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Play Bazooka Baby RampageBazooka Baby Rampage Game

Plays: 2753
Category: Action
Exciting platformer. Little Billy is an infant with courage, dedication and an alarming propensity for violence! Help him to save the world from mutant, malevolent toys!!!
Play Mr. SchyzoMr. Schyzo Game

Plays: 2746
Category: Action
A praise to insanity, violence and fun. All in one package. Have fun using any of the 12 different weapons available in the game, completing all the 50 different achievements or simply enjoying a walk in any of the 20 levels!
Play Epic Zombie KillerEpic Zombie Killer Game

Plays: 2745
Category: Shooting
A simple tribute to endless zombie combat. Good ole' fashioned zombie killin', down to the basics. Survive...if you can! Like zombie shooters? You'll really enjoy this simple tribute to blood, guts, and zombie violence. Epic Zombie Killer is one man's stand against an endless barrage of zombies. Battle a never ending onslaught of mindlessly endless zombie hordes, locked in a single arena with no way out. It's a sick, twisted game, and your the prey. Whose idea was this anyway?...AND WHY ARE THESE ZOMBIES SO FAST!?!?
Play Robotic UprisingRobotic Uprising Game

Plays: 2734
Category: Action
Sometime in the late 90s, robots become self aware and decide they don't want to be slaves of humanity. Take command and defend humanity against the Robotic Uprising
Play DreadlordDreadlord Game

Plays: 2643
Category: Action
A cross-breed shooter game. Eliminate civilians and convert them into a zombie army!
Play DeadEndDeadEnd Game

Plays: 2592
Category: Fighting
It's an anti-terrorist Black Ops mission, soldier. Take no prisoners.
Play Mafia GetawayMafia Getaway Game

Plays: 2412
Category: Action
There are just one rule - ESCAPE FROM MAFIA AIM,AND STAY ALIVE!
Play Box ProtectorBox Protector Game

Plays: 2072
Category: Action
Use 20 different weapons to annihilate the stick-men attacking your box!
Play On The Run From A Mugger [T]On The Run From A Mugger [T] Game

Plays: 1592
Category: Action
A game in which you have to fight a mugger! Mild violence.
Play Zombie PhysicsZombie Physics Game

Plays: 1574
Category: Puzzles
Kill all the zombies on 20 levels of this physics puzzle game. Push the blocks and blow up the bombs to kill them all.
Play Fairytale AnnihilationFairytale Annihilation Game

Plays: 1539
Category: Action
About Fairytale Annihilation Bust up fairytale land with loads of guns and soldiers as you fix your helicopter and escape before you're one of them!
Play Collapse It 2Collapse It 2 Game

Plays: 1245
Category: Puzzles
Detonate explosives on each medieval structure with the goal of eliminating all the humans whilst not harming any zombies!
Play  Flower Power Makeover Flower Power Makeover Game

Plays: 1064
Category: Dress-Up
Flower power, or the movement of peace has its origins in the sixties, and is based on a non- violence belief. The beautiful flower power girl you are about to meet today, called Angie, has always been a pacifist. She was never the type of girl who argued with the people around her, because she understood ever since she was a young girl that one can never gain anything from being aggressive and offensive. In addition to this, she is a true fan of this flower power movement, and has also been involved in several volunteering actions for the promotion of peace. Because she is such a good person, she fully deserves a fantastic makeover given by you. You will be pampering this pretty flower power girl with a spoiling facial treatment that will make her skin glow and just look absolutely gorgeous. After you will have finished with this, you will be able to get further to the next steps of the makeover, meaning the makeup and dress up part of the beautifying treatment. Make sure to select some clothes that are in accordance with the flower power theme of the game. Enjoy giving this pretty flower power girl the fantastic makeover that she deserves!
Play MasakratorMasakrator Game

Plays: 610
Category: Action
Masakrator is an addictive top-bottom shoot-em-up game. The player must fight hordes of alien bugs on a remote planet. After a kill aliens drop orbs which the player can use to upgrade his weapons. But that is not enough to advance the levels which are getting more and more difficult. The player also needs to hone his skills in order to keep playing. What makes this game unique besides its great game mechanics is the original graphics and animation. Targeted for casual players but can be enjoyed even by hardcore gamers. This game includes some (fantasy) violence.
Play HangmanHangman Game

Plays: 559
Category: Education
Let's keep away from violence in our peaceful and harmless version of hangman! With the answers collected from the Dolch word list and the lovely graphics, your babies will definitely love it. The object of this game is to find out the hidden words by guessing one letter at a time. You will be given a doll on the right, which has a body composed of 6 rings and a head. On the left of the doll are the 26 alphabets, while the hidden word is represented by a row of dashes which indicate the number of letters. Click an alphabet to make a guess, and the selected letter will be removed from the alphabet list. If the letter is correct, it will be shown on its corresponding position on the dashes and you will receive 10 points. If the letter is not contained in the word, 1 ring will be removed from the doll and 2 points will be deducted. If the whole doll is removed, the current question will be skipped. Let your darlings answer all 10 questions and learn through edutainment!
Play Ex-SniperEx-Sniper Game

Plays: 534
Category: Action
All of you know who is a terrorist. They kidnap people with different goals. You are a military ex-sniper. You a lot fought in your life. It's time to take up arms and deal with terrorists.
Play Zombies ShooterZombies Shooter Game

Plays: 510
Category: Action
You sheriff in a small town.One afternoon, when you sat down to drink a cup of coffee,You saw on TV something horrible, how the zombies trying to devour the people living in your city. Your job is to save people and destroy the zombies.In such cases, you have a good shotgun.
Play Intergalactic Robber-Alien AbductionIntergalactic Robber-Alien Abduction Game

Plays: 502
Category: Action
Get items from Earth back into the mothership without getting your ship destroyed! Collect the required number of creatures to move on!

Plays: 443
Category: Action
Here, I'd been running away from violence my whole life, and I should have been running towards it. It's in our nature. The earliest human skeletons had spearheads in their ribcages.
Play KillKill Game

Plays: 9789
Category: Shooting
Kill as many rabbits you can in 60 seconds

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