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Online Madness Games
Play Snowman MadnessSnowman Madness Game

Plays: 5504
Category: Puzzles
Lets see how many snowman you can build in 60 seconds!!!
Play InfectonatorInfectonator Game

Plays: 5484
Category: Action
Zombie infections' madness, turn people into zombies in 60 seconds, upgrade your zombies to more powerful ones, get the highest score by destroying and infecting the town
Play Bubble MadnessBubble Madness Game

Plays: 5390
Category: Other
Collect all of the bubbles with your own bubble. But be careful! The more bubbles you collect the bigger you'll grow and dodging the sinking mines will become very hard.
Play BoomsticKBoomsticK Game

Plays: 5294
Category: Shooting
BoomsticK pits you and your trusty shotgun against a relentless onslaught of insane shapes. 21 Tiers of shape shooting, particle blastin, power-up grabbin madness!
Play 4 Wheel Madness 24 Wheel Madness 2 Game

Plays: 5247
Category: Driving
4 Wheel Madness 2 is bigger and better!
Play Clinic EscapeClinic Escape Game

Plays: 5246
Category: Action
You have to escape the looney bin! You can pick up and throw various items at the clinic staff. Each item has its own damage power. You can increase your strength by killing enemies and therefore pick up and throw big items. Hold UP or DOWN when throwing to affect the direction. Use madness to break through the enemies. Note that madness makes you invulnerable and stuns enemies, however you cannot kill enemies in madness mode. Be careful, your madness reserve is limited. Use items to destroy doors.
Play Buggy MadnessBuggy Madness Game

Plays: 5203
Category: Driving
Drive the truck to rush forward.
Play Balloon MadnessBalloon Madness Game

Plays: 5161
Category: Adventure
Balloon Madness is a simple flash fun game.
Play Udder MadnessUdder Madness Game

Plays: 5106
Category: Action
Gather the milk from the cows before they explode... Can you get the milk from all of them at once?
Play Summer Madness World EditionSummer Madness World Edition Game

Plays: 5087
Category: Puzzles
Resto styled puzzle game
Play Office Chair FreestyleOffice Chair Freestyle Game

Plays: 5042
Category: Action
Office chair freestyle madness, special for bored workers! Do as many backflips as you can without smash your face on the pavement!
Play Monkey MadnessMonkey Madness Game

Plays: 4961
Category: Fighting
Monkey Madness is a platform game where you collect fruit and blow up worms.
Play 3D Urban Madness3D Urban Madness Game

Plays: 4921
Category: Sports
3D Urban Madness - Is a new 3d flash racing game. The purpose is to dodge the other cars and make your way to the finish line.

Plays: 4846
Category: Action
A side-view shooter with a classic Mafia look! Save the day in story mode or go nuts in any of the many other modes! :)
Play ClickSumClickSum Game

Plays: 4686
Category: Action
What drives someone from sanity to madness? Is it the incessant clicking of the mouse frantically trying to clear the world of its problems? Maybe so. Will playing this game help stop the madness? Probably not, but it's a fun diversion. So enter on your journey, my friend... a journey into self-discovery!
Play Frogs Frogs 'N Snakes Game

Plays: 4522
Category: Action
Hop around the cute little frog pond to try and get the worldwide high score by eating flies while avoiding snakes!
Play Spin MadnessSpin Madness Game

Plays: 4450
Category: Puzzles
Spin as many pieces of the same color as you can before the time runs out.
Play Genetic MadnessGenetic Madness Game

Plays: 4447
Category: Shooting
The town is occupied by monsters and you are the only one who's able to stand against the aggressors, to study their technologies and become... a weapon!
Play Madness DayMadness Day Game

Plays: 4424
Category: Action
Can you survive the madness? Kill as many enemies as you can.
Play Tv MadnessTv Madness Game

Plays: 4398
Category: Action
Turn off the TV sets as quickly as possible...before your mental health runs out.

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