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Online word Games
Play WordsWords Game

Plays: 49061
Category: Word
Awesome word game for your beautiful mind. It's real challenge for your unique thoughtful brain. Take your part in right now and FEEL! the pleasure of your right answers of questioned words in limited amount of time.
Play Alphabet JungleAlphabet Jungle Game

Plays: 38422
Category: Puzzles
Spell your way out of the boiling pot in this fun word game.
Play SpinwordSpinword Game

Plays: 36928
Category: Word
Spinword combines puzzles and arcade action in a fun word making challenge. Can you beat the clock or can you become a winner by making as many words as you can?
Play ItsaCoopItsaCoop Game

Plays: 23792
Category: Puzzles
A game where you must draw so that other people can guess the word you have been given.
Play Word GuessWord Guess Game

Plays: 20961
Category: Word
Word Guess , unscramble the word. Work your way through 3 rounds , each round has 6 words to correctly unscramble. Based on Word Scramble from the popular Nintendo DS game - Brain Age 2 .
Play The Hanged ManThe Hanged Man Game

Plays: 15678
Category: Puzzles
Enter letters in order to find the hidden word. Each time you enter a letter which is not present in the word, a line is drawn. The set of lines represent a hanged man. When the hanged man is totally drawn, you lose. GL & HF.
Play 4 Letter Word BnC4 Letter Word BnC Game

Plays: 9561
Category: Puzzles
The classic game of logic, Bulls & Cows; this time, with four-letter words. The computer plays a pretty good game but can be beaten with a little effort! (In fact, the computer is at a distinct disadvantage as it avoids words that are not well established, rarely used or obscene.)
Play GojiRamaGojiRama Game

Plays: 8483
Category: Word
If you ever wanted to be a giant lizard on a destructive rampage, here's your chance! When your lizard reaches a building, type the word that appears to kick, smash, or breathe fire on the it. The more buildings you pulverize, the more points you earn.
Play WordClashWordClash Game

Plays: 8217
Category: Word
This game is a mutliplayer version of WordConnect from the same author. It is a puzzle word game similar to the classic game tetris. Some have called it a hybrid between tetris and scrabble. You have to place the falling letters to form a word horizontally or vertically. Each word that you form, the letters in that word will be sent to the other player you are playing against. You win if you find all the words in the word list found in the middle of the screen, or if the other player reaches the top with stacked blocks.

Plays: 8101
Category: Word
Collapse is the most used word for bringing walls down. Well, in this game you'll find enough ways to do just that! Play the special Collapse Mega 800 Version and get all 800 tiles out of the screen in time!
Play SpankSpank Game

Plays: 7912
Category: Action
The directions are simple, press spacebar as soon as the word SPANK appears in the game. Afterwards, the server will calculate your reaction time and compare it to the rest of the world. See how you measure up to hundreds of thousands of users!
Play ColorzColorz Game

Plays: 7497
Category: Word
This is a color matching game. Players have to read a colored word and choose the correct answer. Players will be confused by the meaning of the word and its color. Therefore, players have to "think" before they choose the answer. This is a game that can somehow train the player's right brain which controls creativity and flexibility.
Play The Random Test IThe Random Test I Game

Plays: 7105
Category: Puzzles
Test your random! ~~Note: this game is beatable and is not bugged!~~ ~~~Yes I am working on The Random Test II!~~ *for more info about it look bellow!* I will no longer be updating the game any more. (but i am working on The Random Test #2! *look bellow*) ~~The Random Test #2:~~ I have decided from people asking for continue of this game that i will make a number two, it will be much much harder and have a lot lot lot more questions! pleas comment of what you think i should put onto it. I'm pretty sure that i will not be making a #3 yet but it is a possibility. - - - - - - - - - For those who are not random enough to win.... Spoilers: 1. Hit the word Random (yes its backwards) to begin! 2. D 3. A 4. C (but try hitting A for a funny twist!) 5. D 6. C
Play LinkedLinked Game

Plays: 6944
Category: Action
Help Dakota the Explorer work on vocabulary skills. Create words by clicking on letters and adjacent linked letters. Double-click on the last letter to submit the word. Break jeweled tiles for bonus points.
Play Red Carpet Star SearchRed Carpet Star Search Game

Plays: 6850
Category: Word
Celebrity themed word search puzzle. Random placement from the word library means a new game every time.
Play Word KnackWord Knack Game

Plays: 5357
Category: Word
Word Knack is a Tetris-like game where letter blocks are cleared by forming words.
Play JumbleJumble Game

Plays: 3710
Category: Puzzles
A find the words puzzle game
Play WordomatWordomat Game

Plays: 3273
Category: Puzzles
Guess the hidden phrases!
Play WordHexWordHex Game

Plays: 3185
Category: Puzzles
A Word game, where the player must beat the clock to find words of the highest value. Letters are connected via hexes. 2 Games in one, one of the games the hexes drop when hexes below are used, the other game, the hexes leave an empty void. The more hexes that are removed, the background image is revealed.
Play Word KnackWord Knack Game

Plays: 34308
Category: Puzzles
Word Knack is a Tetris-like game where letter blocks are cleared by forming words.

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