a choice of the amount of numbers displayed. And all the puzzles are randomly generated, meaning that players can enjoy this game indefinitely...
Play BrainiacBrainiac Game

Plays: 4305
Category: Puzzles
Match up the alien symbols in this cool memory game! Will this make you smarter? Probably not!
Play SequencerSequencer Game

Plays: 3820
Category: Puzzles
Can you remember the sequence of flashing lights?
Play Glow EffectGlow Effect Game

Plays: 3784
Category: Action
Arcanoid with unusual system completion levels. Interesting geometry levels and puzzles. Glow colorfull graphics. Leaderboard.
Play GameZcabin SliderGameZcabin Slider Game

Plays: 3663
Category: Puzzles
Piece the original image together in this slider image puzzle game. Click a piece to move it in the open position. Make sure to strategize your moves to finish the puzzle.
Play Codename: Ferkakta HillCodename: Ferkakta Hill Game

Plays: 3213
Category: Puzzles
Who's disappearing the Ferkakta bloggers? Why are you in a basement with no memory of who you are? Who's the mysterious I.N.? And can you prove your worth to Cousin Sylvia and Uncle Richard?
Play LightsOut:TeamPlayLightsOut:TeamPlay Game

Plays: 3200
Category: Puzzles
A remake of a classic electronic puzzle game. Pressing one of the lights will toggle it and the four lights adjacent to it on and off.
Play Orbflex2Orbflex2 Game

Plays: 2986
Category: Puzzles
Interesting skill game.
Play Ferkakta By NightFerkakta By Night Game

Plays: 2858
Category: Puzzles
You're a lowly Ferkakta Central Services trainee, you're working the graveyard shift, you're blogging as hard as you can, yet you still can't satisfy the big boss. But a story is breaking and if you can be the intrepid blogger who gets the scoop, who knows what's in store for you? Maybe you even get to keep your job.

Plays: 2734
Category: Puzzles
The longer the invaders dance the more meteors fall to earth.
Play Shape SwitcherShape Switcher Game

Plays: 1595460
Category: Adventure
Go on the journey with our shape shifting friend as he discovers his hidden powers of color and shape changing! Thanks to his newly discovered powers he is able to unlock doors and escape the 13 super fun mazes with your help. Stay concentrated though, because the mazes increase in difficulty the further you get in the game.
Play Gems SwapGems Swap Game

Plays: 1477141
Category: Puzzles
If you have a good eye and are fast with puzzles than this game is sure to be for you! In the game of Gem Swap it is your job to destroy gems by swapping them. The only way gems are able to be destroyed is if they are in rows of three or more gems of the same kind. Time is against you though you must hurry and destroy the gems as quickly as possible in order to advance to the next level! Gems Swap is an exciting game and you will be surprised on how addicting it is!
Play Math LinesMath Lines Game

Plays: 1157256
Category: Puzzles
If you enjoyed Marble lines but love math then look no further! In the game of Math Lines it is your job to get rid of all the balls before it reaches the hole. When the balls you shoot and the balls beside it add up to 10, these balls will be destroyed. You can also destroy a group of same numbered balls with only one ball. When you destroy all the balls you can proceed to the next level, but be careful because if you take to long or are unable to match many balls up they will fall in the hole and you will lose! Fun game tip: Occasionally there will be coins that appear on the screen, you can shoot the coins to get the colours of the balls sorted for a while which will help you a lot! Also you can use the space bar to swap out balls. This game is sure to sharpen and quicken your math skills as well as provide an immense amount of fun!

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