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Play Planet WarsPlanet Wars Game

Plays: 819
Category: Action
Planet Wars is an exciting old-school top down alien shooter with completely customizable weapons. Simple controls make the game easy to pick up and play. Play through the 10 mission campaign, with beautifully illustrated graphic novel style story panels. Missions range from offence to defence missions- upon which you can build a base to stop the alien horde. There is also a survival mode with 6 maps, where you destroy wave after wave of incoming aliens. Earn in-game money with every battle you fight, or every achievement you earn. You can spend on upgrading your weapons by buying different components. There are 7 different upgradable parts, this means you can completely customize your gun and armour to suit your style of play. There are over 70 different items and components in the game with which to do this; including 17 core weapons which range from standard rifles to flame-throwers and rocket launchers: Make a fast firing sniper rifle with exploding rounds, or a deadly powerful shotgun with a bayonet for close encounters!
Play Loot HeroLoot Hero Game

Plays: 744
Category: Action
Fight up to 17 different enemies each with their own strengths and weaknesses, 6 bosses with their own unique special powers, while using as many as 72 different spells and abilities as you fight to become the ultimate loot hero!
Play Kuizi Kimia - Pjesa e 17Kuizi Kimia - Pjesa e 17 Game

Plays: 651
Category: Education
Ky është një kuiz nga Kimia. Kuizi përmban 10 pyetje. Secila pyetje ka 4 opcione, ku vetëm njëri opcion është i saktë.Kjo është pjesa e 17 e këtij kuizi. Testoni njohuritë tuaja në Kimi si dhe mësoni gjërat që nuk i keni ditur më parë. This is a quiz of Chemistry. The quiz contains 10 questions. Each question has four options, only one option is correct. This is part 17 of this quiz. Test your knowledge in chemistry and learn things you did not know before. Dies ist ein Quiz für Chemie. Das Quiz enthält 10 Fragen. Jede Frage hat vier Optionen ist nur eine Option saktë.Kjo ist Teil 17 von diesem Quiz. Testen Sie Ihr Wissen in Chemie und erfahren Sie Dinge, die Sie vorher nicht kannten. Esta es una prueba de la Química. El cuestionario contiene 10 preguntas. Cada pregunta tiene cuatro opciones, sólo una opción es saktë.Kjo es parte 17 de este cuestionario. Pon a prueba tus conocimientos en química y aprender cosas que no sabía antes. C'est un quiz de chimie. Le quiz contient 10 questions. Chaque question a quatre options, une seule option est saktë.Kjo est partie 17 de ce quiz. Testez vos connaissances en chimie et en apprendre des choses que vous ne saviez pas avant.
Play KMem AnimalsKMem Animals Game

Plays: 640
Category: BoardGame
This is a classic game that helps improve the memory of the players while having fun. This release contains a variety of cartoon animals: flyers, aquatic, wild and domestic. It has 17 entertaining levels, which increase in difficulty as you go being cleared. Este es un juego clásico, que ayuda a mejorar la memoria de los jugadores mientras se divierten. Esta versión contiene una variedad de dibujos de animales: voladores, acuaticos, salvajes y domésticos. Cuenta con 17 entretenidos niveles, que aumentan de dificultad a medida que van siendo despejados.
Play Skill RaceSkill Race Game

Plays: 634
Category: Action
Race your car and reach the end-line after shooting down all the 15 enemy bunkers, and 17 enemy cars in minimum time.
Play Kuizi Biologjia - pjesa e 17Kuizi Biologjia - pjesa e 17 Game

Plays: 632
Category: Education
Ky është nje kuiz nga Biologjia. Pjesa e 17 përmban 51 pyetje të ndryshme nga Biologjia. Pra testoni njohuritë tuaja se sa dini rreth Biologjisë. Secila pyetje është me nga 4 opcione apo përgjigje ku vetëm njëra është e saktë. This is a quiz of Biology. Part 17 contains 10 different questions Biology. So test your knowledge than you know about biology. Each question is from 4 options or where only one answer is correct.
Play Hut DefenseHut Defense Game

Plays: 613
Category: Action
A strategic defensive game that contains 60 levels, 18 defense units, 17 different territories and more than 150 improvements available as you progress in the game.
Play Gjuhë dhe letërsi - Pjesa e 17Gjuhë dhe letërsi - Pjesa e 17 Game

Plays: 588
Category: Education
Ky është një kuiz nga Gjuha dhe Letërsia shqipe dhe e huaj. Kuizi përmban 10 pyetje të ndryshme. Çdo pyetje ka 3 ose 4 opcione apo përgjigje ku vetëm njëra përgjigje është e saktë. Testoni njohuritë tuaja në Gjuhë dhe letërsi apo mësoni ato gjëra që nuk i keni ditur. This is a quiz from Albanian Language and Literature and foreign. The quiz contains 10 different questions. Each question has 3 or 4 options or answers where only one answer is correct. Test your knowledge in languages ??and literature and learn things that you did not know.
Play RobbieRobbie's Revenge Game

Plays: 579
Category: Action
Robbie's Revenge, a game made by Bubar during the Ludum Dare 25 (16 & 17-12-2012). More infos at
Play Word Search 17Word Search 17 Game

Plays: 407
Category: BoardGame
Classic game of search words, with 15 levels with a total of 120 words.
Play Turkey XmasTurkey Xmas Game

Plays: 6790
Category: Action
Special Xmas Edition! Pull and stretch the rubber turkey to see how far you can fling him. When in the air click to flap his wings and fly further. Grab the floating corn to power-up your flap meter and xmas crackers for an extra boost. Can you discover all 17 bonus landings like pointy-pointy forks, burning candles, gooey pies, steaming gravy and jelly traps? Be sure to make it up into space to find the bonus pickups!

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