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Play Bomber InvadersBomber Invaders Game

Plays: 1797
Category: Action
Destroy aliens, collect items and shoot the bombs to make a big carnage! 5 planets to discover, 55 levels, several weapons...
Play Attack of The Heavenly BatsAttack of The Heavenly Bats Game

Plays: 1778
Category: Action
Peddler Man is a video game superhero, that has an unique ability. He can use all his weapons at once! That’s right! No switching, backpack limit, tough choices. You can shoot all the weapons you have with just one button! This time, even God himself has a request to make of Peddler Man! Help him on his way!
Play SpaceJunkSpaceJunk Game

Plays: 1759
Category: Action
Survive 24 waves of space debris and a handful of hostile planets. Collect spacedust to upgrade your planet and improve your chances of survival. Pick up astronauts because they give you special bonuses such as shields and extra spacedust. Be careful though, because shooting an astronaut will cause you to lose points!
Play GalaxusGalaxus Game

Plays: 1754
Category: Action
Slow-paced shmup mayhep!
Play InvaderiumInvaderium Game

Plays: 1609
Category: Action
Micro SHMUP in pure invader retro style. Create your own Invader and achieve the highest score possible in 60 seconds!
Play Invader Attack SurvivalInvader Attack Survival Game

Plays: 1558
Category: Action
3D top view shooter with brutal action and music. You will die for sure, it's just a matter of how long you can survive the invading forces. To make this game even more interesting, I'm gonna tell you a little secret - there are zombies inside those spacecrafts. Yeah, that's right, everyone likes to kill zombies. arrow / cursor keys = movement CTRL key = fire In-Game: P = pause, Q = quit Collect green energy packages to repair hull, if you're damaged.
Play ReconRecon Game

Plays: 1551
Category: Shooting
RECON is a SHMUP (shoot-em-up) type of game where player takes control of a secret operative on a mission of taking down terrorist organization known as B.A.D. (Brotherhood of Anarchy And Death).
Play Space Squadron DeltaSpace Squadron Delta Game

Plays: 1490
Category: Action
Lead the Spaceship Squadron to defend our earth from alien attack
Play ProtostarProtostar Game

Plays: 1480
Category: Action
Uncover the mysteries of the Delta sector in this epic 2D vertical space shooter! With over 20 pulse-pounding missions, 5 unique boss battles, configurable ship upgrades and dynamic re-playable levels, be prepared to be immersed in the best 2D shooter built in Flash! Purchase upgrades to configure your ship for battle to meet unique enemy scenarios. Return to previous missions to uncover new content and deadlier enemies.

Plays: 1009
Category: Action
In CMYK you take charge of the 'Inkjet', navigating the inner battlefield of a cluttered & jammed desktop printer. Evade stationary at blazing speeds or blow them away with ink in this colorful & endless vertical shooter. CMYK fuses intuitive mouse controls with challenging quick reaction gameplay that is highly replayable, Can you get the high score? replayability
Play Timed InvasionTimed Invasion Game

Plays: 665
Category: Action
Space Invaders clone
Play Space LordSpace Lord Game

Plays: 604
Category: Puzzles
Exalted Space Lord, your fleet command center awaits! What fool would dare challenge your impenetrable might?
Play Space HeroSpace Hero Game

Plays: 550
Category: Action
Play shmup levels that other people have created in the game Space Lord!
Play ShmusicupShmusicup Game

Plays: 317
Category: Shooting
Shmusicup (Shoot-music-up) is a hybrid of a rhythm/music game and a shoot'em up where the enemy bullet patterns are generated by any mp3 chosen from your music collection!
Play Earth DefenderEarth Defender Game

Plays: 6834
Category: Shooting
Defend the world from an alien invasion and generally shoot things in this classic arcade style space shooter.
Play Body InvadersBody Invaders Game

Plays: 6744
Category: Shooting
Shoot nasty viruses in this simple but challenging action-shooter.
Play ZyraxxusZyraxxus Game

Plays: 3519
Category: Shooting
Zyraxxus is a space shoot-em-up game for multiple players. Each player controls a ship and competes to shoot and destroy all the other ships in a free-for-all shootout. There are four ships in the game to choose from. Each ship has unique characteristics, but all ships have a primary blaster and a secondary weapon. The primary weapon recharges quickly while the secondary recharges more slowly. A ship will explode once its health has been depleted to zero.

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