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Play Arthropod ArmadaArthropod Armada Game

Plays: 4943
Category: Action
Cut through the deadly waves of the evil imperial armada to defend your homeland in this arcade-style shoot-em-up.
Play Attack of the Killer GoatsAttack of the Killer Goats Game

Plays: 4917
Category: Action
Shoot as many evil killer goats as possible but don't harm the nice ones.
Play SWorld 2SWorld 2 Game

Plays: 4890
Category: Action
Kill all hostile space debris in this classic styled arcade shoot-em-up.
Play POD FighterPOD Fighter Game

Plays: 4794
Category: Action
Get ready for some POD fighting action! Blast through endless waves of enemy ships in this fast-paced, top-down view shooting game.
Play Invaders Catch!Invaders Catch! Game

Plays: 4705
Category: Action
Invasion alert! Zap the aliens and catch the goodies they leave behind. Six unique galaxies, a whole lot of enemy attack waves and one mean boss battle.
Play 1493 Deluxe1493 Deluxe Game

Plays: 4612
Category: Action
Be the best Ace of the Skies! Get the Highest Score!
Play Fat CatFat Cat Game

Plays: 4521
Category: Action
Play as both the owl and the pussy cat in this frantic puzzle shoot-em-up.
Play cronusXcronusX Game

Plays: 4430
Category: Action
Destroy the asteroids and enemy ships in an update of the classic arcade game. Featuring rendered graphics, procedurally generated backgrounds and multiple power-ups cronusX brings the genre bang up to date.
Play Giant Robot Ninja (from Outer Space) VS. Zombie PiratesGiant Robot Ninja (from Outer Space) VS. Zombie Pirates Game

Plays: 4356
Category: Action
In "Giant Robot Ninja (from Outer Space) VS. Zombie Pirates" you play a Giant Robot Ninja from outer space in a battle against the evil hordes of Zombie Pirates who are trying to corrupt the entire universe!!!! Based on a true story.
Play StariusStarius Game

Plays: 4272
Category: Shooting
Starius is a shoot em up games. You can upgrade your ship by catching many bonus
Play ASCII WarsASCII Wars Game

Plays: 4234
Category: Shooting
Shoot down as many UFO's as possible in this l33t shoot-em-up.
Play Ace InvadersAce Invaders Game

Plays: 4229
Category: Action
Blast as many enemies as you can before you're defeated. Mouse to move and shoot. Right Click to Pause (for now). Weapons go to your right or left hardpoint depending on where you grab it. EXP applies to all weapons; you lose nothing by switching a weapon. There are 9 weapons: Vulcan, Railgun, Spread Shot, Mega Missile, Laser Lance, Plasma Thrower, Blade Missile, Bits and X-Shot. The enemies get more exciting as you go. Right Click to Pause
Play Echo BulletEcho Bullet Game

Plays: 4078
Category: Action
9 bosses, 30 waves of bullet hell are waiting for you. Go and let your eyes dizzy!
Play G.I. JaneG.I. Jane Game

Plays: 4062
Category: Action
Shoot and bomb your way through 4 mission as G.I. Jane in this cartoony platform shooter.
Play Galactic 123 The Droid ArmyGalactic 123 The Droid Army Game

Plays: 4020
Category: Action
Galactic 123. A manga anime , action adventure scifi game with a plot. Lead your droid army to victory and beat the enemy republic. Also pilot spaceships and use a series of weapons. --- How to play: Arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move. SPACEBAR (or Z) to fire. Keys 1-3 to select weapon. H to heal (ground mode only). If you have unlocked / equipped any optional extra weapons in any of the episodes, you can access them with keys 4-7 (ground mode only). And checkpoints are your friends! If you lose, you will return to the last checkpoint, not to the beginning of the game! (They also replenish your health and weapons) --- 15
Play ! and !! and ! Game

Plays: 3939
Category: Action
An intense, highly challenging arena shooter with a classically retro style. Use the bullet time feature to help you survive the 64 waves of vector assassins and swarms of bullets.
Play Cavity CrusadeCavity Crusade Game

Plays: 3918
Category: Action
Take your fluoride cannon and get ready to blast plaque into oblivion in this arcade shooter. A shoot-'em-up game inside your mouth!
Play Ninjas Versus Pirates WarNinjas Versus Pirates War Game

Plays: 3819
Category: Action
Ninjas Versus Pirates War. Play with mouse / wiimote. Pick a side. Bring down as many enemies as you can. Score highest. Each side has individual leaderboard to see which group is better. So, which are better, ninjas or pirates? Only you, the player, can decide! Keywords: shooters shoot em up ninjas versus pirates weapons powerups action games
Play FrodeFrode Game

Plays: 3761
Category: Action
Battle the enemy in this classic styled vertical military shoot-em-up.
Play BigHeads Shooter 2BigHeads Shooter 2 Game

Plays: 3602
Category: Shooting
Shoot Big Heads in four rows randomly appearing at 60 seconds time limit in this second part of shooting series. The number of Big Heads is getting higher every second so shoot them all before time runs out! Standard heads (1 points), bonus heads (5 point), missed heads are deducted at the end!

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