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Online helicopter Games
Play Fruit DodgeFruit Dodge Game

Plays: 4611
Category: Adventure
Take to the skies in this arcade masterpiece. Dodge as the Gods throw Apples and Bananas at your humble flying craft. What lies in stall for you young pilot nobody knows!
Play Car ChaseCar Chase Game

Plays: 4595
Category: Shooting
Move the mouse to rotate the gun. Click the mouse to fire bullets from the gun. If the bullets from the gun hit the helicopter you score one point. If the bullets from the helicopter hit the car the The health of the car gets reduced by 10%. If it's health becomes 0 the game ends.
Play Airsweeper SixtyAirsweeper Sixty Game

Plays: 4591
Category: Action
Use your helicopter to hit as many bird as you can in sixty seconds.
Play Hospital Frenzy 2Hospital Frenzy 2 Game

Plays: 4590
Category: Puzzles
The first hospital's service was a big success, and has built bigger than previous. Help the nurse to take care of the patients. Reach the daily goals and unlock fancy upgrades for the hospital.
Play Helicopter RaceHelicopter Race Game

Plays: 4507
Category: Action
Avoid obstacles ,win the race and make a high score.
Play Panic Killing - Zombie AttackPanic Killing - Zombie Attack Game

Plays: 4496
Category: Action
Play zombie games that consist of 23 levels with much zombies,bloods,weapons,upgrade,items and variative gameplays. You can also download and play this zombie games without ads version and play it offline or even redistribute it on your own server.
Play The ArcadeThe Arcade Game

Plays: 4393
Category: Action
This game is a collection of mini games which you might find in an arcade, all free! Includes: "Stop at 1000" machine Grabber machine Tower stacker machine Coin drop game Helicopter game Pong Racing game Shooting game Whack-A-Mole You start off with just the top three games, then unlock the rest as you progress. After playing all of the games, you unlock a "special mystery prize"
Play Jungle RescueJungle Rescue Game

Plays: 4346
Category: Action
Fly into the heart of the ActionJetz Jungle and save the POWs.
Play GunshipGunship Game

Plays: 4327
Category: Action
Climb in to the cockpit of a helicopter gunship in this pulse-pounding top-down arcade shooter! Battle terrorists — and more — across two continents and 11 action-packed levels!
Play Rubble RacerRubble Racer Game

Plays: 4282
Category: Action
Race through a randomly generated tunnel. Avoid or shoot rubble and collect powerups.
Play Apache DFApache DF Game

Plays: 4265
Category: Action
You are a pilot of US Apache helicopter. Your mission is to defend the barrack from bombardments. The enemy planes drop bombs to destroy the barrack. Shoot them down before they approach the barrack. Watch out for the helicopters. They are armed with heavy guns.
Play Helicopter GameHelicopter Game Game

Plays: 4265
Category: Action
The aim of this game is to make the helicopter reach the goal. For steering the helicopter use UP and DOWN arrow keys.
Play Flying Chuck Norris HeadFlying Chuck Norris Head Game

Plays: 4200
Category: Action
Fly around as a Chuck Norris head and dodge fists!
Play DangerousDangerous Game

Plays: 4158
Category: Shooting
The city has been attacked by the rebels, but the base have spotted some locations, and sent you to eliminate them. you have to defeat the rebels, and finish the mission.
Play Ghost TankGhost Tank Game

Plays: 4143
Category: Shooting
Try to survive the onslaught of attacks of your enemies by attacking them. Use your ghost capabilities if you get desperate, or your 360 special attack.
Play HerbivoreHerbivore Game

Plays: 4124
Category: Action
A unique defense game in which you protect your farm from all types of invading herbivores. Earn money and get upgrades!
Play miniHelliminiHelli Game

Plays: 4069
Category: Driving
miniHelli is a simple addicting game about an Helicopter which is goal is to remain in the air and to travel as much distance as possible
Play JetJet Game

Plays: 4067
Category: Action
shoot out your enemy jets make a highscore
Play Helly-DodgeHelly-Dodge Game

Plays: 3913
Category: Action
The US Army needs a great pilot to help in their missions. Prove them you are qualified and your skills to pilot is outstanding.
Play Warzone GetawayWarzone Getaway Game

Plays: 3874
Category: Action
You have successfully infiltrated the USA's military base and stolen their top secret documents! Can you escape the warzone in one piece?

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