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Play Tank StormTank Storm Game

Plays: 2907
Category: Action
Control a heavy armored battle tank, shoot enemy tanks and soldiers to get through enemy territory and complete your main mission - destroy the enemy base and boss tank.
Play Bee BoxingBee Boxing Game

Plays: 2896
Category: Action
In Bee Boxing you take on a tribe of purple bees who are after your territory. Destroy their hive, and claim back your land, it belongs to you! Take charge as the commander bee and order your little army to bash into the opponents hive to bring it down. Your troops will lose fatigue and health when attacking, so give them some rest when they need it. You can block the opponent's attack by using your shield. This will also cause damage to their troops.
Play Tanx WarsTanx Wars Game

Plays: 2848
Category: Action
You heroically break through the front line into enemy territory. Stop a massive offense of enemy tanks. Across the field at different distances from your tank six types of enemy tanks passing.
Play Lawman of the FutureLawman of the Future Game

Plays: 2795
Category: Action
A midair failure forced you to eject from your aircraft. Unfortunately, you landed directly in the middle of territory controlled by the enemy. Your mission is one of survival.
Play Terittory, surround it! (kropki,??, ??)Terittory, surround it! (kropki,??, ??) Game

Plays: 2773
Category: BoardGame
Terittory surround it! is strategy game, the rules are similar to those of Go. Each player used a different colour of dots. Each takes turn to make dot and create regions of territory that surround the enemy points. The winner is the person who surrounds the most points. Alsoyou can play in android-version of this game (already on android market: I sell it to if you want
Play Battle Gear MiniBattle Gear Mini Game

Plays: 2760
Category: Action
The mini soldiers are ready to the battle! Take charge of military operations and enter enemy's territory from the air, sea and land.
Play Square-Head WarriorSquare-Head Warrior Game

Plays: 2756
Category: Shooting
This square-head warrior has to protect his territory from the invasion of enemies. Please fight back to shoot down the intruders. Square-head can update his weapons or buy new weapons when he collects enough money by killing intruders. It's thrilling and fun. Enjoy!
Play Monster MowdownMonster Mowdown Game

Plays: 2568
Category: Action
Blow apart big waves of zombies using an array of guns and hired buddies to fight by your side. Purchase bigger and better guns and hire assistance with big firepower to give those hoards of zombies a good spanking, keeping them away of your territory. 50 rounds in all!
Play Plough The SkiesPlough The Skies Game

Plays: 2550
Category: Action
Our hero pilot, Wing Commander Chaplain, is once again stranded in enemy territory after carrying out a successful raid on an enemy encampment. Fly him across enemy occupied territory to land on HMS Tally Ho whilst destroying a previously unknown enemy base that you must raze to the ground!
Play The CompetitorThe Competitor Game

Plays: 2526
Category: Shooting
Top-down shooters always depict the one lone shooter attacking a barrage of perfectly placed enemies only to win at the end. They never give appreciation to the eloquent maneuvers that each enemy ship can pull off while still managing to fire rockets and lasers at the incoming intruder. Take action and become the "enemy" fighting back against the rogue ship and defending your territory once and for all.
Play The FleetThe Fleet Game

Plays: 2498
Category: Action
Your mission: Journey to the center of enemy territory to eliminate any and all threats to the fleet. During your first few missions, you will be aided by some of the fleet's top fighters. However, not everyone is as brave as you...
Play Bear adventureBear adventure Game

Plays: 2379
Category: Adventure
On the playing field is a maze of square hives with honey and drums. The main character is a bear that moves through a maze in search of honey. Bees will interfere with the bear and hard to defend the territory.
Play Alpha 16Alpha 16 Game

Plays: 2352
Category: Shooting
You are a fighter pilot who has been sent to the Alpha 16 border to defend it against the Hive, a alien bug race that is expanding its territory. You are to take out as many of the Hive as you can. You have been instructed not to enter Hive space.
Play Mr M Street battleMr M Street battle Game

Plays: 2298
Category: Action
Mr M is ordered to destroy N'G gang territory in the west district. Let's kill 'em all!
Play Car EscapeCar Escape Game

Plays: 2232
Category: Action
Drive your car to escape from the enemy territory by clicking the hidden clues/objects.
Play Stealth ProwlerStealth Prowler Game

Plays: 2153
Category: Adventure
American scientists have developed a stealth capability for their standard military off-road vehicles. Your mission, test the stealth system, and if successful, undertake a series of missions deep into enemy territory. Warning: The stealth effect fails in daylight, so all missions must be carried out at night.
Play Survive CrisisSurvive Crisis Game

Plays: 2078
Category: Action
As an experienced sniper, you have successfully managed to penetrate into enemy territory. Now it's up to you to eliminate all of your foes, causing confusion amidst their lines, thus helping your fellow soldiers to survive the enemy threat. Play all 10 exciting missions and prove that you are capable of helping your allies to survive the crisis!
Play Strategy Defense TacticStrategy Defense Tactic Game

Plays: 2031
Category: Action
It's Tactics Role Playing Game, there were two kingdoms, Doven and Dogfire. Dogfire Kingdom expanded their territory and destroyed all of the villages of the Doven Kingdom. Most of the Doven Kingdom Army was killed and the King of Doven, named Fayla, ran into the Dark Forest, powerless and without soldiers or guards to protect him. His wife, children and the Doven General were imprisoned at the Icegreen Island. Your missions: find and rescue Fayla family and destroy all the enemies of the Land of Doven.
Play Ghosts - Night CastleGhosts - Night Castle Game

Plays: 1944
Category: Action
Release territory of the night castle from ghosts. Shoot at them from onions burning arrows. Be smart and use all possibilities for purpose achievement.
Play ZooclanZooclan Game

Plays: 1852
Category: Shooting
The Pandas and the Penguins are in a fight for territories at the local Zoo. Fight for your favourite clan and defend your territory!

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