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Online landing Games
Play Alien InvasionAlien Invasion Game

Plays: 2732
Category: Shooting
Shoot The Alien Spaceships and keep them from landing on the moon. The longer you can hold them off the better your score.
Play Crash Landing EscapeCrash Landing Escape Game

Plays: 2714
Category: Puzzles
Crash Landing Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Game2p. This time, you are on your way back home, you saw a mysterious light shined above you. The last thing you know, you're trapped inside a spaceship that's about to crash into earth. Your only hope of survival now is to escape before it crashes? Good luck and have fun!
Play Spaceship LandingSpaceship Landing Game

Plays: 2508
Category: Action
SpaceShip Landing puts you in the skin of an experienced galactic pilot. Use your flying ability to land your spaceship in the most challenging areas of planet Garret-9.
Play Hyper VaultHyper Vault Game

Plays: 2508
Category: Sports
Danger, High Vault-age! Three pole-vaulting attempts, can you set the bar to the highest point, and still make a perfect landing?
Play Astro LanderAstro Lander Game

Plays: 2412
Category: Action
The Goal of the game is to land on the Platform gently without crashing. Don't hit any asteroids or you lose a life, the same goes for if not landing on the Platform soft enough or flying too far off the stage/level. Added difficulty settings and more info for display to help gamer when landing.
Play Mission MarsMission Mars Game

Plays: 2391
Category: Action
Level the city to secure your landing!
Play Risky Freefall!Risky Freefall! Game

Plays: 2315
Category: Action
Open your parachute as late as you dare! Jump from the airplane but open your parachute as close to the ground as possible. Clear minimum target to unlock new levels. Pay attention to altitude, and try to estimate the landing time based on the height meter. But be aware that the altitude meter stays visible only for the short while before disappearing - the rest is up to your skill and courage! Risky Freefall contains 12 levels in three locations: countryside, savannah, and the Moon. Enjoy!
Play Jumbo Jet ParkingJumbo Jet Parking Game

Plays: 2249
Category: Driving
You are a pilot of the jumbo jet plane.Your task is to park the landing plane in a parking area. Avoid hitting other planes and objects on the airport. Collect coins to score points.
Play Christmas Tree DecorChristmas Tree Decor Game

Plays: 2226
Category: Customize
Christmas Tree Decor
Play Gas LandingGas Landing Game

Plays: 2216
Category: Action
In space nobody can hear you fart! A small platform game. Guide the ship to the landing pads, and then disembark and collect a pill within 30 seconds.
Play Space Captain McCallery: Flash LandingSpace Captain McCallery: Flash Landing Game

Plays: 2153
Category: Action
Sci-fi action-adventure game where you explore an alien planet and battle monsters.
Play Solar System LanderSolar System Lander Game

Plays: 2150
Category: Action
Welcome pilot! Fly and land your ship as safe as possible, before your fuel is empty. But you are not always welcome. Watch out for the shockwaves of mines and turrets, which will prevent you from doing a perfect landing. Explore space anomalies and land on asteroids for bonus points. Make wise use of your thrust and afterburner.
Play Safe LandingSafe Landing Game

Plays: 2073
Category: Action
A challenging mini-game in which you attempt to land on planets with a rocket. Inspires a zen-like sense of patience and humility in the player.
Play Extreme Heli BoardingExtreme Heli Boarding Game

Plays: 1995
Category: Action
Make sure you're properly insured as you'll be preforming massive jumps and tricks at extreme height. Go through the checkpoints before the counter reaches zero. Collect bonuses to increase your score or extend the time. You're rewarded points for making long jumps and flips. A perfect landing will double your points !
Play SalvorSalvor Game

Plays: 1977
Category: Adventure
On a plot of the game «Salvor» was hit by a passenger spacecraft near the planet «ZoZ». Most people left the spacecraft. Downed ship they left on the lifeboats. On lifeboats little fuel and now they want your help. Your task is to find a lifeboat and dovezti to a special area for a landing spacecraft.
Play Run From the SunRun From the Sun Game

Plays: 1871
Category: Action
The sun is exploding! Launch your spaceship from planet to planet and keep ahead of it for as long as you can. A side scrolling "race the screen" game with just one control - launching your spaceship. Time your launches carefully to land you on another planet, and hop from planet to planet to stay alive for as long as you can. Fancy flying such as using another planet's gravity to slingshot you to a safe landing, or narrowly avoiding meteors, earns you big bonus points.
Play Mars LanderMars Lander Game

Plays: 1788
Category: Driving
Use the left and right arrow keys to fire you left and right thrusters. Use the up arrow key to fire your main thruster.
Play The Landing SpaceShipThe Landing SpaceShip Game

Plays: 1757
Category: Action
Land the spaceship!
Play Alien ShipsAlien Ships Game

Plays: 1738
Category: Action
Alien ships are coming. Destroy them before they reach their landing zone.
Play Panda RestaurantPanda Restaurant Game

Plays: 1564
Category: Other
Panda Tony was a tourist and gourmet. One day, Tony took an aircraft to travel.But the vehicle broke down on the half-way, so Tony had to find bamboo groves to landing in order to earn money to repair.Luckily, he could do many kinds of food and served the other pandas. So Tony opened a restaurant and earned the money.You are a friend of Tony, and help him to earn enough money to go home as the directions.

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