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Play Gems MagicGems Magic Game

Plays: 2890
Category: BoardGame
Match three game with gems. Swap gems to match three or more in row or column to remove them. The blue bar shows your remaining time and the green bar shows your level progress. Your goal is to pass the level before the blue bar ends.
Play Gemstone MadnessGemstone Madness Game

Plays: 2654
Category: BoardGame
Swap gemstones to match tree or more of the same type. Collect all available gems.
Play Fruity Flip FlopFruity Flip Flop Game

Plays: 2644
Category: BoardGame
Fruity Flip Flop is similar to the classic game Bejeweled or Diamond Mine. Swap the position of the fruits to get three or more of the same fruit in a row to play this addictive game!
Play Sushi StickSushi Stick Game

Plays: 2453
Category: Action presents Sushi Stick, fun puzzle game for everyone. This is a match three puzzle game with unique gameplay. Click and hold mouse button to move the skewer. Match 3 or more same sushi to get combo. You can get special items by making a combo. Click the bottle icon to clear the skewer. Click the heart icon to clear first row.
Play TripleDropTripleDrop Game

Plays: 2423
Category: Puzzles
In this match three game you need to rotate triplets of differently colored balls to form lines of three balls of the same color in either of the three directions. The game provides a time based mode and an energy based mode. Playing through a game will add points to your overall experience and with every level gained you get more energy for the next game. The game provides ten languages, automatic language detection, progression by levels based on score, and three separate leaderboards (skilled, timed, level).
Play Spin Them UpSpin Them Up Game

Plays: 2296
Category: Puzzles
Click and spin the diamonds to connect & match three or more. Keep an eye on time and make sure you score max. before the time runs out.
Play Lost in Space (Match 3 Game)Lost in Space (Match 3 Game) Game

Plays: 2285
Category: Education
You find yourself lost in space with limited fuel and oxygen. You must have your wits above you if you plan to survive. Start matching the tiles and charge your ship so that you can make it to the nearest check point and hopefully find your way back home. Game Features: 10 Fun Filled Levels 6 Achievements to Unlock
Play Emerald BeachEmerald Beach Game

Plays: 2270
Category: Puzzles
Welcome to Emerald Beach! The rules are simple, using your mouse (leaving your other hand free for a coffee!) slide the crane left and right. Press and hold the mouse button down, the crane will dive downwards and pick up a gem. Move the gem above a matching gem and release the button. The gem will fall back down into it’s new position. Match three or more to smash and collect! Gain a ‘Tech bonus’ by smashing gems all the way down and hitting the bottom!
Play N-MatchN-Match Game

Plays: 2221
Category: Action
N-Match is a funny little game, ideal for a small break. The objective is simple: Get the highest score possible in 90 seconds! How? Find 3 equal objects in line and connect them. Bonus points are rewarded for fast combos, destroying special items or 5 objects at once.
Play Just Another BubbleShooterJust Another BubbleShooter Game

Plays: 2137
Category: BoardGame
Extreme and fast bubble shooter game with bubbles constantly coming from above.
Play Three MatchThree Match Game

Plays: 2092
Category: Education
Are you brain enough to match the jewels?
Play Voodoo CupboardVoodoo Cupboard Game

Plays: 2008
Category: Puzzles
Match 3 type game that have many special items. Game is resizable.
Play Animal SwapAnimal Swap Game

Plays: 1942
Category: Puzzles
Colorful and fun kids match three game with animals. Match animals in rows or columns of three or more to collect them.
Play ThreeThree Game

Plays: 1821
Category: BoardGame
match rows and columns of 3 or more of the same color to build your combo. Compete to get the highscore and to get the best combo
Play Thirty-threeThirty-three Game

Plays: 1521
Category: Sports
Dial thirty-three points, getting in the basket with three positions. Play with your friends or against the computer.
Play Life Long MinuteLife Long Minute Game

Plays: 1384
Category: Puzzles
You have one minute to collect as many coins as you can! You only have 3 lives though, be careful!
Play TrinigoTrinigo Game

Plays: 1378
Category: Action
shoot orbs to create sets of three or more, fills the points bar to beat the level.
Play CubeZoneCubeZone Game

Plays: 1254
Category: BoardGame
Alien cubes are all around you. Click on groups of two or more to destroy them! Don't let the cubes touch the ground.
Play Blocks CrusherBlocks Crusher Game

Plays: 910
Category: Action
A little action-puzzle-game where you have to click as fast and as many combos as possible. You have only 60 Seconds!
Play Slime Splat 3Slime Splat 3 Game

Plays: 816
Category: Action
Aim to destroy your self! So you can be reborn as the slime king! New levels, puzzles and more to beat!

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