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Play Careless ThiefCareless Thief Game

Plays: 5302
Category: BoardGame
If you enjoy playing arcade puzzle games, then this game by is one that you might well like! Find the code to the bank safe, and pass all 20 skill levels. Be careful because in case the attempt is unsuccessful the handcuffs will be snapped on thief's wrists. The goal of the game is to clear the playing board from the precious bars. Click at three or more bars of the same color to delete them.
Play World War FupaWorld War Fupa Game

Plays: 5240
Category: Action
The world is no longer safe, There are fupas roaming free everywhere, destroying everything they get their little hands on, Fly your high technology plane and take them out before they destroy your planet!
Play easter memory game 2easter memory game 2 Game

Plays: 4954
Category: BoardGame
An Easter themed memory matching game. fun for the whole family, kid safe!
Play Enter the Safe RoomEnter the Safe Room Game

Plays: 4920
Category: Adventure
Enter the Safe Room is a nice game in the "Escape the room" style. The little different is, that you have to break in a room. The safe of course. Find usefull items and use them to crack the safe. Use your mouse to click on different thinks and look what is happening.
Play Iwo Jima DefenceIwo Jima Defence Game

Plays: 4884
Category: Strategy
The war is upon us... The American forces are entering the island through the beach and the war will start soon! Hold them on the beach and don't let them enter the island, clear all waves from level one to unlock other levels. Try and make this war zone as safe as possible for the American forces! Have fun!
Play Dig: The Lost Miner: Episode 1 : DemoDig: The Lost Miner: Episode 1 : Demo Game

Plays: 4862
Category: Action
After a routine mining mission, Dig jumps into his hypersleep chamber and initiates the launch sequence to head home; During the trip home his ship encounters an asteroid field and while attempting a safe course of passage enevitably takes damage; The ship’s computer – unbeknown to the damage – continues the journey while precious fuel begins leaking into space. The ship’s computer finally realises the fuel reserves won’t be enough to make it home and begins a search for local planets that may harbour plentiful reserves of fuel. It finds only one and sets a course. During the descent onto the planet; Dig is awoken – expecting to be approaching his home world when the Ship’s computer explains their situation. There’s just one issue… the fuel on the planet is nearly 4km below the surface and the ship doesn’t have enough fuel to fire the mining lasers. All of the mining will have to be done by Dig himself!
Play Where is my friendWhere is my friend Game

Plays: 4775
Category: BoardGame
Facebook ? NO Orkoot ? No Gmail ? NO Where.. Just here in the game
Play Galactic Airport - Keep the space safeGalactic Airport - Keep the space safe Game

Plays: 4748
Category: Action
Working on a galactic airport is one of the most stressful jobs, but not for you. Guide the UFOs safely to the runways on different planets helping yourself with special skills. Don’t let them collide! You’ll need a good strategy and keen eyes to alter flight paths as needed and keep the chaos under control. Good luck ...
Play Ballistic Balloon Bird HuntBallistic Balloon Bird Hunt Game

Plays: 4623
Category: Shooting
A hunter flies with his balloon up on the air and tries to keep his balloon safe from birds that keep falling on it carelessly. Try to live as long as you can and get the highest score possible.
Play Mario BrosMario Bros Game

Plays: 4494
Category: Action
again Mario is Fighting his enemies that opened a portal to his world , and they are wondering freely in his land. Mario Bros needs to kill all enemies who come through the pipes and make sure the land is safe again..
Play Double ShuffleDouble Shuffle Game

Plays: 4491
Category: Puzzles
Double Shuffle is a puzzle game that balances skill with chance. Try out your luck by shuffling for bonuses or play it safe by strategically arranging tiles.
Play ValentineValentine's Day Memory Game Game

Plays: 4482
Category: BoardGame
This an awesome Valentine's Day themed memory matching game! It's fun for the whole family, it's kid safe! How many points can you score? Put your name on the High Scores list by Playing Now!!
Play Mystery of ancient tomb escapeMystery of ancient tomb escape Game

Plays: 4448
Category: Adventure
A mystery ancient room escape game by're trapped in a old tomb ,you must find some useful objects to combin them help you escape. Not long ago, I received a message about a special ancient tomb from a friend. I was interest in it very much.When we got in, the door was close immediately. This tomb is not a safe place, so we have to try every means to get out here.
Play Condemned World TDCondemned World TD Game

Plays: 4423
Category: Strategy
The world is under attack from the most gruesome monsters hell has to offer! Build & upgrade your towers, equip them with gems for different effects and try to keep the world safe!
Play Agent Fallout 2Agent Fallout 2 Game

Plays: 4416
Category: Adventure
Agent, today your mission is to change your personality to become a greedy agent. You must fill your greed by collecting the required amount of cash to advance to the next level. Good luck!
Play Orbit ControlOrbit Control Game

Plays: 4415
Category: Puzzles
It is rush hour in the orbit of the earth. Guide satellites and shuttles in safe paths.

Plays: 4391
Category: BoardGame
Help gangsters to hack unique safe Open a same pictures for the less time. Each right pair = + 40 points Each wrong pair = - 3 points
Play CrushCrush Game

Plays: 4377
Category: Puzzles
Hurry! Find a safe spot before the falling ceiling crushes you!
Play Mystery Stone Room EscapeMystery Stone Room Escape Game

Plays: 4292
Category: Adventure
This game is a mystery stone room escape game by're trapped in a strage old stone room and you must find some useful objects to resolve some puzzles to escape. Not long ago, I received a message about a special ancient tomb from a friend. I was interest in it very much.When we got in, the door was close immediately. This tomb is not a safe place, so we have to try every means to get out here.
Play Frog in troubleFrog in trouble Game

Plays: 4245
Category: Adventure
Try to get your frog safety on the top of the stage. Avoid any things like: cars, water, oil, trains, etc.

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