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Play Midnight MissileMidnight Missile Game

Plays: 3929
Category: Adventure
Fly through enemy territory on a fast-paced and action-packed mission to survive. Mobile device ready!
Play Alien Red: CaptivityAlien Red: Captivity Game

Plays: 3914
Category: Adventure
Our hero Alien Red was captured during his inter-galactic trip by the enemy Blue Aliens. Your objective is to help Alien Red to escape the enemy territory while avoiding everything which is blue.
Play Military Base RacingMilitary Base Racing Game

Plays: 3806
Category: Driving
New uphill racing cars game from Your powerful military car is at the enemies territory. The road is very worn-out, and full of mines. Do not forget to take the bonuses on your way.
Play Desert Rifle 2Desert Rifle 2 Game

Plays: 3753
Category: Shooting
Enroll for an elite marksman mission deep into enemy territory.
Play ProximityProximity Game

Plays: 3684
Category: BoardGame
The object of the game is to have control of the most armies after all tiles have been placed. Each turn you receive a numbered tile to place anywhere not taken on the board. If this tile is adjacent to any ally tiles, it will strengthen their defenses. If it is adjacent to any enemy tiles, it will take control over them if its number is higher than the number on the enemy tile.
Play HuntsmanHuntsman Game

Plays: 3637
Category: Action
You're the hunter, protect your territory! hardcast community - duell game
Play The Strangers 4The Strangers 4 Game

Plays: 3628
Category: Shooting
The Strangers 4 is a game of skill and strategy. Complete your objectives in hostile enemy territory and return home safely, using both Sniper support and Ground Assault.
Play Chopper assaultChopper assault Game

Plays: 3628
Category: Action
Pilot you ultra advanced top-secret chopper deep into the enemy territory as you try to complete various missions.
Play Run Ninja RunRun Ninja Run Game

Plays: 3601
Category: Action
It’s time to run out of hostile territory. You will have to jump, slide and attack at the right time. Try to collect gold to upgrade your skills to jump higher, slide longer or increase your attacks. Your skills and speed will be tested to the max. Try to finish the game and good luck!
Play Ad BellvmAd Bellvm Game

Plays: 3471
Category: Strategy
This is a strategy game where you need to take care of economics and building armies in the map mode and then fight battles to occupy enemy territory and defend yours. Battles are real time, but can be controlled when paused. You have different ways to define your troops formation before the battle starts.
Play Sniper: Hostile TerritorySniper: Hostile Territory Game

Plays: 3437
Category: Shooting
A fun sniper game with magnifying scope. Complete 10 challenging missions.
Play Elephant killer tdElephant killer td Game

Plays: 3418
Category: Action
Elephants began to invade your territory. Destroy all with your towers with different powers.
Play AntiAirCraftAntiAirCraft Game

Plays: 3345
Category: Action
Shoot the planes invading the territory. The turret has 120 bullets. The faster the plane, the higher scores you get
Play Zombie TDZombie TD Game

Plays: 3334
Category: Fighting
Zombie TD is a tower defense game. Start your Campaign to Stop the Zombies from entering your territory. Use strategy to defend your towers. Earn money in each wave to Upgrade your towers.
Play The Strangers 3The Strangers 3 Game

Plays: 3290
Category: Shooting
You have been called in by General Daniel to take out some hostile targets in enemy territory. You will have three weapons at your disposal... show your team that you have what it takes to meet your objectives. Make sure to use the right weapon for close-range and long-range combat!
Play Night sky KingNight sky King Game

Plays: 3136
Category: Shooting
The night sky outside of the city is very dangerous where dark creatures always scramble for territory for themselves. Who on earth is the real king?
Play Arctic CommandoArctic Commando Game

Plays: 2991
Category: Action
Commando's Are Attacking your Snow Fortress! Show them who the real Arctic Commando is!
Play Red Code OriginsRed Code Origins Game

Plays: 2958
Category: Shooting
In its selfish thirst for power and territory, the people of Earth have started colonizing other planets. One of them doesn’t want visitors. The dormant creatures of the red planet Xyconia have been awakened and have no objective apart from killing the Earths forces. You remain as the last hope for humanity. Trapped underground you must fight your way to the surface, destroy the alien forces and somehow escape!
Play DAN LaserDAN Laser Game

Plays: 2954
Category: Action
DAN laser is an arcade shoot-em-up inspired by the classic fixed screen shooters like Galaga and 1942. Steer your craft through enemy territory, shooting down as many hostile craft as possible and picking up power ups along the way.
Play ApacheApache Game

Plays: 2931
Category: Action
Steer an Apache helicopter through hostile territory. A quick shooter.

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