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Play Blue DefenderBlue Defender Game

Plays: 4009
Category: Puzzles
Stop the evil blue squares from reaching the other side. Very addictive and simple game, just click all the blue ones, but be careful not to click the other colors. Every level gets a little harder.
Play The DefenderThe Defender Game

Plays: 3967
Category: Action
Physical shooter. Save 5 world capitals (Paris, Washington, London, Moscow, Berlin) and the Earth from 5 types of enemies. In the game: - 26 levels with different difficulty; - large variety of enemies and items (over 50!), having its own unique properties. Defend the Earth!
Play Island DefenderIsland Defender Game

Plays: 3881
Category: Action
Destroy the attacking missiles with your own missiles by catching the attacking missiles in the blast radius of your own missiles. Use the Z, X and C keys to launch missiles which fly to the crosshairs (controlled by the mouse) and explode. If one of your subs is hit you loose all remaining missiles in that sub for the rest of the attack wave. Enemies get more numerous and faster as the game goes on. You get extra missiles for the rest of the game each time you destroy all enemies but you also have a limited number of missiles to defend with so use them wisely. Once all islands are destroyed the game is over.
Play Galaxy RunnerGalaxy Runner Game

Plays: 3726
Category: Shooting
Save the galaxy from invasion in this action packed shooting game! Hope you like the game, it?s my first.
Play 16c1 Defender16c1 Defender Game

Plays: 3699
Category: Shooting
Your goal is to destroy or push away the falling ice meteors. As you progress through the game you will gain points and unlock new abilities.
Play Frontline DefenderFrontline Defender Game

Plays: 3596
Category: Action
Strategy tower defense game. It can be played by up to four players at the same time cooperatively. The aim is to protect the base by placing defense towers around enemies’ paths. The game features many battlefields with different paths for enemies, six towers including machine gun, triple cannon, anti-aircraft and super tower. There are ten different types of enemies attacking the base including soldiers, small and heavy tanks, trucks, fire throwers and airplanes.
Play Sky InvasionSky Invasion Game

Plays: 3568
Category: Action
November AD 2569. Earth Alliance Federation has their colony bases spreaded all around the continents on Earth. Centuries passed by since the the colonization to Mars, now it is time to go home to the Earth as Mars is slowly dying. But EAF doesn't allow us to go home. There's only one answer to get back our right on Earth : INVASION.
Play Bumblebee KillerBumblebee Killer Game

Plays: 3567
Category: Action
Kill the bumblebee's before they invade your picnic!
Play Capitan CommanderCapitan Commander Game

Plays: 3494
Category: Action
Defender of the Galaxy! Crash-landed on an alien planet, it's up to him and the trusty blaster at his side, to run, jump, shoot, drive and fly across the landscape, decimating the population and rescuing his comrades from their probe-happy captors.
Play Dead Tree DefenderDead Tree Defender Game

Plays: 3465
Category: Action
Defend your tree with your mad archery skills!
Play xD DefenderxD Defender Game

Plays: 3406
Category: Shooting
Fast balloon shooting game! Defend your land from evil balloons! Receive a special reward upon success! :)
Play Cheese Doodle DefenderCheese Doodle Defender Game

Plays: 3376
Category: Action
It's you against thousands of varmints. Your doodles, nay, your very life hangs in the balance! Can you succeed?
Play World Cup Breakout 2010World Cup Breakout 2010 Game

Plays: 3267
Category: Action
This year, 32 countries from around the world have come together to play in the illustrious World Cup Breakout 2010 tournament. So join in the fun, pick your country and beat the heck out of your opponents to win the ultimate prize. Collect loads of spectacular power ups, avoid sneaky power downs, take out three types of defender - only the goal keeper to beat - you shoot, you SCORE!! GOOOAAAAAALL! What are you waiting for, lets GO!!
Play Garden DefenderGarden Defender Game

Plays: 3222
Category: Shooting
Defend your gardens from hungry crows. Use apples, tomatos, potatoes to "feed" them. Aim better and get the medals for the accuracy.
Play Air DefenderAir Defender Game

Plays: 3166
Category: Shooting
An arcade game where the player tries to destroy as many enemies while dodging or destroying enemy bombs. The player scores 20 points for each enemy destroyed and 10 points for each enemy bomb destroyed. Each time the player fires 1 point is deducted from his score. Being hit by an enemy bomb costs the player 1 life (they have 3 total).
Play Station DefenderStation Defender Game

Plays: 3156
Category: Puzzles
Simple logic/luck games
Play Gem DefenderGem Defender Game

Plays: 3115
Category: Action
Collect the 6 gems in each area to progress. Shoot enemies to keep them at bay
Play Meteor DefenderMeteor Defender Game

Plays: 3091
Category: Action
The Earth is in danger. Meteorites from space are just before impact. The only way to stop them is to destroy them. Our missile base will do that for you, but they need some guidance.
Play DefenderDefender Game

Plays: 3079
Category: Puzzles
Defender is a unique take on the tower defence genre, combining it with roleplaying elements and an isometric engine, along with more advanced tactical decision making, multiple maps and even the ability to play custom maps designed by other players.
Play Ovum Defender: Tower DefenseOvum Defender: Tower Defense Game

Plays: 3073
Category: Shooting
Simply prevent the sperm to reach their goal by set up as many gun as you can. Features: 4 challenging levels, Total 90 waves to complete, 16 different types of enemies, 12 type of guns

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