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Play Word FinderWord Finder Game

Plays: 3024
Category: Education
Word Finder is a fun and challenging game. This game focuses on user to stretch their mind by trying and finding out the word by hints within the game. The cryptic clues will help users find out the hidden letters and then the users should be able to figure out the word.The users can type the word at any time above hint box to see if they are right! This game is twin pronged and test user's vocabulary as well as mental ability.This game instills the vigour,sense of urgency and self satisfaction.
Play blackflipblackflip Game

Plays: 2957
Category: Puzzles
Draw a line in the given grids and make sure the line doesn't intersect with itself. After this only operation, all the grids on the line flip - the original white grids become black, while the original black ones become white. The goal of the game is to make all the grids on every horizontal line in the same color - either black or white.
Play Encleverment ExperimentEncleverment Experiment Game

Plays: 2902
Category: Puzzles
Test your mental faculties with Professor Ivor's Questions! Play 3 fun-filled minigames and track your results to see just how Enclevered you can get! Semi-Vinyls: The Professor’s precious record collection has been shattered! Spot the shards that go together and fix the broken records! Teleporter Troubles: Help to repair the teleporter by memorizing the face that goes in and picking the correct one from the four that pop out the other end! Griddled: Use your powers of observation to track down the Professor’s password in the tangled web of letters! Time is of the essence – the more quickly you answer, the more points you receive. The better you do, the more quickly you’ll rise up the Professor’s progress chart – can you reach the top and become truly Enclevered? If you need some support, the Professor has dozens of wacky Mascots to inspire you to greatness! You can unlock the whole collection if you apply the four corners of your cranium to their highest potential!
Play Brain WorkoutBrain Workout Game

Plays: 2845
Category: Adventure
Is your head feeling a little fuzzy? That cup of coffee not doing the trick? Give your brain a workout with this online puzzle game. Slap your chip-eating, couch-lounging, flabby excuse of a brain back into shape with this new game from doof studios! The four mini games will push your brain to the limit. Just follow the in-game instructions to play. Anyway, enough talk, let's go mental!
Play UndividedUndivided Game

Plays: 2835
Category: Puzzles
Click squares to remove, shift and add dividers; you must eliminate them all. Recognizing patterns is the key to this challenge.
Play Mental ShowtimeMental Showtime Game

Plays: 2725
Category: Puzzles
try to escape from the circus in this point and click puzzle game.
Play Bloom encircledBloom encircled Game

Plays: 2665
Category: Action
Bloom encircled is a simple action game. Game to the mental acuity, speed and attentiveness. Click your mouse to fire at attacking wild wolves. Your objective is to get as much points.
Play Zombie Master BTZombie Master BT Game

Plays: 2345
Category: Education
Additions, multiplications, divisions ... will test our mental agility over 10 levels, with a survivor gameplay. Kill all zombies resolving math operations and view how fast you are on the stats panel.
Play Happy TravelHappy Travel Game

Plays: 2283
Category: Education
Happy Travel is difference games with 10 levels for children to development of visual attention. Spot the differences between the two colorful images of the family travel. A happy family of 4 persons and a dog like to spend the weekend actively. You will walk in a forest, ride a bike in the mountains, travel by car, fly in a balloon, float on the river with them and much more. Happy Travel has four modes: - Simple (you need to find not all the differences) - Medium (you need to find all the differences) - Difficult - Survival (time limit) Happy Travel is an indispensable tool in training of the visual memory of your child. Well-developed attention accompanies and enhances the productivity of all mental processes of thinking, perception, speech and memory. Excellent graphics and wonderful music will not let you get bored.
Play Wrangle 2Wrangle 2 Game

Plays: 2256
Category: BoardGame
Don't have a cow... Wrangle some words! Get your daily mental workout with this challenging vocab conundrum. Create, connect, and compete for the best scores.
Play TV MadnessTV Madness Game

Plays: 2248
Category: Puzzles
Turn off the TV sets as quickly as possible...before your mental health runs out.
Play iLightsiLights Game

Plays: 2172
Category: Puzzles
An innovative puzzle game that will test your mental ability to the max! Divert light beams with gadgets to solve intriguing puzzles! Be the first to solve ... the Pyramid Mystery! Play it on Facebook to enjoy the full experience. Created by
Play Tiny Ship FullTiny Ship Full Game

Plays: 2101
Category: Action
Challenge your mental reflexes with Tiny Ship, a fun physics based game where your ultimate goal is to help tiny ship reach his teleportation portal in 20 unique and mind bending levels. With an array of different obstacles , traps , and force altering magnets, you'll have a blast while exploring and figuring out each of Tiny Ship's 20 addicting levels.Are you ready for the challenge ?
Play Mental ShowtimeMental Showtime Game

Plays: 2082
Category: Puzzles
You're an orange square-headed freak trapped in a circus side-show. Your objective is to get the heck out of the circus and find your friends!
Play SpidersSpiders Game

Plays: 1575
Category: Action
Spiders is a simple action game. Game to the mental acuity, speed and attentiveness. The spiders spawn in the bottom part of the screen. You need to shoot them before they cross the top part of the screen. The game difficulty increases steadily along the course of the game. Your objective is to get as much points. Good luck!
Play ThinkThink Game

Plays: 1346
Category: Education
Funny and original math puzzle game that will test your mental capacity. Full of nice escenaries and entertainings sounds. This puzzle game have an atractive gameplay for all types of players. Come on!. Beat your record solving the puzzle in each level.?
Play Greater or Less Ninja trainingGreater or Less Ninja training Game

Plays: 1340
Category: Education
Mystical ninja mental training
Play Mental BabyMental Baby Game

Plays: 1273
Category: Education
a very good math game
Play Sindy TangramsSindy Tangrams Game

Plays: 922
Category: Puzzles
Sindy Tangrams is a challenge mental agility game for children of all ages. Moving the seven shapes to assemble the picture. Have fun with shapes!
Play Sports Star DressupSports Star Dressup Game

Plays: 679
Category: Dress-Up
Our girl is very much into sports! It is good for both her physical and mental state. Now, she needs your help to get dressed for riding her bicycle in the park.Choose from a range of sport clothes and enjoy dressing her up!

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