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Online dinosaur Games
Play Alone dinosaur coloringAlone dinosaur coloring Game

Plays: 1797
Category: Customize
Alone dinosaur coloring Game.
Play Dinosaur InvasionDinosaur Invasion Game

Plays: 1796
Category: Action
Image that you are the doctor who has made the evil dinosaur to destroy cities! Try to survive longer and destroy more!
Play JurattackJurattack Game

Plays: 1771
Category: Action
Be a grumpy dinosaur and spew fire at dragons. Kill them and collect their eggs to recharge your inner strength. But be careful! If you run out of fire - you die!
Play Dino EggsDino Eggs Game

Plays: 1673
Category: BoardGame
Arrange dinosaur eggs in rows or columns, there must be more than 3 eggs of the same arranged vertical or horizontal ways
Play Differences in DinoLandDifferences in DinoLand Game

Plays: 1664
Category: BoardGame
Differences in DinoLand is a wonderful spot the difference game where you need to find in all the 8 levels with dinosaurs from the jurassic. This game will give you a taste of how dinosaurs lived. Have fun!
Play YokuzaurYokuzaur Game

Plays: 1603
Category: Action
Yokuzaur is an arcade game: You play as Yoku, a green dinosaur that shoots bubbles on a top-view grid and you pop these bubbles on various robots that are scattered on stage. Pop all the robots and progress to the next screen!
Play Dinos vs MonstersDinos vs Monsters Game

Plays: 1583
Category: Action
Save dinos from angry monsters )) Use keyboard arrows or wsad...
Play PogoPogo's Insanity Rush Game

Plays: 1416
Category: Action
You are an insane purple dinosaur by the name of Pogo. This is a story of dashing perseverance, courageous effort, and a tragically shattered mind. This is YOUR story.
Play Dinosaur and alien coloringDinosaur and alien coloring Game

Plays: 1413
Category: Customize
Dinosaur and alien coloring Game.
Play Prehistoric SharkPrehistoric Shark Game

Plays: 1412
Category: Action
For a long time it was thought that the dinosaur age came to an end as a result of a meteor or ice age. There is no longer a dispute, as the truth has come out and it hurts like getting your leg chewed in half. A megaladon intervention. It's about to get jurassic.
Play Typing MonsterTyping Monster Game

Plays: 1409
Category: Education
A ferocious monster has invaded your city, and the defenders cannot weather the furious attack for long. The only way to save the day is to type and cast magic spells to expel the alien. When the game starts, the monster will have 10 lives as shown at the top left corner of the screen, while you will have 5 lives as displayed at the bottom. A number of sentences will appear in the dialogue box on the right of to the monster, and you need to use your keyboard to type the sentences. When you finish typing all of the words, a spell will be cast and one life of the monster will be deducted. Then new sentences will be displayed and you need to type again. Continue the process until the monster is defeated. The monster will attack you from time to time, and you need to destroy the fireballs by typing the numbers on them, or you will be hit and one life will be deducted. You lose the game if all of your lives are gone. Defeat the evil creature and restore peace to your city!
Play Dinosaur EggsDinosaur Eggs Game

Plays: 1291
Category: Adventure
Move Left right arrow keys.
Play Dinosaur GoofsDinosaur Goofs Game

Plays: 1213
Category: Puzzles
Spot all the differences between two images of cute dinosaurs. Show that you have the eye of a dinosaur hunter by beating all five levels of the game. You earn 25 points for every correct difference that you point; 10-point deduction for every mistake.
Play BugongoBugongo Game

Plays: 1181
Category: Action
In Bugongo you play as a little green dragon who is desperately trying to chase and at the same time protect his egg from the dangerous viridian hills of the world! The main feature of the game is the ability to control both Bugongo and his egg, and start running because, believe me, the egg will not wait for you!
Play The Last DinoThe Last Dino Game

Plays: 1169
Category: Action
One button adventure about a dinosaur's attempt at saving his kind by using a couple of abilities, but only one at a time. With letters to collect to reveal the true ending.
Play Gizmo Rush AdventureGizmo Rush Adventure Game

Plays: 1141
Category: Driving
Our friend Gizmo has gone on a new adventure with his motorcycle. It's going to be quite a difficult race as the icy roads can be really challenging, that is why he needs your help to drive good, collect as many pyramids and nitro as you can and finish up all the game levels. Good Luck!
Play Gizmo RushGizmo Rush Game

Plays: 1059
Category: Driving
Join now a fun racing game with our funny little dinosaur, Gizmo. Help him drive his powerful bike over all kinds of obstacles and collect as many stars as he can. Also if you collect any bone, it will give you even more power.
Play Jurassic EggsJurassic Eggs Game

Plays: 1047
Category: Puzzles
Having appeared under the pressure of huge, angry dinosaurs, small eggs don't know where to run and where to take cover. Deliver special beams on support so that when the dinosaur will walk over the earth, on eggs stones didn't fall down.
Play Remove The DinosaursRemove The Dinosaurs Game

Plays: 1034
Category: Puzzles
Fun casual physics puzzle game featuring Dinosaurs!
Play Dino Meat HuntDino Meat Hunt Game

Plays: 1019
Category: Action
The two dino are hungry and need to go out to hunt some meat for themself. The big dino and the little dino have its own ability. They need to work together to go out to the jungle and collect as much meat as possible to feed their hungry stomach. Use your puzzle solving skill to help the dino get the meat without getting them killed. use keyboard to play.

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