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Play SmileSmile Game

Plays: 2015
Category: Action
Help little smiley to get happy again in this jump ‘n’ run game inspired by icy tower! Climb up over 3000m through 9 different environments, earn 29 different achievements, unlock 20+ unique outfits, save your smiley as your avatar, reach the highscore, what are you waiting for?
Play SolarisSolaris Game

Plays: 1990
Category: Action
Protect your solar system! You play as the sun, and your job is to destroy any object that comes near you. Over Over time you evolve and get more planets and moons to help you with your defense.
Play battlespacebattlespace Game

Plays: 1976
Category: Action
maximum destroy enemy
Play Galaxy ShifterGalaxy Shifter Game

Plays: 1975
Category: Action
The galaxy is being controlled by intergalactic aliens, Make sure they never pay any visits to our beautiful planet earth!
Play Phoenix FighterPhoenix Fighter Game

Plays: 1968
Category: Action
You as a fire alien must take out the opposing aliens before they find the source of your planets power!
Play Rocket PopRocket Pop Game

Plays: 1964
Category: Action
Rocket Pop is a mouse controlled game that combines physics-based arcade action with the classic game of pachinko. - Procedurally generated levels - WARP interface lets you create and share levels with your friends. - 50 hand-picked levels of varying difficulty and 10 tutorial levels.
Play O.D.D.O.D.D. Game

Plays: 1956
Category: Action
A platformer action game set in space with a jetpack control scheme tacked on for extra fun. Enjoy
Play Invader BreakerInvader Breaker Game

Plays: 1947
Category: Action
A solo production by Ethan Fairweather, game fusion, Space Invaders/Brick Breaker. Enjoy this game fusion, while there are infinite levels, the game does eventually become impossible, around level 15 possibly sooner. Barrier health has no cap, but it will not be visible if they are over full, they will simply not deteriorate until they fall to the visible level.
Play Star DrillStar Drill Game

Plays: 1938
Category: Action
Star Drill is a game about drilling through little planets that are being bombarded by exploding asteroids.
Play Mars ColonizerMars Colonizer Game

Plays: 1933
Category: Action
Mars Colonizer is a small strategy game in space. The objective of the game is to capture the entire planet Mars by defeating your alien neighbours. Upgrade and use your spaceships to break down their resistance, once the resistance is low you can land on the surface to challenge the boss. Defeat all your enemies and rule over Mars.
Play Asteroid EscapeAsteroid Escape Game

Plays: 1933
Category: Action
You are exploring caves in a large asteroid when suddenly lava starts rising. You must escape as fast as possible! There are 7 levels.
Play Bricks AdventureBricks Adventure Game

Plays: 1924
Category: Action
Bricks Adventure is a fresh take of Brick Breaking classic genre combined with shooter gameplay elements. Play with the Ball, bounce it with the Pad, shoot Bullets to different enemies, grab more than 20 Powerups and destroy all the Bricks and Enemies.
Play Space Raider 3Space Raider 3 Game

Plays: 1907
Category: Action
Space Raider awaits an epic space adventure. launch into a fast shooter. During your flight will be as many enemy vehicles be killed, to avoid missiles .
Play Galactic AceGalactic Ace Game

Plays: 1888
Category: Action
Play as Galatci Ace and save the world from space invaders!
Play The Landing SpaceShipThe Landing SpaceShip Game

Plays: 1883
Category: Action
Land the spaceship!
Play Space Blitz CannonSpace Blitz Cannon Game

Plays: 1868
Category: Action
Space Blitz Cannon is an action packed retro sci-fi blast fest. You are the lone gunner standing between the marauding enemy invasion fleet and Earth. Blast increasing waves of enemy attack planes out of the skies and save mankind!
Play Hashing SpaceHashing Space Game

Plays: 1846
Category: Action
Equip your spaceship and defend the Solar System until you are a colonel. Features: - 3 difficulty levels - 5 types of upgrades - 11 bosses (at insane mode)
Play DefensorDefensor Game

Plays: 1841
Category: Action
Defend your earthling city from the devastation of a asteroid shower!
Play 3d  collector3d collector Game

Plays: 1840
Category: Adventure
Collect balls in 3d space.You can lose 10 balls. Note that speed will increase over time.
Play Space RaiderSpace Raider Game

Plays: 1840
Category: Action
Space Raider awaits an epic space adventure. launch into a fast shooter. During your flight will be as many enemy vehicles be killed, to avoid missiles .

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