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Play Diamonds Diamonds mobileDiamonds Diamonds mobile Game

Plays: 3830
Category: BoardGame
Diamonds Diamonds is a logic game with goal to find all color diamonds in each level. You must be careful to click on black diamond, otherwise you loose one life.
Play Dress The Gods Mobile: FreyjaDress The Gods Mobile: Freyja Game

Plays: 3825
Category: Customize
Freyja, the goddess of love, loves to change her looks. Help her decide what to look like today. If you want to know more about the goddess you can read about her by clicking About Freyja Optimized for Mobile
Play The Brave Hussar 2The Brave Hussar 2 Game

Plays: 3807
Category: Adventure
The brave hussar returns to deal more damage to the orcish army. Now the dragon riders, archers and swordsmen of the Orcish kingdom are in full force trying to stop him.
Play SnakeSnake Game

Plays: 3800
Category: Adventure
Play a classic game of snake, run around the grass and eat the food blocks
Play Fly Away RabbitFly Away Rabbit Game

Plays: 3773
Category: Education
Game Story Welcome to a world where a little bunny rabbit has one goal in life, to make it to the clouds. However, each time he reaches a new height something horrible happens, helium blocks of varying shapes and possibilities block his path and attempt to lead him astray! You're his only hope. With you ability to remove blocks at will, Rabbit may finally reach his goal and find a resting place in the clouds where he can enjoy himself and a wonderful view. Game Details Fly Away Rabbit takes you on a gaming adventure perfected in the iPhone and iPod Touch. Use your finger to touch blocks and remove them from the game. With each block removed physics based reactions will occur. Use these reactions to guide Rabbit to the cloud and complete each level. Play through 48 levels in 3 difficulties and enjoy a truly exciting physics based puzzle game.
Play Gold Room Escape: Mobile PhonesGold Room Escape: Mobile Phones Game

Plays: 3747
Category: Adventure
You find yourself in a locked room and your task is to find golden mobile phones. After all phones is collected, find key and use it to escape. Good Luck!
Play On The Edge - Levels PackOn The Edge - Levels Pack Game

Plays: 3708
Category: Puzzles
The goal of the game is to move the red block onto the red tile, by removing all other tiles. Tiles are removed then you step off them.
Play basketball mobile 2basketball mobile 2 Game

Plays: 3679
Category: Fighting
Play Going the Distance 6 - MobileGoing the Distance 6 - Mobile Game

Plays: 3673
Category: Action
VERSION 1.2d UPDATE: You now have Tooltips explaining dice hands as well as an UNDO button! Alexander finds himself lost in a spooky forest. Can he find his way out in time? Use dice and see how far you can run! Hopefully you'll get out of the forest before he gets scared to death! Utilizing dice rolling and strategy, just how far can you run?
Play Elevatorz 2 MobileElevatorz 2 Mobile Game

Plays: 3668
Category: Action
Mr. Jitters is back for some more elevator avoiding fun! Your job is again to cross all the floors within the time limit, while avoiding the elevators. But this time there are 5 buildings, with each a different objective!
Play Battle Planes MMORPGBattle Planes MMORPG Game

Plays: 3663
Category: Adventure
A Mindblowing 2012 Post Apocalyptic Text-Based MUD with monthly real-value prizes for top players.
Play The Insanity Test MobileThe Insanity Test Mobile Game

Plays: 3659
Category: Puzzles
Ever wonder how insane you are? Take this fun little test to find out!
Play Neon GuyNeon Guy Game

Plays: 3658
Category: Action
Neon Guy is a one button platform game. Jump over gaps, avoid enemies and master the force of gravity in your journey through 40 mind-bending levels. It is all about timing. This game is also available for iOS and Android (see info inside). In case you are playing on a mobile device and have beaten all levels: Turn your device around 180° and play again upside down for a fresh challenge ;)
Play Vector Runner MobileVector Runner Mobile Game

Plays: 3629
Category: Action
Pilot your racer at breakneck speeds while avoiding oncoming obstacles in the mobile version of this highly addictive retro-styled 3D racing game.
Play Burger WrestleBurger Wrestle Game

Plays: 3582
Category: Action
Wrestle a Hamburger? Yes! This Burger is Feisty so get your moves down and try to score gold stars as much as possible! Available for Mobile as well!
Play Rabbit RevengeRabbit Revenge Game

Plays: 3574
Category: Action
Ride our Magician's frightful dream as his stage rabbits plot their revenge.
Play Bunny Trouble Chinese MobileBunny Trouble Chinese Mobile Game

Plays: 3558
Category: Adventure
Play Detective DinaDetective Dina Game

Plays: 3528
Category: Customize
This young detective is out investigating a crime in a fashion street. She needs a trendy outfit to merge with the crowd. Dress up this detective Dina in some trendy styles so that she doesn’t get noticed easily.
Play CoverCover Game

Plays: 3470
Category: Action
Defeat wave after wave of invading alien ships while dodging frantically between barriers of various shapes and sizes, some stationary, some mobile. Play endlessly in ?Practice? mode, with no limit to the number of times you can be killed, or see how long you can survive with 6 lives (?Normal? mode) or a meager 3 lives (?Hard? mode).
Play Ultimate SnakeUltimate Snake Game

Plays: 3419
Category: Strategy
The classic snake games you used to get on your old mobile phones; only this time, it's ultimate!

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